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Amon Amarth "The Victorious March Is Going On!!"
AMON ARMARTH is undoubtly the figurhead number one in Viking Metal. In the last weeks they were confronted with overwelming reviews of their new record called 'Fate of Norns', but also with a huge amount of interviews. Thousands of times it has been written about the new album, everything has been analysed in detailed ways. Anyway, in spite of all the discussions that already have been taken place, here is the interview with the 'other' questions that have never been asked before and should inform and entertain you just as much as all the other interviews before. My interview partner was Johan Söderberg, AMON AMARTH's guitarist. Let's get started!
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First of all, congratulations to your new album – it turned out to be really great and everyone seems to like it, there are only good reactions in all the magazines!

Aren't you a little bit annoyed by all the requests from interviewers and writers you now receive all the time? I mean, isn't it stressful? I know you're certainly glad because of all the good reactions to 'Fate of Norns' but I guess you sometimes wish you had a moment to breathe right now? How long has this kind of 'interview-marathon' – if I may call it that way – and also the propaganda machinery for the new album been going on until now?

Johan S.: Yes we get a lot of interwiews and Johan Hegg answers most of them. I haven't answered any interwievs for this album yet so yours is the first so im not stressed yet. And I have been on vacation so I havent read that much about the new album yet.

The promotional version of the album sounds really promising. I've heard that it isn't the final version yet but some kind of a different mix. So, if this isn't the final version – what do you want to improve and / or change?

Johan S.: Yes we have done a new mix on the album because we wanted more clear and sharp sound and also a bigger sound. And I think we have that now on the new mix.

The promotional pictures made by a photographer named Alex Kuehr are extremely good-looking and great. Did you have an own make-up artist at the set who realized the looking of the wounds you're covered with or are those wounds results of your last raid, hehe?! I mean, cause you're vikings ... ;)

Johan S.: On the band promotion pictures we dont have any makeup. But there is some photos made only on our singer where he has some scars painted on him and i dont know why.

What do you think of the limited version of the new album and whose idea was it to put this kind of a smelling (!) mjoellnir into it? Or wasn't it your idea but the one of Metal Blade Records? Who was responsible for the choise of the smell by the way, hehe?

Johan S.: There is also a singed photo on that limited version I think its a distributor called EMP who sells those and its only 1000 copies.And I think its their idea whith the smelling mjolnir and the flavor to.

I've heard that you're playing some promotional gigs in Germany and Sweden for which you have designed special merchandise like shirts etc.
Is there a possibility to get some of this special and strictly limited merchandise although I'm not living in Germany or Sweden? I mean, not everyone lives in one of these two countries and many of your fans don't have the money or time to go that far away just to see a show of you and to grab some of that limited stuff.

Johan S.: There is going to be two release party shows with those limited merchandise and they are both in germany.
- 04.09.04 - GER - Bochum Matrix
- 05.09.04 - GER - Ludwigsburg Rockfabrik
And I'm not sure what the limited stuff is. It's some surprise gift to the ones that comes to these shows. If there is some left after that we will see what to do with it. I think the point of having limited stuff is that its gonna be hard to come by.

In autumn you're going to start a small tour. Is this one maybe going to be bigger or will it really be only about seventeen dates in whole Europe? That's not much for a band that unleashed such a hype as you did in the last weeks ...

Johan S.: I dont think that seventen dates is that short but if the tour goes really well we will try to do some other countrys aswell shortly after.

What's about your support groups (for example like 'Impious' who're going to be your support at your upcoming tour)? Is it your choise which band(s) are going to play with you or is it the choise of the record label?

Johan S.: That was the labels choise and i think we are going to get along well with them.

Are there any bands you'd prefer to tour with? If yes, which bands would it be, other Death Metal bands or more untypical bands for 'your' genre?

Johan S.: If im going to a show where there is many bands I like to see diferent kind of bands. It can be different kind of deathmetal bands but i dont want to see four bands that play the same style. So I wouldn't mind if there was some totally different kind of musik on the same tour. But thats maybe because I see the same bands like tventy times in a row.

What are you listening to at the moment, do you have some kind of a personal playlist? If you're always talking about your own new album it becomes boring after some time, doesn't it? If you're always confronted with your own music you'd like to listen to something else, I guess?

Johan S.: Right now when the album is new I listen to it a lot.But its the same when I find some other band that I like. I usually listen to only one album at a time until I get bored of it and now I listen to compilation CDs that you get with magazines so I can find some new band to listen to.

Is it possible for you as artists to gain some kind of a distance to your new record? I've often heard it from other musicians, that they need some distance to their work to be able to judge it in a right way?

Johan S.: I try to pretend that this is not my record and just listen to it like I was a fan of the band.
And I do the same with every thing we do in the band I try to make it like its my favorite band I see
and hear. But we are five persons in the band and we dont have exactly the same taste.

Ok, have many thanks for taking some time to answer some questions for our magazine too!
The last words are yours, if you want to say something you haven't had the possibility to mention in any interview until now, this is your chance!

Johans S.: Thanx to you. And I hope to see all of you on the tour in October.

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