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Nomans Land "Influenced By The Polytheism Of Ancestors"
With two albums Nomans Land marched straight to the top of the Viking Metal scene. Sigurd Bloodaxe helped me to find our more about his band and the breath of the North...
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Nomans Land Hammerfrost
Nomans Land The Last Son Of The Fjord
Nomans Land Raven Flight
Nomans Land - Influenced By The Polytheism Of Ancestors

Privjet Nomans Land and congratulations for two absolutely fantastic
albums. As you are still pretty unknown in Germany, could you please introduce the band to our readers!
Nomans Land was founded in Saint Petersburg, Russia in spring 1996. Originally our music has been focused on Doom Metal, but eventually and due to changes in staff the musical concept became Viking/Nordic Metal. The material for a full-length album was ready at the end of 1999 and it has been recorded in summer 2000 at Signal Studios. In the same year the disk was published by FONO Records (Russia) as “The Last Son of the Fjord”. The band concerted actively in clubs of Saint Petersburg and took part in local festivals. 2001 passed in the atmosphere of preparation of the material for the second album. As a result, the band recorded the album Hammerfrost at Calypso Studios in the summer of 2002. The disk has been completed by the end of 2002. 2003 has been devoted to the development of the band’s musical concept and the composition of a new material.

What was the occurrence you decided to play Viking Metal?
We do not pursue a fashion, and we do what we like, therefore now all these questions are inverted to us, instead of someone else. In general there are no bands which play Viking metal In Russia except us !!! There are some Slavonic/pagan metal guys, but it is quite different music. Many are dissatisfied, because they think bosh, to live in Russia and to play music of Scandinavians! But we do not care. And then, I know not more than ten bands which really worth of something. As to NL we have chosen that genre of music which finds the response in the heart of each band member. It is necessary to put in the soul to get sincere music. And we’d like to carry up to the people everything that is so close to our hearts.

What about bands like Wrata Tmi and Severnye Wrata?
As to our opinion there is no Viking Metal Scene in Russia. Wrata Tmi and Severnye Wrata is basically Slavonic pagan metal. It is rather hard to find a group playing Viking Metal of Scandinavian origin.

What has happened in the several years between "The Last Son" and "Hammerfrost"?
We prepared material for Hammerfrost for almost two years. During this time we gaines experience, both in writing songs and in concert activity. We began to approach more seriously to the creation of material and arrangements. With each new song and with each new concert we receive experience that helps us to develop our group. Each new album is one more step to understand how the group should work and how music should sound.

So we can expect your third album pretty soon?
No doubt. At present we already have finished work on a new material. And as it seems to us, it will be one more step forward.

Meanwhile you also use pseudonym instead of your “real names” like on "The
Last Son Of The Fjord".
Yes, we use pseudonyms instead of our names. Our nicknames are our names in the world of North and the land of Vikings. In world of Nomans land.

Then: How comes you decided to use English vocals? I think especially
Viking Metal sounds exceptionally good with native vocals?
Ha-ha-ha, you are right! As far as we do not speak fluent native Viking language yet, we use English.

Well, actually I mean Russian, as Vikings have been in Russia before! Do you pay attention to the history of Russia's Vikings like Wladimir of Kiev? How deep are you into history?
Yes, we all know history and we know, who were our ancestors. This period has to be considered to understand the Scandinavian roots in our music (it is cool that you know this). I think there is a particle of a northern warrior in most of us. The first Russian princes were of Vikings. The first city on Ladoga founded by Rurik was 50 km from Saint Petersburg.

So why did you reduce those unique and heroic deep, clear vocals?
On Hammerfrost we have decided to use rough vocals, ‘cause that was our view of the album for that time. We think that it would be not interesting if all our albums sound the same.

What message do you want to claim with your music?
Our music is strongly influenced by the mythology and polytheism of ancients. There was a time when people and nature were one, and gods helped people survive. Gods live while they're remembered, so we're keeping them alive. The time of Ragnarök hasn't come yet. This is our message.

And what does metal mean to you?
Metal is inside of us. It is our life style. At present we cannot imagine ourselves out of Metal scene.

How does it feel to be signed under a non-Russian label?
They are professionals and know the business well. We hope, our cooperation will be successful and will be prolonged yet. And we are pleased that our music can be spread all over the world.
There is no sense to compare Einheit to Russian labels, because nobody is engaged in our metal bands in Russia. And those who try to go in this direction are not in good conditions. They have not enough opportunities, therefore Russia is still a country of popular music (stupid music).

So the scene in Russia is still a hard job?
It is uneasy to play such music in Russia. It takes time to change the way of people’s thinking. The majority reacts strange to the guy with the long hair, going along the street, because he is just different. There is the attitude to " distinctive people" that was cultivated in our country for so long time. And there is the attitude to the extreme music, which you cannot hear on radio, etc. Metal is outside.

Spasiba bolschoje and the last words are for you...
Thanks for your questions. See you in Metal battle.

geführt am 27.04.2005   von Nameless
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