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Y&t "Unearthed?"
Anlässlich der europaweiten Veröffentlichung von „Unearthed Vol. 2“ und der im Juni folgenden Wiederveröffentlichungen von „Down For The Count“, „Open Fire“ und „In Rock We Trust“, hatte ich das Vergnügen Mainman Dave Meniketti mit meinen Fragen belästigen zu dürfen.
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Y&T - Unearthed?

Hi Dave. How are you? It seems to me you’re very busy with the band. You are doing some shows in Europe this summer.
Are the shows only to promote the two “Unearthed” records or is there something more going on. Maybe some brand new songs? A new “Y & T” album?

Our plans are to continue to tour Europe every year, regardless of whether or not we have new product out. Obviously, we’ll promote UnEarthed Vol. 2 since it’s the current product out on this tour. We just want to bring the music to the people and try to play to as many fans in different areas as possible.

There were great reviews for all the stuff on both “Unearthed” records. Is there more unreleased material to expect?

We have some good material left over that we know of and plenty of tapes that we’ve not yet had a chance to listen to. Once we go through all the rest of the tapes we have, we’ll determine if there’s enough good material to release a Volume 3.

Are you having plans for a DVD release with some live material? That would be a real pleasure for all the fans around the globe.

Yes, we shot several shows at the end of last year and we hope to shoot some more shows this year to make a good compilation DVD.

Interesting to me is that over the years there was still a lot of fans asking about new songs and in my record-store I still sell all the old stuff from “Earthshaker” to “Musically incorrect”. What is it that makes this band so special to many people?

I’m sure the fans would be better to answer that better than I can, but it seems to me that they sense the real passion that the band plays with and the fact that we still give it our all even thirty years later. And, they love the songs and respect our musicianship.

Is there any chance to see you live on a solo-tour with material from your two solo-records?

Yes. We’ve been working on getting some dates in Europe. Hopefully spring of next year.

What are your future plans for “Y & T” and your solo career?

To release DVDs for both bands, continue to write new material for both bands, and stay on the road. We have plenty more to say, musically. And, of course, continue coming to Germany to rock the fans and drink your great beer! :-)

Thanks for taking time to answer the questions and good luck for the future.

geführt am 23.05.2005   von Christoph
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