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The Haunted "Swedish Thrash Attack Is Back!"
With their new great album ''rEVOLVEr'', which is out in stores soon, THE HAUNTED paved all ways. Also a tour is already planned, so it's really on thetime to have a little talk with the guys. It was singer Peter Dolving, who has just returned to the band, who answered my questions. Have fun by reading the following interview!
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The Haunted - Swedish Thrash Attack Is Back!

I already had the pleasure to listen to the new album, it's fantastic!
In my opinion the best record you've ever released until now!
It seems as if you lowered the speed and have more groovy parts in your cmusic now again.
How comes? Has it something to do with your return to the band?

I´m really glad to hear you like the album!
Of course coming back into the band has its effects, but mostly I think the other guys felt it important to try out a few new ideas, the band having grown to a size where we can´t 30 or 40 minute sets anymore. We all feel it´s important to try and broaden our musical spectrum so we don´t repeat ourselves.

Why did Marco Aro leave the band that surpisingly? I mean, THE HAUNTED is now absolutely on the top?

I think maybe he felt secure that the band could continue without him
so he could find peace with his family instead, something I can relate to and understand.

As I've got the promotional version of your new album 'rEVOLVEr', I don't own any lyrics.
So what are the lyrics this time about and who wrote it? There are really interesting song-titles on the record,
for example "Burnt to a shell", "99" or "Liquid burns".

The songs really circle around three general themes.
1. rebellion and questioning resisting and defying authority anywaw possible.
2. Selfdoubts, anxiety, fear and selfhatred all spawned in the madness of a society
completely saturated with the myths of beauty, success, wealth and power. A media dictated norm telling us how to walk talk act and think - even how to fuck. A world of lies really.
3. ''Don´t give in, don´t give up!!!''-kind of songs about searching for the strength to keep your faith in your dreams thoughts and emotions.

There's surely a deeper meaning in the title of the new record ''rEVOLVEr''.
Can you tell me something about it? In the past all your album titles had
some special deeper meaning.

rEVOLVEr - r = EVOLVE = a good thing

In the info-sheet of the promotional version of the album it says that there will be a limited digi-pack version with some bonustracks. Can you maybe already tell me which songs it will be?

Smut King, a song about the monstrous inside those who prey on
weakness/inabilities of others, and the monstrous inside those who allow it. Fire alive, a song through the thoughts of a a suicide bomber.

Will there be a vinyl version again - maybe containing some different bonustracks -or won't there be anything for the vinyl maniacs out there?

There will be a vinyl version :)

Why did you change from EARACHE to CENTURY MEDIA? Have there been any arguments about the future of the band or was the reason for your label-changing simply the end of your deal?

Simply the end of the deal. And the basic fact that it´s hard to ever trust your life and career in the hands of a record company executive who is stupid enough to threaten your life - via fax... Digby Pearson is a fucking idiot and deserves to have a ten foot sharpened wooden pole shoved up his
ass and a vice across his skull. Really.

Is THE HAUNTED going to play some gigs in Austria in the next months?
Are there already any plans for a tour? (Maybe you even know already who
will be your supporting acts?)

European tour will start sometime in february 2005, we don´t know anything
more right now.

There are surely some people out there who remember the legendary MARY
BEATS JANE, especially me!
Why has MARY BEATS JANE been wrapped in silence some years ago?

We toured until we broke. Drugs, alcohol, violence, degrading sex and
exessive amounts of anxiety almost killed us all. And even though we might
do a few one-off shows we will never do a proper tour again. But we are
recording a studio album. 14 songs are written so far but we´re aiming for a
little more than 20, so we can pick out stuff for a really good record(since
that will be necissary, since we won´t tour...)

Is there any chance for a comeback of MARY BEATS JANE that they'll probably continue where
they stopped with the debut album?

See previous question...

Thank you a lot that you spent your precious time with answering these questions for METALGLORY!
The last words are yours, so if there's something really important you want to scream out, this is the´right possibility to do it!

Support your local scene, go to live-show, help promote shows. Question
authority and think for yourself!

geführt am 30.09.2004   von Meaningless
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