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Falconer "No Donald Duck Metal!!!"
Falconer melden sich zurück! Mit einem Hammeralbum und einem Turboboost an Kreativität und Energie. Mainman Stefan ist offensichtlich absolut begeistert von dem neuen Material und bester Dinge. Seine Finger konnte er jedefalls kaum von der Tastatur fern halten, um meine email Fragen zu beantworten. Gedankt sei's ihm. Also, schnell noch mal Crime vs. Grandeur reingeschmissen und ab geht es durch das beliebte Quizspiel.
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Hi there. Congratulations to your great new album. Please describe the reactions so far.
Thank you. I haven't seen many reviews yet but more from interviewers. All people have said it is better than “Sceptre…..” some thinks it's the best we've done and I feel the very same. Kristoffer sings harder and more intense on this album, balls to the wall! I thought that some people would start wining about that but this far no one has done it.
Do you care for the opinion of your fans, the press and people in general? Or is it just you and your music?
Of course I care what people say about it, but if it makes me listen and do what they want is a completely different thing. Some winks and smaller things that doesn't compromise the main ideas and direction of the band I might listen to. For example the general tempo is higher this time but the folk music elements are fewer. 1 thing along with general wishes another thing against it.
What are the differences between "Grime vs. Grandeur" and "Sceptre of deception" in your opinion?
For me personally it is the quality of the material. Other changes are the attitude both in music and vocals. Last time we didn't dare to use Kristoffers potential all the way because some might cry about soft emotional singing. Going this way is better in all ways and the material really needs that kind of vocals. The guitar solos is another thing that really has improved since we have a guitarist that know how to and really wants to play solos. Everything just feels so right and true in the band and the music we do now. A thing that some might notice is that Kristoffer has been more involved in the songs this time.
What are the reasons for these differences?
Well the vocal attitude I already answered. Why is the music more intense? I don't really know but I think that since we got the new members there was a new glow and enthusiasm in the band and me so I just happened to write music with more adrenaline inside. I brought some songs and parts of others to Kristoffer cause I felt like I wanted to concentrate on doing good music instead of doing lyrics which is not my passion. So if I had so lyrics I didn't burn to write I gave it to him. After a while he came back with an entirely own song and since it was good we used it. Some people have even said that “Jack the knife” is the song that sounds the most like Falconer. Guess they're quite surprised when they see the credits for that one.
My favourite is "No tears for strangers". Can you tell us something about this song and it's history?
The music is not anything that is very different. The song is written by me and Kristoffer. I guess you think of the lyrics which might be a bit offensive or cold hearted to some. It's about all tragedy we have in the world. I can't feel pity for 1 billion people all the time because they have a hell or poverty. If we would feel for all who suffers in the world I think we would just fall from our chairs and cry. The closer a person is to me, the more I care so of course I care less for Achmed in Palestine than I do for mr. Larsson nextdoor. He lives in my reality and I can better identify with him too. Although the news gives us all problems and despair through the TV you get numb to it after a while. It doesn't affect me since I'm not connected in any way to it.
And what about the Opener "Emotional skies"?
It has a chorus that will make you sing for weeks or say that we've gone commercial. Ha ha. I love it but I've always been a sucker for melodic and flashy things. Since we know that you Germans like sing-a-long things I hope that you'll like this. The lyrics is written by me and Kristoffer. I wrote about longing for love and togetherness and Kristoffer did the verses filled with despise and contempt. In the end it got to be a lyric about a guy who longs for a lost love but in the next minute wakes up from the day dreams and feel good to not have that relationship anymore. Who should you feel when you're left. In the beginning you want it make but then you getting more and more free from it.
Which one is YOUR favorite song from the album and why?
Humanity overdose. Once again big bombastic sing-a-long choruses added with great riffs and variety in the song structure. I think it sound very much like “Falconer”. A very fun song to play filled with harmonies and tempos. Another fave song is “I refuse” mainly because of it's heaviness and stiff but intense feeling.
It gets harder to find influences of medieval music in today's Falconer. Would you agree?
