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Misery Inc. "Newcomer Of The Year 2004?"
Wieder mal kommt aus Finnland eine hervorragende Band, die sich bereits mit dem Debüt anschickt in die internationale Spitzenliga aufzusteigen. Um mehr über den neuen Stern am Metal-Himmel zu erfahren, stellte sich Gitarrist Janne meinen Fragen.
Weitere Infos zu Misery Inc.:
Misery Inc. Yesterday's Grave
Misery Inc. - Newcomer Of The Year 2004?

Hi Janne. First of all, my compliments on "Yesterday's Grave". It is a damn good debut album.
Thank you Alex! We are very happy about your words. We like it as well :)
As you are newcomers, could you please introduce the band-members and outline the band's history!
Here we go: Jukkis (singer), Jukka (bass), Jonttu (drums), Teemu (lead-guitar) and me, Janne (rhytm-guitar). Everything started 2001 in October. I have played 14 years in different punk-, rock and Heavy Metal-bands. All of them made gigs and demo-tapes, but nothing like record-deal ever happened. With all my previous bands there was always something missing like a good singer or something like that. In October 2001 I decided to make "a final strike" :). I knew Jukka already before (we have played together 7 years). I also knew that Jukkis and Jonttu can handle their instruments properly. First there were only four of us. We did songs without any lead-guitar and we did melodies with vocal-lines ála Linkin Park but it turned out to a bit boring. Jukkis said that he knows exellent guitarist and first time when Teemu came to play with us we knew that he is the right man for us! We did three demo-tapes before we got signed.
Well, so all of you seem to have a lot of experience. Nevertheless I did not find your age in the promotional material. I estimated your ages around 20. Is that right or was I completely wrong (and have to change the review)?
Well, I´m the band´s old dirty bastard, because I´m 28. Jonttu is 18 (he was fifteen when we started!) and the other guys are around 20. So you were right and wrong :) I quess our "true" ages are around 14 considering matters we talk :)
Alright. However we need to talk about something very serious, called "Yesterday's grave". I compared your style as music somewhere between HIM and Sentenced with some slight Thrash parts and a typical finnish atmosphere - "Finn metal" was the word I used. Do you agree with that description or would you profile your music differently?
Because "Yesterday´s Grave" includes also our old songs, i.e. "Prayer" and "Through The Dark", there is definetly Sentenced influences. That´s how we sounded back then. The most resent ones like "Fade Away" and "Share My Madness" are quite far away from those bands you mentioned. Don´t get me wrong, we really highly respect those bands, personally I think that Ville Valo is a genius. I think our goal is mix that Finnish atmosphere, Swedish Death Metal and the old South Bay Area Thrash metal (which I really like). Hard guitar riffs and sad melodies are what we are after. First we seduce you with melody and then we crush your bones with guitar riffs :) Bands like Soilwork, In Flames, Before The Dawn, The Crown and Opeth are the most creative bands right now I think. Sure there is plenty of other bands which I'd like to mention here, but I can´t remember all of them at the moment. Oh, yeah, S.Y.L., Katatonia and that Swedish band with complex rhytm parts, Meshuggah.
Did you really expect that great response for your album? Some people already described you as "Newcomer of the Year 2004".
To be honest, not so great response that we have received so far! Every critic seems to like our stuff. In fact, I secrectly hoped that at least someone would like our album, so all this positive feedback has suprised us. "Newcomer of the year 2004", maybe it´s a bit too early to say so, but of course we are honoured to hear comments like that! If someone had said something like that year ago, I would have send him away with laughter :)
Let's have a closer look on your actual release. So this question could be a lot of work for you: Could you give a short summary about the lyrics of the album, their deeper meaning and well the feelings, which are connected with the songs?
First of all you have to remember that lyrics are only lyrics. The lyrics of the album are quite dark and depressive. Life ain´t fair and you are q worthless piece of shit. Now you might think that we are suicidal and negative persons. That´s not true. The lyrics are mostly fantasy, pure imagination. I imagine how would it be in desperate man´s shoes. How he feels his life. I´m a positive person and I think you should cherish life, it´s a gift. But at the same time everyone has dark side. Just open the door carefully and lurk quickly in and memorise everything you see and then shut the door. If you look at the lyrics closely you might notice that there are also love songs. Lyrics did not ever mean a lot to me and one day I was shocked when I realized that I had written a love song. "Darkness" is a beatiful love song between religious girl and not so religious boy. "Suicide Serenade" handles relation between father and son. Don´t take our lyrics too seriously, please. :)
You already mentioned that the atmosphere and the lyrics of the album are very depressive. But the music is not wailing, but powerful. How do you get those different moods together? Writing the lyrics on a bad day and the music on a good day?
