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Subliminal Crusher "Mediterranean Thrash"
These days, Italy has tons of really interesting Thrash acts. One of them is Subliminal Crusher
Weitere Infos zu Subliminal Crusher:
Subliminal Crusher Life Drought
Subliminal Crusher - Mediterranean Thrash

Subliminal Crusher started in 2002. Thus a very young band. What was the reason to start this band?
Jerico:The band was created to find a way to fulfil our passions. I think this is the main point in our success. I hope this sense of brotherhood and joy can be felt through our music.
Elvys: And also our will to do so much for our music, the will to be heard from as many people as possible. This, together with passion, has been the fuel for the engine that has brought us where we stand now.

I often discover the word “project”. Is it only a side-project of S.R.L. and not a real band?
Jerico: We’ve never used “side-project” to describe Subliminal Crusher, it’s more a “parallel” project. The two bands have two different messages and two different intentions. Even objectives and timelines are quite different.
Elvys: I totally agree. Beyond this, Rod and Jerico manage the two different things very well, without any kind of trouble or overlaying.

There’s a Death cover on your release. How important is Schuldiner ‘s music for you?
Elvys:To me it is very important. In the past I’ve never been a huge death metal fan, but Chuck made me understand that even in that kind of extreme music great ideas can be found. A perfect blend between an assassinate sound and melody.

How important is John Tardy for TooZ’ vocals?
HatewerK: He hasn’t a main role-model in mind. Tooz is the blend of what he heard through these years, and what he thinks about growl vocals. Besides that, I can tell you he’s really fond of Obituary as we all are, but his biggest love is still Death.

You have to describe a Martian the meaning of “Subliminal Crusher”? What would you do?
Elvys:To me, it’s simply something that gets in your head and hardly leaves, like a carillon tune, you know. It’s one of the basis of modern advertising, too.

"Life Drought" is the debut of the band. So what are you expectations in the near future? Are you already planning a successor?
Jerico:It was a reward to see that our music has been accepted both in national and international ground. Now, more than ever, the band is willing to “deliver” more. We already have enough new songs to give birth to Life Drought’s sequel. But I believe that L.D. itself still has much to say, so that we still can wait a few monthsl.
Elvys: I agree, but I am also looking forward to hear the new songs recorded and produced. The first record has been a blast, but the next will live up to everyone’s expectations and beyond!

Is it true that you are also promoted in Pakistan?
HatewerK:I did an interview for a big Pakistani webzine and they’ve been so kind to put the thing as the main event in the home page, I think it’s still there… but it’s not that we’ve become “well-known” or something like that… Ok, I admit it, I’ve felt very proud of myself :p

The internet changed the music industry. What you think about it?
Jerico:Surely enough, the ease to find information has been crucial for our band. Let’s say that Internet is cool as it “widens the numbers” in every field: bands, webzines, albums… Sure you can find even negative side effects to it, but if you can hadle it, it’s just as good as it gets.
Elvys:For a young band, Internet is a big part of its promotion. It feels like an instant teleport for your music.

Would you agree with Enemynside’s Thrasher that Thrash Metal in Italy is on the rise? Do you think in the future will speak of “Mediterranean Area Thrash” like “bay Area Thrash”?
Jerico: Here in Italy we have tons of really interesting thrash acts: our dear friends Enemynside, Eyeconoclast, Rainspawn, Hyades, Scum, VII Arcano and so on… I don’t know if we can talk about a “Mediterranean metal”,but we’re living a good time of our life to play thrash, and to join forces – let’s hope it gets even better!

Do you think it is better to adapt trends in Heavy Metal rather than just playing music by heart. The background of this question is that (like already mention in the question before) Italian Thrash seems to be very popular these days…. Or the other way round: Are you all Thrashers by heart and what means Metal to you all personally?
HatewerK: There’s the political way to reply, and the true way. The political one is that “bands here in Italy always played what they felt like playing, they don’t give a fuck about trends”. The true reply is that yes, we (or anyone else) didn’t change a genre to follow a trend, but we have to admit that all of the sudden famous comebacks (Testament, Sadus, Dark Angel, Exodus, Death Angel etc...) really helped bringing thrash back to life – we are the right band at the right time.

That's all for now. Please feel free to say the last words in this interview...
Jerico:We want to thank you and your readers for the interest in our band. Please follow our news at our homepage, soon we'll release a lot of new stuff... And also keep an eye on tour dates. Don't miss a gig, if we play near you!

geführt am 18.08.2004   von Nameless
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