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Monolithe "The New Wave Of “atmospheric Progressive Metal”!"
Die Franzosen treten in die Fußstapfen der Bands wie My Dying Bride und Pink Floyd. Allein diese Konstellation ist Grund genug, um mit Sylvain von Monolithe sich zu unterhalten. Nur so ist es möglich auch mal die Fragen zu klären, ob es sich aus dem zusammengewürfelten Team anderer Bands bei Monolithe um ein Projekt oder doch eine ernstzunehmende Band handelt. Viel Spaß! (lest auch das kürzlich onlinegestellte Review der neuen CD!)
Weitere Infos zu MONOLITHE:
MONOLITHE Monolithe Ii
MONOLITHE Monolithe Iv
MONOLITHE - The New Wave Of “atmospheric Progressive Metal”!

Hi there, how are you. Congratulations to your new album. Please describe
the reactions to the CD so far.
I feel pretty ok, thank you. I can't say much about the reactions right now because most of the reviews have been only coming from Germany so far. At least there're been much of them from that country and overall it's good. When the review is some kind of bad, or let's say average”, it's mostly because of the size of the track, which just shows that some people are not ready for getting involved in music requiring attention and patience. I read a review from a Greek website also who seem to not like Monolithe at all but who cares… You can't ask to everyone to understand what you're doing… But yeah, overall the reactions are very good.

Some of our readers may never have heard about you. Please give us a short briefing in the band's biography.
Well Monolithe was born in 2001 together with the album “Monolithe I”. I got a contract with Appease Me… then the debut was released in 2003. The distribution was very weak back to that time but the album a lot of attention from the press and the audience. I started to work on “Monolithe II” early after the first album was finished but this one has been slow to come to life. The song was written in 2003, recorded in 2004 and released in 2005. “Monolithe II” was released last April so the promo for this new album is on its way.
Richard Loudin (vocals), Sylvain Bégot (guitars & devices), Kristofer Lorent (bass), Benoît Blin (guitars), Manu Mechling (accordion)

Do you care for the opinion of your fans, the press and people in general? Or is it just you and your music?
It depends from whom it comes. To be honest, I usually don't give a fuck about what's said. Some reviews can go on my nerves when too much shit is said, but whatever… I think the fans - if there are any - may be disoriented in the future because every Monolithe album will be different so the music will always remain surprising on each album.

And what´s about the project MONOLITHE? Is it a real band and not only a project?
It depends what you mean with “real band”. Obviously a band is a group of people doing music together, that's what Monolithe does. The difference between Monolithe and a “standard band” is that the line-up is highly flexible and there are no rehearsals. It's a studio project of mine, with the services of guess musicians I ask to join for a particular album.

What are the main differences between "Monolithe", " Monolithe II” and maybe Anthemon?!
“Monolithe I” is in my opinion a very mystic album. It has also an epic feel. “Monolithe II” is maybe more atmospheric. This is heavier and also sadder and catchier is some ways. Both album are different but with reminiscences of the Monolithe sound, I mean with these keyboards layers in the background, the twin leads, the heavy guitars, the slowness and so on. Anthemon is a completely different kind of music. This band started as a kind of Atmospheric Metal but we developed into something really impossible to classify, mixing Atmo Metal with Heavy Metal, Death, some touches of Prog, and so on, everything we like.

How do you describe your style of music - and why?
It's a difficult question. Basically I would say it's Doom Metal. At least the basis of the music got its roots into early Doom/Death and a bit of Funeral Doom too. But there are other influences, I mean I listen to so much different things that it can't be just typical Doom. Purists would probably say we don't play Doom-Metal because it does not sound at all like a modern Black Sabbath or something… But who cares ? The label you give to a music does not make it…

My favourite-parts on the album are the deep and though one (Dark Death Metal-parts, like My Dying Bride), why didn´t you made an album with some more tracks? I mean not only one about 50 minutes?CCan you tell us something about this idea and a very strange thing?
That's a concept. Each album is a chapter of a saga and when the saga is over you'll have a kind of monster album dispatched on several records. It's also a way of doing something different. Doing only single tracked album provides new gates of experimentations and a different way of writing the music. I'm also a fan of 70's Prog Rock and at that time it was natural for a lot of bands to record 20 minutes long tracks or even bigger. And I guess long tracks are not for everyone. Now I'm sure that people pretending liking Monolithe got involved in the listening, you can't only get the surface because it's maybe not “just” entertainment.

How and why did you choose the album cover? Is there a further meaning behind it?
The artwork of the albums follows a “road”. It's actually starting from the ground (“Monolithe I”) to go far away from it. It somehow follows the development of the story in the lyrics. The cover of “Monolithe II” shows a particular step in the evolution of mankind, when it can escape from it own limits. The covers have to show also the nature of the music but I didn't want typical Doom-Metal covers.

Are there some lyrics that are special to you? Tell us something about them.
There are some parts I like more than others of course, mostly because I'm happy about the language used to speak about what had to be said. But overall I'm satisfied with the lyrics of both M1 & M2. It's intelligible but yet not understandable at the first degree. The lyrics are dealing with mankind but without placing it in a certain epoch or anything, it's a total abstraction. It's about its nature, evolution, and so on. The lyrics are “studying” mankind on the level of the universe, not only on the level of Earth. But this is basically Sci-Fi, there's nothing anthropological or whatever because it remains a story.

Where do you get your inspirations from? Maybe some Pink Floyd, My Dying Bride or Pop/Rock/Psychodelic records?
It's hard to cite band names because it can be a lot of things, really. I didn't try to do something specific when I started Monolithe, I just did what I had in me, you know what I mean? The music I do is influenced by everything I like. It's like eating, you get the food and you digest it. The same goes with music. I may of course have been influenced by My Dying Bride and Pink Floyd because I like both bands very much. And you guessed right, I'm a 60's & 70's Psycho Rock and Prog Rock freak. These have been blessed decades for Rock and Jazz music; I feel much closer to the spirit of that epoch than by the nowadays Rock and Metal scene.

We'd like to know something about the underground in your hometown. Are you still in touch? And if so: Where do you hang out? Are there some yet unknown bands that you like?
I live right next to Paris so there's a lot of band there. To be honest I can't say I care about the Parisian scene so there's no name of really good bands coming to my mind… And anyway the Parisian mentality sucks big time because there's too much jealousy and competition, I hate that. Usually the French bands really worth checking in my opinion are coming from outside Paris, like Blut Aus Nord, Carnival In Coal, Burgul Torkhain, Overmars, Distress and some more. Of course there was Massacra from Paris but it's an old story. I don't hang out anywhere, I'm exactly the opposite of a “party animal”. My favourite place to be is at home with my girlfriend. I like quiet places and I hate to be in the crowd.

How important is it for you to play live on stage? It would be not easy with only one long track isn´t it?
On the level of Monolithe it has no importance to play on stage, it would even be a heavy burden. It would requires to get permanent band members, to rehearse and so on… So there will never be any Monolithe gig. The main reason is that I don't think this music fits a live situation but there's also the “technical” side of things, like I said rehearsals and so on but also playing in shit venues in front of a very passive or even hostile audience - at least that's how it can be in Paris. Anyway I enjoy playing live with Anthemon when some minimum conditions are respected.

We are looking forward seeing you in Germany. Best whishes to you all. Last words are up to you?
Well my last words will be: thank you very much for your support and interview. I can also say that the next Monolithe release will be a MCD called “Interlude Premier” featuring a 20 minutes long track. Hopefully it can be available in early 2006 but who knows… And last, here is the official website :
Thanks a lot, we´re waiting for the new MCD, until then check the Monolithe II - album!

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