Yes I would. I can't say that this is because of will or plan. But after having done very medieval and folkish metal both in Mithotyn and 3 albums with Falconer I think other things seem more interesting to do. People change with the years, both musically and mentally. I still make folkish or medieval riffs every now and then but it didn't end up that much of it on this album. Maybe because of the intense and adrenaline filled feeling we got with the new line up. You might get more of that in the future, maybe not. Time and circumstances will say.
Are there some lyrics that are special to you? Tell us something about them.
The most personal lyric on this album is „I refuse“. I had a girlfriend in the past that made live quite hard sometimes. Allways discussing and arguing about feminism. It´s ok to be a feminist but you don´t have to make that your biggest thing in life. You will get very annoying to your surrounding to allways be set on “Attack“. It makes people just in spite starting to think just the opposite than you. I can´t understand that I took the shit for that long, too much time being thrown down the drain just feeling bad. I have certainly learned something from it.
The line up has changed. Tell us about the reasons why Anders and Peder have left the band.
I felt like we could never be tight enough as a band if not the bassplayer were present on all rehearsals, Peder lived 3 hours from us so it ended with that I play most bassguitars in the studio anyway. I also felt like we needed a real leadguitarist, neither I or Anders were any good at that. I wasn´t like I kicked them out, they understood and also told me that the member change would have happen anyway soon cause Anders and Peder felt it was to much travelling involved with just rehearsing and they also felt like they wanted to spend more time on other things than on the band.
And how did you pick up the new guys? What is their story?
Magnus lives in the same town as Karsten and me, he also plays bass in Karsten´s other band. Karsten mentioned it to Magnus that we might be looking for a new bassist soon and he was very enthusiastic about it. Jimmy we found through good old advertising in magazines, one of his guitar students mentioned it to Jimmy and he sent me some material. They have been the ones who have pushed us to rehearse more and really have brought some more gas to the machinery although they didn't write any material. You can contribute in more ways than that in a band. We'll see, maybe they will bring material for the next album too.
I think you concentrated very hard on your song writing this time and did a great job. Where do you get your inspirations from?
One reason the music got better is because I gave some duties to Kristoffer, letting myself concentrate more on the music. In the end I had material for about 4-5 songs that I could cut out, just leaving the best for the album. 1 song we actually didn't have time to record so that's one in the sack for the next album. A acoustic ballad. The main inspiration this time is the new line up and the new feel in the band. I listen less to music for some reason nowadays so I think that the music I listen to have a smaller role in my writing than it has had in the past.
Any plans for some further stuff of "Grime vs. Grandeur" (like singles, Video, DVD etc.)?
We will probably record a video for “Emotional skies” in the end of April. What will become of it I don't know, it's more of a free thing we got but they will work a long time on it. At least I think it will be fun to do it.
What about the recording process of your new album? Any stories or curiosities to report?
I think most stuff worked like it always have but this time Andy left me or Kristoffer to enigineer the album recording which in the end made us feel more like a working unity and a better bonded gang of guys instead of doing solo work with only Andy. Then it becomes more of a individual process for all. A very good improvement this time was that there had moved in a Greek cook in the same building have a sort of catering. So we certainly had great food. Watching and hearing Snowy recording the drums for “I refuse” was also a great deal of fun. Damn that man can play!!! The first takes of the song we had almost 5 minutes of drum solo during the song. HELL!!
How would you describe your own music?
Melodic Heavy Metal. The worst and most laughable name I've heard us being called is “Battle Metal” HA HA HA, are they kidding with me. Can they come up with a more stupid and funny genre name. Donald Duck Metal??
What are your musical influences in your opinion?
Jethro Tull, Rainbow, Iron Maiden, Manowar and Scorpions.
I think your ablities in playing Metal are marvellous. The guitars are outstanding. The rhythm section is powerful. And this time Kristoffer has done a great job.
Therefore I'd like to know something about your background in making music. How did you learn to play, what are your experiences and which musicians are your main technical influence?
