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Seven Seraphim "Music - As Sincere As Possible"
Seven Seraphim - a new progressive metal band from the USA with a music that is hard to understand at first glance. A band with a high potential and with band-leader Andrew Szucs, who is already considered as the next big guitar artist. Time to find out more about him and his band....
Weitere Infos zu Seven Seraphim:
Seven Seraphim Believe In Angels
Seven Seraphim - Music - As Sincere As Possible

Ok, let's start with an outline of the band and the members' history !
Sure, we have Greg Hupp on vocals, Christian Simpson on bass, Brian Harris on drums and myself [Andrew] on guitar. We all met through a mutual friend and hit it off.
Your bandname has a deeper meaning. Could you please explain who are the seven Seraphim and in which context their appear.
Well, I think you might be reading too much into the band name. Really, I just thought "Seven Seraphim" was a cool sounding name, and went with it. When I was searching for the right band name, I knew I wanted something that was both mystical, and had positive connotations. Not much is known about seraphim angels, but they are associated with music, so I liked this combination of positivity, mysticism, and music. I matched that with the number seven because I thought the two words had a nice sound to them.
How did you get incontact with Scarlet? I was pretty surprised to get a promo of an US band on an Italian label!
I figured that the main market for this music would probably be in Europe, so I thought the best path to take was to search for a European label. Scarlet wasn't the only label to make an offer, but I think that they were definitely the best choice for Seven Seraphim. Working with Stefano and Filippo has been great.
Would agree with the term "neoclassical progressive metal" as a descprition for your music?
I think that term covers some but not all of the aspects of the music. To be honest, I'm not really sure what the proper term to describe this music is. Really, I just tried to make the music as sincere as possible. It's music that I felt a strong need to create, regardless of genre or label.
So how would you explain a Martian the music you make ?
Very carefully. : ) Actually, I'm having a lot of trouble just explaining it to people here on Earth.
What is in your opinion the unique Trademark of Seven Seraphim?
Wow!-tough question. Again, I don't know. I just tried to make the music as sincere as possible. These tunes all started from music I was hearing inside my head. The melodies and arrangements never really went away. Since they kept coming back, I felt that they were probably something important, and should be recorded.
Talking about your debut album: How were the reactions to it and from your point of view: Did it meet your expectation or are you somehow disappointed ?
As far as my reaction to the album goes, I'm very happy. I put a lot of hard work into it, and I think it really paid off. As for the press, overall, the reactions seem to be pretty strong one way or the other, which is very nice from my point of view. Since the music is provoking such strong emotions, it's pretty clear that it's touching a nerve. Whenever that happens, I know that I'm doing my job correctly. If all the reviews were just so-so, then I might be a bit concerned, but people seem to really be reacting to it.
Your music is - as I wrote in the review - not "easy listening" music. So who is your target group and which is the market you expect most from ?
I never really had any expectations for the CD, other than just expressing myself musically. I feel that I accomplished that, so I guess the target audience would be fans of honest musical expression.
Let's talk about the vocals. The unanimous opinion -at lest in Germany- is that Gerg's vocals are good, but the way he is singing the high tones are a "trial of courage" for the listener's ears. Could you say a few words about the vocals from your point of view!
I'm going to have to disagree with that point of view. I really like the vocals on the CD, and am still amazed by Greg's performance.
What are your lyrics about ?
Basically, I tried to leave the lyrics pretty vague and open-ended so that the listeners could associate their imaginations, and personal experiences with them. For me, I prefer lyrics that don't force your imagination into a box. Two masters of that, to me, are Johnny Cash (RIP) and Ian Astbury (The Cult).
In many reviews I read, that the instrumental parts are somehow too long....
If they're too long, you're too old : )
Good answer. :). Your point ! You already quoted your lyrical inspirators. What or who are your primary musical influences ?
Wow, I always have lots of trouble with this question whenever it comes up. I have many, many influences (too many to list), but here are a few: Geoff Tyson (Stimulator, T-Ride), Uli Jon Roth, Eric Dolphy, Gonzalo Rubalcaba, Yngwie Malmsteen, John Sykes, Akira Takasaki (Loudness), Ronnie Le Tekro (TNT), Johnny Smith, Django Reinhardt, Joe Diorio, Ben Monder, Sibelius, Schubert, and Eric Johnson.
What kind of audience listens to your gigs or what kind of audience do you expect to be there ?
Together, as a group, we've actually never gigged. Right now, where we're from, there isn't much of a scene for this music.
A magician grants you a wish. You can choose a location or a festival to play and a band you want to play with...
Wow, that would be great--I'd love to play any festival that would have us, and with any band that would want to share the stage. Please forward all inquiries via the record label:
Let's have a look beyond the music. Who are the Angels and what do they do for living?
If you're referring to the band members, well, I'm going to keep the rest of the guys' private lives private. As for myself, I teach and do freelance session work.
What are the long-term aims of Seven Seraphim ?
Really, I'd like to eventually tour/do some festival gigs, and to keep making CDs.
That's all. Thank you very much for taking the time to answer the questions. I hope to see you soon on stage. The final words are your words.
Thanks for the interview, Lex--I appreciate the opportunity to speak with you very much. Vielen dank! Hallo, zu allen neuen Fans von Seven Seraphim. Ich hoffe dass wir einander an ein Seven Seraphim Gig in Deutchland ein Tag oder ein anderes sehen (Entschuldigung fur mein Deutsch. Ich weiss, dass es ist nicht am besten.). Tschuss!
geführt am 10.10.2003   von Nameless
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