We always do music first and the lyrics afterwards. In my opion the vocal-lines are the most important thing in song especially in chorus. There is many fantastic songs but the vocal-lines turn them into bad. I think we have managed to "link" those two elements, the music and the lyrics, quite well. Of course there is always something to improve and we are just at the beginning of that road.
For a band "at the beginning of the road" the production of the CD is excellent. How does a newcomer get in contact with producers like Nino Laurenne (THUNDERSTONE) and Mikka Jussila?
We made three demo-tapes before we got signed and we made them all at Nino´s studio (Sonic Pump Studios) and so we got to know him quite well and there wasn´t any other choice where we gonna record our debut album. He is very professional. Our producer was Aksu Hanttu from a band called ENTWINE. It´s all his and Nino´s "fault" that the album sounds so good. Mika Jussila is Aksu´s friend and so we got him to master the album. So we were lucky. I have to say that Nino was so flexible and very patience during the recording time. So a really big thank you to him!
Besides all the compliments and positive surprises, I have also found a point to criticize: The playing time of the album is really short. What is the main reason, why you recorded only 34 minutes?
The main and the only reason was that we had only two weeks recording time. Of course we could have recorded two, three songs more. But we wanted to record those 10 songs properly. We did 20 hour days and so we really did our best. Those days were really hard for me because my wife was just about to give birth and I had to be ready to go to hospital if needed! :) We knew that we gonna get critism about the short playing time but we thought that it would be better do 10 songs as good as we can than 10 songs properly and 3 songs just "fine".
Oh well, congratulations for our fresh baked daddy. I saw "Papa Janne" wrote most of the songs. So you are not only the band's organ but also the creative heart of Misery Inc.?
That is true that the most of the songs are made by me on the "Yesterday´s Grave" but we are a band and we think together what kind of drum rhytms and bass-lines fits to the songs. Recently I have made songs together with Teemu and damn: That works out really fine! We are young band and we are improving our composing skills all the time. Now everything looks promising. I don´t want that anyone feels like he is "outsider". Good "team spirit" is soil for good music too.
Honestly, I expected you already have some new songs, as Scandinavian bands have the reputation of hard-working musicians. So what are your plans for the successor of "Yesterday's Grave"?
We have over ten songs ready for the next album and the new ones are coming. I guess it is not necessary to mention that the new ones are really killers! :) I hope that we got a chance to make a second album with a little bit longer studio time. We have new material over 45 minutes already now.
Crazy Finns :) From the future to the past. How would you describe the development of the band and ist music from the very forst demo to the debut album? What do theses relases have in common, what are the major changes?
The common thing is good vocal-lines and good singer I must say. I think our music has turned harder, but still we haven´t forgot strong and touchable melodies. In the beginning we were just searching for our own style and we sounded too much like the other bands. Sure we are now better musicians because we have trained a lot. Songs are much more richer than the early days.
Are we going to see you live in Germany in 2004?
We sure hope so! We would really like to come to deliver our misery to Germany :) I have not any information considering clubtours and so on. Everything depends on how the album sells. We are ready when that information comes, you can be sure about that! :)
Very good! I don't doubt the album will sell good :) Do you have a sensible explanation why most of the excellent debuts are from finnish bands?
I don´t know for sure but my guess is that the bands have usually long history together. Mayby not the whole band but the main persons have common history. Also here in Finland is really hard to get a record deal and gigs so if band has really decided to reach something the only thing for success is rehearsal and rehearsal. This is only my wild guess.
Seems to be a logic guess. Let's continue with some creative questions. What is the unique selling point of Misery Inc. and how would you convince an indeterminated person to buy your music?
Our music seduces you. If you are not in heavy metal it is not too heavy for you and if you are in heavy metal this is right music for you! The album includes everything for everyone.
Someday you meet the man on the moon and he asked you to describe the thing your doin' with your instruments. What would you tell him ?
Oh shit what a question! :) I would tell him that I can´t express my feelings by words so that´s why I need this instrument. Notes are the letters and my fingers makes words of them through strings.
A good fairly like you and grants you wish. You can choose a band who is going to tour with you. Which band would you choose and why?
The band would be SOILWORK. Absolutely! It is our favorite band at the moment. Fine and creative songs, good live band. We would learn a lot from them. I´m sure about that.
OK. That's it! Thank you for taking the time to answer the questions. You may fin(n)ish with the last words...
The last famous words. REMEMBER TO TOUCH EACH OTHERS!
geführt am 19.01.2004   von Nameless
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