If you ask me personally I would say that I have no technical influence since I see my self as a song writer instead of a instrumentalist. I always have. It's more fun to write a song than to be able to play fast or doing hard stuff. I would be ashamed to compare myself to real guitarists, I just suck too much. I feel more in common with for example songwriters as Benny Andersson of ABBA or Max Martin who makes pop song for Britney and Backstreet boys. The way they do it may suck but the original basics of the songs are great without all the plastic false feeling it gets from the artists who does the songs. Anyway, I think I picked up the guitar when I was about 15, then I played some until now having very short periods of “exercises”. I don't have the patience for it. The same goes for writing songs, if it doesn't feel right from the start I put away the guitar, I can't force things out that I think are good. So I'm very moody when it comes to music.
What do you think: How will Falconer sound like in let's say five years? Is there a masterplan?
No. I get ideas sometimes of who the next album could be but it allways fall back into the same thing. I´m just too lazy to do it differently I guess. The only thing that I actually did is the concept of the last album and I won´t do that again. I allways have liked big things, alot of instruments and very varying songs. But if a five piece band will be able to play it live you can´t freak out too much. Some time I really will do something that I can´t play live, without having a dussin of members.
Please name some lately released CDs that you like to listen to at home.
Hmmm, I listen less and less to music but I could mention „The solution“ with Nicke from Hellacopters, less new thing I love is the last 2 albums with Therion and Gary Hughe’s “Arthur“ albums.
Do you still watch other bands play? Have there been some shows lately that impressed you?
No and no. I'm not that interested in live shows. Too few of the bands I would like to see actually does it or are able to since they don't exist anymore. The big thing for me this year is to finally see Motley Crue. And of course Candlemass is always a joy to see.
What makes the difference between Falconer and other Swedish Metal bands?
The original melodies and the varying songsstructures and the less amount of “everyday power metal”
We'd like to know something about the underground in your hometown. Are you still in touch? And if so: Where do you hang out? Are there some yet unknown bands that you like?
No. I guess there are some underground bands but nothing that interests me. I think we are the only Heavy Metal band here, otherwise it only Death and Black metal, and that's certainly my cup of tea anymore.
What about the Swedish Metal Scene in general? Do you know some bands, and if so, is there friendship, rivalry or more or less nothing special?
We know Dream Evil, Wolf, Magnus from Hammerfall, Axenstar. The knowing is not as much regular contact or so. Rivalry? No, not from our side anyway. Kristoffer is the most open and social guy when it comes to knowing and talking to people. I just try to put up the fasade of “the artist”, sitting home in black clothes drinking wine with a black hat and just feeling deep and serious……………..
How important is it for you to play live on stage? A Falconer gig is somehow a rare happening.
Thanks to line up fuck ups. We would want to play more live but if shit happen you have to deal with it and there’s always new music to rehearse and I always prefer to do that instead of rehearsing old crap just to play live. Now we are ready and hungry and having a fucking superb album soon out so I really hope that people will understand that too. Then we will play more live. That is if not everyone thinks that they can make money while we lose on doing it for them. Although it's not for the money we play it's certainly not a samaritan idea behind it either. We're not here to be taken advantage of.
I miss your name on the summer festival lists. Please tell us something about further Live activities.
Partially our fault. The last album didn't really have what it took, then we got problems with some members and now we release an album when all festivals are already booked. I just say GRRRRR!!! Well well. We do have some shows in Sweden planned for the spring and early summer. We are constantly open for suggestions and we're looking. When the album is out I hope that the interest will increase. This time it feels like there will be no interruption in the activity due to line up crap. We hope that there will be a tour sometime during the fall and that we will go on it as a support act. Cause that would give us the chance of playing for more people.
Is there something that you have never been asked but always have been eager to say?
Q: Why did Mithotyn disband??
A: Read the FAQ on our webpage or say hello to mr: Knuckle.
Aaaaah, that felt good!!
We are looking forward seeing you in Germany. Best wishes to you all. Any last words?
And we wish you to see us soon in Germany. Thanks alot for one of the longest interviews I have done. Glad to enlight you of some matters. Hope you all like the new album, if you don´t, just do it anyway. From us all to you all we wish you a very great summer with alot of sunburn and icecream and other things that are true and metal!!

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