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Amon Amarth "Amon Amarth Vs Wacken!?"
Der Johann ist schon „Das Tier im Manne“; zumindest auf der Bühne. Was sich jedoch nicht so ganz auf das private Leben bezieht, meinem Urteil nach. Denn ich hatte nun das Vergnügen den äußerst netten jungen Menschen im Tourbus mit einem kleinen Bierchen zu treffen, um ein wenig im Rahmen der W:O:A-Roadshow zu plaudern.
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Lets go on with the current point: the W:O:A Roadshow. Well, you are on stage with Lordi, the every year Wacken visiter and great BEER-Drinker TOM and Mob Rules. How did it come you go on this tour? How came the idea for that?
Well, I mean we have a new touring agency. We decided to drop Metallysee because we think they are really unprofessional and we houked up with ISC, which is a new touring company and they arranged this tour. They asked us and here we are. For us is it a really cool thing to do a tour with different bands and, of course, a very different audience. It is a sort of a festival.
How is the feeling and the contact to the other bands and how is the relationship with them and one of the most important things: are you satisfied with the audience, how do the people react?
Well, I mean these bands are really cool people all the guys in this bands are really cool we get long perfectly we have party every night with all of them. Well the Finnish guys are really cool, Onkel Tom and Mob Rules and also the crew is really good. Its problably one the coolest tour I´ve never been. The audience is great we have 300 people to every show. The reason why it is so very great is that the organisation is really good, too.
Ok, I would like to know something about LORDI, maybe you can tell me something about this new “crazy” band from Finland. They are fuckin´ crazy, I think. How do they behave in the tourbus and on the tour? Is it like in the videos of them?
I have never seen a video of Lordi so I can´t say anything about the video but they are really cool guys. Really enyoing hanging out with them and drinking a lot of beer and so on. Red.: Finnish bands are famous for drinking a lot of beer. Yeah, they are Finnish, you know and it comes to a territory.
What can the audience expect from an AMON AMARTH Roadshow on stage; or what have the people missed now? What´s your intention?
We try to do a great show, I mean it is not only how we play the instruments it is also how we appear on stage you wanna be moshing around. We enjoy it a lot to be on stage and the people enjoy it as well. We are very active on stage. Red.: Yes, it was a very active show tonight.
I would like to start with a question concerning your recent album. I think that the song “Bloodshed” is one of the best songs ever; this is my personal opinion. I also think that this song reflects exactly the typical sound of Amon Amarth. Would you agree?
It is very much a Amon Amarth Song definetly, I mean it´s all the classic elements all there and it is no secret, we do what we always do. We have ideas for a song we work with that and try to come up with great lyrics for the songs. We try to make it simple we usually write songs to perform live, you know we are a LIVESHOW band and we hope to have a lot of livesongs for the people.
The sound on „VS“ comes out more clearly and the voice is deeper compared to the former albums. What was the reason for changing the sound, especially in your voice? Because the voice is more deeper (growl-like) and I think more powerful than on the old stuff!!!
Now I think it has to do with lots of things for example that we have new people in the production and we have new ideas how to develop our sound. The voice is something that we want to change in the band we want to do the vocals more darker and more “deathmetalish”. It is something that was right for this album as well as the lyrical concept, about the end of the world and so on. It is more darker more sinister album all together and we want to reflect that in the voice as well. It is something that we worked on during the recording process
After the album was released, I would like to have a statement about the album. Let say your opinion; are you satisfied with the album? I mean the album got only great reviews in every magazine European wide, maybe worldwide. I never heard anything “bad” about “Versus the world”!
Well, I mean most of the reviews actually all of the reviews I read have been really good even the ones which are bad. So I am really satisfied with it, I am really happy with that people who like the album so much. I am very proud of our album. I think that we did a really good job recording it and I still can pick it out and listen to it and really enjoy it.
How do you arrange it being on the road and also releasing some great records even every year ? I mean especially the last record, because it isn´t a long time from “The Crusher” until “VS”. As far as I know you have been on the road during that time, too?
Oh, well it was hard, it was really though concerning all the shows. We got really stressed because not every song could be finished and of course the last song for “Versus the World” got finished like two days before we went to Wacken 2002. After that we went back to the studio. It was rough especially we didn´t have enough time to rehear the songs as much as we liked or as we usually do. The recording process was really tricky that way, because we liked to compare just recording songs mixed it and make it fast but this time we have to work harder in the studio. About the lyrics, well I write lyrics when I get ideas and then I try to write it down. Sometimes it is just a line sometimes it`s a whole piece of lyrics. Of course, you always make changes in the studio, I even reword some lyrics in the studio.
How do you describe your development from the first days of Amon Amarth until now? Did you expect such a great metal success when you started?
Well, when I started in Amon Amarth it was more than a half year ,of course, but it didn’t take long until I realized that this could go somewhere. We have achieved a lot during the ten years we have been Amon Amarth so we have been very fortune in lots of aspects. But I think we have worked very hard to get to where we are today. So it is not like a success that has come very easy for us.
What do you think about the development of the Amon Amarth-Sound. I mean if you look back to the beginning days of “the roots” until now?! Do you want to remix some old stuff (or do you like the old records as they are)?
Not really, I mean this is the way it is. You grow and that’s the way it works. Maybe we could do something different... but also lots of things are different, for example, the recording itself. We have changed techniques now, for example, to achieve a clearer sound, so there are lots of different things which changed. It’s that stuff you learn as you go along and I think the recording of our previous album is very good. We keep developing and we keep trying to get better songs with each album. I think we have managed to do that so far.
So, know I would like to know your opinion about the situation in the world now! Maybe it is a wrong question, but I want to know whether you are interested too about the situation with Mr. (….peep….) Bush and (…peep…)Saddam! What do you think?
I have to agree with nice that. I think that America is playing role plays. They think they are the true ones and everybody else is evil. You can never say that islamic people are evil just because they are islamic. It is just because of the religion. I am against religion very much. I don’t like Islam as a religion, however, I don’t like Christianity, either. I don’t like such countries because of that matter. To me a war like this is “.….:” it shines through that it is a war to gain America’s purposes, to gain control over the oil and everything. That’s bullshit.
Ok, lets go to the end of the interview. Your current fave records?
Well,..????????.....Maybe the best ever for me is Slayer “Raining blood”! But right now I´m listening very often Motörhead, I like the album “Sacrifce” very much. Lust but not leats, I am a huge Black Sabbath Fan. Probably my favorite Black Sabbath Album is “Volume 4”……Oh, I have one more I would say some albums of AC/DC are great too! And so on…and so on.
And of course, last but not least, my standard last question: Last words are up to you....?
Well, what can I say? Greetings to all of you metalheads, see you guys on the road. Danke auch war sehr nett mit dir zu plaudern. Dieser Dank geht auch an den Tourmanager von der WOA-Roadshow sowie Yvonne und Karsten!
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