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Hypnotic Face "Thrasing With Acoustic Guitars"
A few hours after putting the review of “The End Of Sanity” online, I received a mail from Hypnotic Face-guitar player Radek BoB Bednar thanking for the good review and asking for an interview. Unusual and surprising, but also likable, honest and ambitious. Within a few hours we settled a time for meeting on ICQ….
Weitere Infos zu Hypnotic Face:
Hypnotic Face The End Of Sanity
Hypnotic Face - Thrasing With Acoustic Guitars

Congratulations for your first full-length album “The End Of Sanity”

The following part is a short summary of the Bandhistory published on the official homepage:In January 1995 Hypnotic Face visited the recording studio for the first time. These songs have constituted the first anonymous demo, which was accepted by critics very well. The result of this struggle was the attendance at final show of the first competition Rockfest Dobríš 95. As a band they won and singer - guitarist Vilda won the category "the best singer". In October, they recorded "The Animalman", followed by shows across the whole republic.,The cassette was a piece of success. Perhaps 300 pieces were sold. In 1996 Michal Pavlícek connected the band with proposal to attendance at his TV show "Na Kloboucku" (national Czech TV again). Everything was allright, but nothing last forever, and disagreements were set inside the band. Brothers Prichystal´s were refusing the shows and they left the band. Vilda and Bob found a new drummer soon (Mira Ebert).
At the end of 1998 HF recorded their first album "Written By Life". In June 1999 they played as a support to OVERKILL! Due to problems with one label they decided to release "Written By Life" on their own addition as EP in 2000. In 2001 HF stopped touring and took a pause. After this break Petr Vala (bg) didn't come back due to familly reasons, Mira's girlfriend Vladka Liskutinova became new bassist….

First, let us find out some more about the history of Hypnotic Face. It is a rather "old" band...
Old? Do you think so? Maybe, 10 years... Yes, we've been playing for 10 years now. It's really quite long time. About history I don't want to speak much, I just tell our discography, I think it is the most inportant thing in history. 1995 demo tape "The Animalman, 2000 EP "Written By Life" and finally in 2004 the first full-lenght album "The End Of Sanity". I think it's enought for the beginning.:)

I didn't mean old literally. My intention was to stress that you have a long experience in playing music. How comes "The End Of Sanity" is your debut. What has happened in the four years between the EP and the album?
We tried to release “Written By Life” as EP through some record label. Unfortunately we had to release it by our own, and it sucked. Then we played shows for approx. one year after releasing “Written By Life”, but here the interest of such kind of music came down. We took a break and realized, that we have to find some record label if we can survive.
That's why I started to seek some record label, which took another year. In the end of 2002 I found a label Insanity Record, and we recorded “The End Of Sanity” for them. Unfortunately this company went bankrupt just a few weeks before the release. That's why we had to look for another label... over and over again...:)

So you finally found Shark Records, right? Shark Records have a favour for old school music. So how did you get in contact with Axel Thubeauville? Did they find you or vice versa?
No, we found him. As I said, we had to find some label, jut to release it. We tried more companies, but Axel offered us the contract first and we didn't want to wait any second more. You know, after 10 years...:) We didn't think about, what music they are releasing, if it's old, or new... I have never thought we are playing some old music. This is new for me...:) But maybe you are right, I don't know.

Once again, I tumbled with the word old :). In this case it is definitely a compliment. Too many bands adapt a very modern style of music. Did the style of HF change within the 10 years or was it a Thrash band like it is now? As far as I know the Czech Republic is more a death, grind and doom scene...
Thanx for the compliment!! Maybe you are right, maybe we are playing old style music, because we've been playing the same songs for all 10 years. And on our debut there are 4 songs, composed back in 95!! This is how it is. And we have still the same musical feelings, as we were young. We had no style changes in our career.
Yes, as I know, this republic is a mecca of such grind and death bands, and probably they are the best in their style all over the world. But I am not interested. Sometimes we play with some death metal band, I like it live, but at home I wouldn't play it.

Looking at the band’s national successes, I’d say you’ve a pretty good name in your home country. Who will provide the distribution of the CD in the Czech Republic?
Hmmm, I wouldn't say. We are not such famous band here as you think. In our beginnings we were much more known, we had success, we performed 2 times in national TV, we won some musical competitions... But something fucked up and then we hardly tried to get on the same level. But I hope it is just changing now to better!! About distribution I can't say anything, because I'm afraid we are alone here to distribute it.:(

This reminds me a bit of an idiom saying "The prophet isn't heard in is own land". Why are all your songs in English? Isn't it that popular to sing in Czech? At least I know many people who are extremely fond of eastern European languages in Metal...
And the Czech lenguage is too strong for singing, the same like the German language. When I hear Rammstein somewhere, I'd kill them!! It's horrible to hear that language in such music. I don't know anyone who likes it!! And I think it would be the same situation vise versa, with our language. I think the lyrics are compatible to the music. They are not extremely important, but I think they are not stupid and mostly well done. I write them directly to the music and melodies, that's why I guess they fit there!!

Alright. So let's go from the lyrics to the music. Would you agree Mustaine and Waters are the main influences of the band?
I wouldn't agree with Mustaine and Waters are our main influence. I personally don't know the oldest Megadeth albums, and I don't listen to Annihilator at all. It must be the random. Really. But on the other hand, what is wrong with these bands. I think the man who composed such great songs as Holy wars, Symphony of destruction, Hangar 18 .... must be a genious. And when people say we are like him, it means that we are probably also genial!!:)

Indeed. What is also genial is the idea of using acoustic guitars...Do you think these acoustic parts add a big share of your unique trademark?
Do you think so?? I like too much the sound of acoustic guitars. We've always used it. Think is normal for us. I don't know. As I said, it is normal for us. But I think, more metal bands or maybe thrash metal bands use acoustic guitars too. I never mentioned, we've been different with it.

Of course I think so!! :) And I totally agree that it sounds very good....So as the CD is finally released: What are you future plans in terms of concerts? Performing at some underground festivals outside the Czech Republic?
We are still playing in the clubs here now!! Of course we would be glad to play in some festivals, we should have to, but. Unfortunately some dates fuckud up here. This year probably we won't play any of the festivals here. But next year I will try to get somewhere outside, I would be glad if we reach some little (or better bigger :))German festival, but I don't know, it's too soon now.

I hope to see you soon on stage here. So, that's all. The last words of the interview are for you....
I can just say thanx to you and thanx to all metal fans in your country. I hope they all will buy our CD:) Big CHEERS to ya all!!!!

geführt am 09.06.2004   von Nameless
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