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S.r.l. "On Stage With Freddy Mercury’s Casket"
S.R.L. - Italian Thrashers with an uncommon bandname, vocals in Italian and a very unique style. So it was time to find out more about them...
Weitere Infos zu S.R.L.:
S.R.L. In Memoria Temporis
S.R.L. - On Stage With Freddy Mercury’s Casket

Please introduce your company to us….
Jerico:Well, it’s long long story and I’ll try to summarize it the best I can for MetalGlory readers! Pietro (vocals) and me formed the band in 1992,completing the line-up in 1993. The band follows the same path other bands follow: a couple of demos and local rock contests, which give the possibility to play a show and so on. We recorded our debut CD in 1996 and played everywhere we could. In 1999 we started composing the songs contained in our previous studio work “Requiescat in Pace”. At the same time our previous guitarists left the band: Cristiano joined S.R.L. in the summer of 2000. That mini-CD had a lot of interesting reviews and we played really very much here in Italy. In 2002 we started working on our last studio-work, that we released last year: “In Memoria Temporis”. We played a lot of interesting gigs, supporting Lacuna Coil, Mantra (from Costa Rica), Raw Power, Infernal Poetry and a lot of other good combos!

Let’s unveil the secret and the meaning behind your band's name. Is there anything you want to express with it?
Pietro:: Well, S.R.L. is the acronym for Società Responsabilità Limitata, something like the German GmbH. We've choosen this name for some important reasons: We want to pay our small tribute to a couple of great italian bands of the 70s – Banco del Mutuo Soccorso and PFM. They played a very nice progressive rock and were very famous outside our country. The second reason is hidden in the meaning of the acronym itself: S.R.L. is the particular kind of society where partners join their efforts to reach a common goal, and the third is that we play with the meaning of our name and the situation of the people in the world. We are the Society who rules the world but we have a limited liability over the dayly events... hope you understand what we mean!

How would you describe your music? Which bands are your main influence? I only know one band with a similar style and this is Master from Russia. Did you ever hear their music?
Cristiano::This is the question we never know how to answer! You know, we’re 6 member in the band and everyone has his own background. For example: I love Slayer and the entire Thrash/Death Metal scene. Alessio likes Iron Maiden and classic Metal and so on... The way we write our songs is the reason why you can find a lot of different things in our music. We often say we play Thrash Metal with Italian lyrics. Anyway I have never heard about this band, I only know Master as a Floridian old-style Death Metal band!

I am positively surprised that you use Italian lyrics. Why did you decide to sing in Italian?
Pietro: Well... in the very early times we played a more melodic kind of rock and we used to sing in Italian because we wanted to spread our message through our lyrics. These days our music is really harder than ever before, but it is the choice we've made and we’re still proud of it! Today we can tell you that this is our trademark!

What reactions to “IM MEMORIA TEMPORIS” did you receive so for? Are there remarkable differences of Italian and foreign reviewers?
Cristiano:: The CD was reviewed by a countless number of magazine and webzines worldwide and we were really overwhelmed by compliments. Most of the reviewers have appreciated the whole work, some (just a few) dislike just some particulars, but everyone has spent a lot of nice words to describe “In Memoria Temporis” and we are really proud of what we made!

Many of the reviews on your homepage are written by Italian magazines. Didn't you pass your music to non-Italian listeners so far? And why did you decide to “become international” in 2004?
Alessio:Well, maybe you don’t know it: Here in Italy are only a few metal bands who sing in our language, so the listeners and the reviewers remained astonished by our lyrics. Most of them like it, but we know we would need to work twice as much as the bands that sing in English. When we realized the Italian magazines liked our CD we understood it was the time to let the other countries know our personal vision of music.

So did you ever play outside of Italy?
Cristiano: We were about to play in South America -thanks to our friends Mantra-, but there were some problems and the whole business has crashed!!! Anyway we’re taking some contacts ......... we’ll see!!!! We really miss this opportunity: We know we’re a good live band and we want to show it the rest of the world!

At the time you're making contacts a fairy appears and grants you the wish to choose a location and a band who supports you: Where and with whom would it be?
Cristiano: With Slayer at the Hammersmith Odeon.
Jerico: I don’t care about the band, I only dream to play in front of 200.000 people!!!
Pietro: With Iron Maiden everywhere in the world!
Alessio:: With Testament in South America
Rodolfo: At the Wembley Arena with Freddy Mercury’s casket on the stage! ahahahaha

The internet changed the whole music industry. What you think about it? In terms of distributing your music Jerico seems to be quite fond of it...
Jerico:: Well, the Internet has two sides of a coin! You can reach a every place in the world in a very cheap way. S.R.L. really must say “Thanks to you: Internet!!!”. Anyway the crazy distribution of MP3 through the net is really crashing the music industry down. I don’t know what will happen: we can only wait and see how the industry will be transformed by this phenomenon!
Cristiano::I’d like to say that I do really believe in the power of this media. The young kids can listen to a lot of music without throwing away money for bad releases. The problem raises when those kids don’t buy the nice titles they've discovered through MP3s. I say: download all the MP3 you want, choose the band you prefer and buy their CD. If everyone would act this way bad bands would split, the lables would only search for nice underground bands and the whole music business would be supported by the net!

Speaking of kids. I saw you even offer ringtones for mobile phones on your page. Isn’t that a bit strange? Don't get me wrong, but ringtones and Heavy Metal?
Cristiano: Well, as you can see, our website is really vast. We just wanted to put something funny in our “Download” Section. Plus, you really can’t understand how funny it is to hear some of our friends put that ringtones in their mobiles!

I am always amazed by the apparent strong band among Italian Metal bands. Do you think your
attitudes towards Metal are more idealistic than in other countries? Or is a metalhead's life so much harder than in e.g. Germany or Sweden?
Alessio:Uhm... we understand what you mean. Anyway here in Italy the bands are not so “united”. I mean we've played with the some big bands such as Lacuna Coil and the whole guys were really kind with us, but in the undergroung you can find some assholes.
Jerico: We have never had any problems with the other bands we played with, 'cause we like to live the day before and after our shows with the “rock n roll” life style: we like to fool around and to know the other guys we’re going to play with and to make jokes with them. Anyway, there are some bands (but they’re just a few) that really don’t know the meaning of the word “Humility”.
Cristiano: I’d like to close this subject saying that you’re maybe right when you say the life for a metal band here in Italy is not as easy as for the German or Swedish bands. There are just a few in reality that can live with the money they earn for playing. You can count them all with the fingers you have in one hand! The others just play for they’re own fun and don’t care about starting a “war” with another band! I suppose that in Germany and in Sweden, there is the opposite situation, cause labels always look into those underground scenes in search of the latest clone of the big acts!

That all. At least for now. Please finish the interview with your words…
Pietro: Many thanks for your support and many compliments for your webmag: it’s really a kick in the ass!
Jerico:: I really hope that this interview has interested your site’s users, so I’d like to remind them that we can be reached through our official website: There you can find MP3s, infos, and everything a metal fan may need!!!!

Cristiano:I’ve got a nice idea: if some of you readers of this interview like our philosophy and our music (there are some free MP3s in our website) why don’t you write us your comments through our e-mail box? The address is OK, now it’s really enough. Keep the heavy metal flame burning!

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