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Falconer "Do You Hear The Falconer's Call"
Was lag nach dem denkwürdigen Konzert von Falconer im Heidelberger Schwimmbad-Club näher als Stefan Weinerhall zu einem kurzen Interview zu bitten.
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Hi Stefan, how are you?
Just fine. Thank you.
Congratulations for the successful tour. The concert in Heidelberg was one of the best I’ve attended within the last years. As your European tour with Axenstar and Dommsword is over now: What are your impressions?
First of all I must say that the gig in Heidelberg was the best show on the tour. It was very fun on the tour, although it was waiting, waiting and waiting all the time. We had a great time with the other bands and I already want to go out on a new tour. I think we learned a lot as a liveband on this tour and I must say that we are now a better band than when we started the tour.
What were you expectations BEFORE the tour? Especially Doomsword play a totally different kind of metal. And of course: Who is the person who arranged this fantastic tour?
The person who arranged this tour is the boss of Crush concerts, Jens. I didn't really have any expectations before the tour, since we hadn't been on any before. Well, I actually thought we would get to see more of the countries……we didn't. Although Doomsword play a completely different style I think both them and us gained fans on it since we both have a sound of a Vikingish character.
You had a great time with the two other bands. Who came up with the idea to perform “The Sceptre Of Deception” with Magnus of Axenstar and Deathmaster of Doomsword?
It was Kristoffer. It was a great idea and it was very fun to have them on stage although it could get very crowded on the smaller stages.
After seeing all the reactions of the fans on tour: Which Falconer-song is the emperor among the kings?
The Clarion Call
That is the answer I expected.... I think you still remember that funny crowd in Heidelberg singing the chorus of “The Clarion Call” before you could say hello. Did that surprise you or did it happen at other venues, too?
It has happened a few times before, but it's always just as honouring.
I’m not sure, but I remember by the time Falconer’s debut was released you said Falconer wouldn’t play live. What made you change your mind?
The new experience of the shows we had in 2002 like WOA, BYH etc. We couldn't say no to those major festivals. The reactions we got there was something different from what we got in our older bands so it made it really worth it.
“The SCEPTRE OF DECEPTION” is a concept album. How come you decided to write a story-based album? You once said it is very hard for you to work out a lyrical concept.
I've that the idea of doing a concept of at least of a couple of songs, but when I remembered this story I knew that I could make it into a whole album. It was very fun but it made me concentrate too much on the lyrics. Since my love is to make music I don't think I'll do it again. Towards the end I really wished the story to end.
So, what is the story of the album?
It’s like a Swedish kind of Macbeth, but it’s a true story. It’s about 3 brothers in the early 14th century. One of them becomes king, leaving the 2 brothers not too satisfied with the situation. It’s about a lot of intrigues, deceits, murders and wars to obtain the crown. All three of them play a dirty game but as the title says, they strive to get the sceptre of deception....
A short interposed question, which is also discussed in the Falconer’s Forum: What is “The Gate“? (Mentioned as bonus track on the Sceptre-album on your home glade)
Yes, it's the Japanese bonus track. A bit different. I had to do it over night when we were in the studio. I wrote all guitar parts and then Kristoffer got the job to do the vocal lines and lyrics, which I otherwise do. So it makes the song a bit different. Very fast and hard.
Alright....too bad we haven't heard to song, yet. Back to the Sceptre-Album: It deals with a historic facts, but the meaning of the lyrics can be transferred to the present as well….
Well, lust for power, envy, greed and deceits are subjects that will always be around as long as man walks the earth.
You seem to be very fond of historic themes. For example “The Royal Galley” tells the tragic story of the Vasa (a huge warship which is exposed in Stockholm - really impressing).
Yes, I've always loved history. So instead of singing about made up stories about dragons and knights I rather write about real things……well mostly anyway. I think the medieval lyrics will not be that present in the future of Falconer.
What is the idea behind those traditional Swedish songs on your first two albums? Somehow they remind me of my favorite Swedish folk band Garmarna.
Although I don't really listen to folk music, I like it and the music really fits to the Falconer sound and the fans seems to like it, too. We didn't have any this time since it wouldn't fit the concept, but we'll make up for it for the next album.
After Matthias left the band, you had to find a new singer. You did not only find Kristoffer, but also Anders and Peder… Any special reason, why Falconer became a quintet? And please tell us something about the three new Falconers? How did you get in contact with them?
We had to get more people to be able to play live. Anders and Peder were first just livemembers but it turned out they became “real” members. I found them through a common friend. Some weeks after we started to search for a new vocalist Anders went to see a cover band on a pub. He really liked the singer in the band and after the gig he ended up talking to him about this and that. After a while he mentioned that we were looking for a vocalist and asked if he might be interested, not promising but just interested in testing him. It turned out that he loved Falconer, and after I talked to both Anders and the guy we decided to do a test. It worked out just great and he was a nice person too. Since he was the best choice we had we decided after some weeks to give him the job.
Speaking of the first albums: How would you describe the development of Falconer from then to now?
More complex arrangements and more rock ‘n’ roll.
I noticed the band logo has changed a bit….
The old logo took up too much space if it was printed since it was just as high as it was wide. So from a printing and graphic point of view the new logo fitted better. Also, since it had been a major line-up change the new logo represents a new age.
By the way: How did you choose the name for the band? Inspired by the Falcon Bryggeri in Falkenberg? ;)
He he he. Actually no. The falcon is a symbol for freedom and the profession falconry wasn't too far from what many lyrics are about, the medieval times with a touch of royalty.
These days, there seems to be a strong demand for the Falconer-Demos….
The Falconer demo you mean? No one will hear it. It's in the past and some of us thinks it's not too good and thus nothing to spread.
OK. Then let us go a bit further back in time…Comparing your first band Mithotyn with Falconer the most obvious difference are the vocals of Karl and Matthias/Kristoffer. Especially your characteristic guitar play is pretty the same…
Exactly. The vocals was the reason I changed band. The main music is still pretty much the same. So if we were to adapt some Mithotyn songs to the Falconer sound it wouldn't sound too strange I think………….
As far as I know, you all live nearby Gothenburg. Did the sound of the Gothenburg-bands influence you in any way?
No. Since I, Karsten and Mathias lived in Mjölby right between Gothenburg and Stockholm (300 km from Gothenburg, 280 km from Stockholm) we were not influenced. Anders and Peder lives 70 km from Gothenburg and Kristoffer lives in Gothenburg. So if we were to rehearse on a weekly basis we would go bankrupt.
What are your future plans in terms of concerts and new albums?
We will look for more shows wherever we can. New music is always on the make, I think I have material for half an album now. We haven't started to discuss studio time, yet. But by winter I guess it will happen.
What do you guys do for living? I guess Falconer is (still) not that profitable?
I got unemployed in December, I used to be a pig-butcher. Karsten is a farmer, Kristoffer sells hi-fi, Anders works on a delivery firm, Peder works on a homeproduct catalog firm (?).
Stefan, I hope you'll soon get back into work or Falconer becomes that big, that you can earn your money by your craftsmanship music..... Which question would you like to be asked?
It's more about what I don't want to be asked like: history, why we changed line-up.
Phew, good I didn't ask that question before. ;) Thanks for taking the time to answer the questions and thanks again for the legendary concert. The final words are for you….
Thanks you for your time and interest. I hope we can return to your corner of the world soon. Thanks a lot for all the fans we met on the tour.
geführt am 02.02.2004   von Nameless
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