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Beholder "Far Away From Metal Clichés"
The last question in the Iridio-interview directly lead me to Valentina's other band Beholder, who had just released a new album in Italy...
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Beholder Wish For Destruction
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Beholder - Far Away From Metal Clichés

Beholder’s new album is already released in Italy. Why is there a delay to the release in Germany/other European countries?
I really don’t know! You should ask our label! J However I can tell you that the album will be released in Europe on 30th August. It will be released in Japan, too. But I don’t know the date yet.

How are the Italian reactions to “Lethal Injection” so far?
They’re very positive and we’re very satisfied with them. People seem to like the modern sound and the new band image that goes far away from metal clichés.

Speaking of modern Sound and the new band image: The development of the band really surprises me (as far as I can judge it: I only listened to “Mr.grady” and saw the new homepage.) The track sounds very modern, the homepage and the new band photos have futuristic, “clinical” appearance. Isn’t Beholder a power metal band anymore?
It depends on what you mean with the expression “power metal”. If you mean fantasy concepts and Rhapsody-like music, well, Beholder isn’t a power metal band anymore. Actually I should say that Beholder stopped being a power metal band even with “Wish for destruction”. If with “power metal” you mean powerful music with a heavy and aggressive sound, well Beholder is a real power metal band! Of course we agree with the second idea and we think we are more powerful now than in the past.

What can we expect of the music. Will the whole album sound similar to the downloadable sample-track “Mr.Grady”?
The general sound is the one you can here in “Mr. Grady”: heavy songs with a lot of melody and modern keyboard sounds. But the songs are quite different from each other and there’s even a ballad made with piano and voice.

In the last interview you described the lyrics of “Wish For Destruction” as follows: “It tells the story of 7 scientists who work with genetical technologies”. Now the new album is called “leathal injection”. Does it continue the story of “Wish for Destruction”? If not is it again an album with an lyrical concept?
This time Patrick didn’t write a real concept but all the songs deal with human madness. He tried to tell what happenes inside the mind of a mad man: his thought and his fears... Some songs are inspired from “The shining” by Stephen King.

Did Iridio influence the new sound of your main band? From my point of view the way you sing is somewhere in the middle of Iridio and “Wish for Destruction”. Also Patrick sings much more manifolded….
You say something very interesting... I never thought about it and I never thought that my style with Beholder could be influenced by the way I sing for IRIDIO but this may be true... Lethal Injection is more melodic and less “wicked” than “Wish for destruction” so me and Patrick had to find a new style that could fit the music and the lyrics. I decided to be less aggressive and more “emoitonal” also because I sing the most melodic parts.

Maybe you can already give away some information about the tracks on the album (titles/style/story behind the song etc…whatever you want) and pass us your point of view towards the tracks!

1. “The Overlook Hotel” it’s a “horror” intro made of a very strange and sick piano melody and voices of babies and it’s inspired from “The Shining” by S. King, as the title says.
2. “Mr. Grady” is also inspired from “The Shining” by S. King. Italian press says it’s one of the songs that really represent Beholder’s style because it’s made of our most typical elements like agressive riffs, very melodic refrains and slow emotional parts. It’s a great song to play live and to headbang!
3.“No Religion” is a powerful and melodic song that expresses the rage of a man who believes in nothing.
4.“Blackout of mind” is the crazyest song of the whole album both musically and lyrically. It’s sung by Patrick and the keyboard player Mark Vikar, and it tells the story of a man who has lost his mind and wants to get free from his pain by killing himself.
5.“Daydream” is a kind of hymn for all those who want to folllow their dreams and make it come true even when all the other people says it’s not possible. It’s the most melodic song of the album with an exciting refrain!
6.“Everywhere I go” is the most “classic” metal song of the album: it’s made of fast guitar riffs, killing drums and very powerful and melodic vocal lines. It’s the story of a man who tries to get rid of the demons inside his mind.
7.“Far away” is a very sweet and emotional ballad for piano and voice that speaks about love. It’s a duet sung by Patrick and Rob Tyrant, the great Labyrinth’s singer.
8.“Stay” has a real hard rock feeling. It’s one of my favourite songs: it’s powerful, melodic and you can’t stop headbanging!
9.“Lay down the law” is a cry for freedom. It has a hard rock feeling too and a powerful refrain.
10.“Lethal injection” is divided into 2 parts: the first one is heavy and a bit melancholic with an exciting refrain and the second one is a very slow and theatrical part made by the piano and Patrick’s voice. It’s the story of a man who is in prison and will die because of capital punishment as he has killed someone. The tragical element is that the one who’s supposed to “push the button” and kill the guilty man is one of his best friends of his early age.

I know you are hardly looking for gigs outside Italy. Did you already find some venues to play? Maybe with Vision Divine who face the same problems?
We’ve just finished an Italian tour with Vision Divine and now we are on holiday for some weeks! J We’ll try to plan a new tour after the summer and of course we hope we’ll get the chance to play outside Italy.

I heard you played a couple of unplugged/acoustic versions of your songs during the 27/06 program for Radio Lupo Solitario. Is there any chance to listen to those songs. Will they be released in any way?
Unfortunately I had some problems and I couldn’t be there, so the others decided not to do the unplugged. L

OK.Vielen Dank für die Antworten. You may close the interview with the final words…
Well, thanks a lot for this interview! We invite all the visitors of to visit both IRIDIO’s and Beholder’s websites. The addresses are and By the way, don’t forget to visit the Italian section of Beholder’s site because it has just been restiled according to the artwork of the new album and there are some new pictures!

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