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Infernal Vengeance "As Long There Is Metal, Disco Always Will Fail..."
Karl Beckmann, seines Zeichens ehemaliges Mitglied der zur Kultgruppe aufgestiegenen Mithotyn meldete sich mit seinem Trio Infernal Vengeance und einer eindrucksvollen 5-Track-CD zurück....
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Alright Karl. You know what the people of on the band's forum and I think about the promo-CD. And we want more of it!!! When can we expect the first regular album ?
Well, it all depends of what the lables responds. We will never do a full leingth album of our own 'cause it's to expensive. Sad but true. But our goal is to get a contract as soon as possible. And the number of songs is not a problem. We have about 15 songs in stock, and I must say that every one of them is of the same quality as those on the record. The five that we chosed to record repressent our style quite good I think.

Did you already receive some other feedbacks?
Not to much, 'cause the "Promo" has'nt been out on the market very long. But some friends have said their opinion, and they are surprised over the result. Almost every one who have heard the songs think that they are great. And that makes you grow a coupple of inches as a song writer.

According to your studio diary you are very satisfied with the final result, but it seemed to be hard way to reach your goal.
Yeah, it took a long time to get every thing right. Mostly it depended of several minor problems. Broken guitar sound, tiny drum sound, et cetera, but the time were against us almoast all the time. The first two days we spended about seven hours in the studio each, but we did'nt have more than a coupple of hours at the same time to work with in the rest of the recording days.We did get the recording-time free of charge, so we thought that we could'nt demand to much of the studio guys. But after two month of struggle, we felt very satisfied with our work.

So, let's try to find out some more about your two companions in arms. At least to me their former bands are unknown.. Maybe you start with the story after the end of Mithotyn..
Well, After we decided to put Mithotyn on the shelf, Stefan and I talked about starting a new band, but that idea rann out in the sand. So I joined my brother to play in a cover band, only to keep my fingers going. But I still play with them today.
Anyway, about two years ago I started to compose some songs, and I'd find the quality of them that good that they might be worth to give a try. The first ones were of course very inspired by Mithotyn. No regular chorus or something, just a bunch of riffs put together.
I asked my friend Johan Kullander of his opinnion of the songs, and he was very exalted when he heard the stuff. Johan comes from diffrent local bands, and he is very
skilled with several instruments.
Karl Lindèn is a former member of Indungeon, beleve it ore not. He only played a few rehearsals, it was not his kind of music he’d said. But since I’ve have always liked his hammering on the drums, I asked him if he would like to join the band, and luckely for me he had the time.
That’s a short version of the whole story so far.

One of Johan's favourite bands is Rhapsody. Did you inform him that Infernal Vengeance won't play Power Metal?
Yes he is very aware of that. Personally I listen to power metal as well and some of the songs contains influences of that kind of music. Johans interest in those bands are only an advantage to us, since he like to play technical stuff on the bass.

Did his favour have an influence on the sound of the recordings. I mean "Launch Of Evil" is -besides the extreme vocals- an exemplary track for any Melodic Metal band with an epic touch ?
No. I had the whole arrangement ready when we enterd the studio. We had only one problem with that song, that the chorus “clean” vocals were to similar to the guitar riff. So we did a new arangement at the same time we did the recording. And the result sounds perfect to me.

It that you who's singing the clean vocals on this track?
Yes it is. At first I did’nt plan to have any clean vocals at all. But some parts were just perfect to use it. In the future, you will probably hear more of tha kind of stuff!

I already described your songs in my review (at least I tried to do that). But it is always interesting to see through the eyes of the composer. Here you go....
- "Infernal Vengeance"
A song about that you shouldn´t ever take shit from no one. The simplicity and the aggressive makes you go “woummmmmm”! Simple, raw and groovy fits me like a

- "Bleed For Your Master"
Here you have some heavy shit! Powerful mix between slow death and melodic old fashion heavy metal.

- "Defence Our Kingdom"
This track represend our “Viking Metal” touch. Here we have the closest connection to Mithotyn so far, with the folk lore melodies.

- "I am God"
When we play this track, we have some seriuos problems to prevent our heads to “bang”

- "Launch of Evil"
Isn´t this power metal or what ;-)!! Heavy verse and a melodic chorus. This track includes the most technical guitar playing so far, so why complicate it when you don´t need to!?

Along with the CD I also received an old info-sheet about Mithotyn. Do you think Falconer and Infernal Vengeance are the inherits of Mithotyn? Stefan's Band in a very melodic way, while your band is more responsible for the harder stuff? Or would you rather classify IV as "Viking Metal"?
Stefan was most of the time more into technical guitar playing while I prefer more simple and heavy stuff. If you analyze a Mithotyn song, it´s pretty easy to tell who made the different parts. In some way we took our special skills to our bands. I would not say that Infernal Vengeance is a pure “Viking Metal” band. I would rather say that it´s a mix of almost every type of metal styles.

By the way: Why didn't sing a track in Swedish? I think I'd fit pretty good to the music.
From my point of view, singing in English will probably attract a bigger audience. Sure, some songs could be written in Swedish, but it´s not our goal.

When will you perform the first concerts?
Since we are two man short, we are only a studio band at the moment, but hopefully you will see us on stage in a near future. If we get a contract, we will probably be
out there pretty soon...

I know you've a pretty good contact with Falconer. Wouldn't it be great if you go on tour together?
Sure!! We are open for suggestions. Stefan, Karsten and I are very close, so I can´t see any problem with that. It would definitely be fun!!

Ok.that's all. Please feel free to say the final words.
So in the mean while we are waiting to get signed, we will continue rehearsing and write new songs. We will update our web site with information continuously, so you won´t miss a thing!
And remember: As long there is metal, disco always will fail...


geführt am 27.05.2004   von Nameless
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