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Love Lies Bleeding "Liebe Als Trugbild, Das Leben Zu überstehen?"
Mit ihrer neuesten Veröffentlichung "Ellipse" tat sich mir die Gelegenheit zu einem kleinen, aber feinen Interview mit den Franzosen auf... Doch nun lest und leidet.
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Love Lies Bleeding Ellipse
Love Lies Bleeding Ex Nihilo
Love Lies Bleeding - Liebe Als Trugbild, Das Leben Zu überstehen?

After listening to your new CD "Ellipse" I was a little confused because of this mixture of different styles to this special kind of Metal you created. How would you describe your own music?

Everything in my music has to be justified. There is no place for superficial artefacts or elements of surface. So, yes, there are different styles of music in this new album, but I don't call it a mixture but an
osmosis. I just feel what I compose. I don't think of it. It's not a problem for me to put pieces of electronic music or trip hop in the Symphonic Black Metal I'm used to create. It's just a reflection of my inner self, of what I live, of what I hate or love. LLB is the result of this... A painful artistic ejaculation of what I am.

And adding to the first question, what does LOVE LIES BLEEDING mean to you?

Love Lies Bleeding reveals the negative essence of consciousness: To be conscientious is the worst thing ever happened from the beginning of times. This is the source of pure despair. This is the source of existence, a shame. It just reveals our poor condition, unable to know anything, waiting for answers... Just poor weakness. Ideal would be a contemplative life as stoiciens used to have during the Antiquity: In this sort of existence, nothing has importance: Life, death, good, evil... it's just the same.
The sentence "Love lies bleeding" means this: The love, this pure human feeling, is just a dream, a phantasm create in order to overcome life. True love can't be felt in this world... so let it die...

Music, films, books, or maybe nature...
Where do you get your inspirations from? For lyrics and song writing.

The musical process can't be explained... I am just empty and suddenly I hear like the calling of the muse. I have many ways to create a LLB' song: Sometimes I have an overall view of what I want to compose , sometimes I have a riff that becomes the heart of the structure and I build harmonies
around it. But the essence of my music is a mystery, even for me. I just said musically what I feel or think. And this is the reason why I consider music as the absolute language (as Nietzsche or cioran): beyond words, beyond definition...

So I also must ask what kind of music you like listening to?

I'm into Metal for about 12 years but I listen to other stuff since some years. Techno, industrial, classical etc. Everything with a spirit that fit to my vision of things is appreciable. I don't care about the kind of music it is...

And maybe you can tell us something about the French metal scene. As I can see there’s a lot going on...

France has developed a strong scene nowadays. Not only in BM, there is a lot of diverse points of view anyway, I just care about the most authentic ones.. We are proud of bands such as Arkhon Infaustus, Antaeus, Diapsiquir, Vorkreist .

And my last question is about your plans for the next time. Are you playing any gigs (also in Germany?)?

I never played live with LLB. But for the first time since the beginning, it's not impossible for me to considere it.

Thanks in advance for taking time and good luck further on!

geführt am 30.11.2004   von Steffi
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