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Aborted "Belgischer Qualitäts Death Metal"
Die belgische Kapelle ABORTED beglückte uns jüngst mit ihrer neuen Scheibe “The Archaic Abattoir”. Sofort habe ich mich an die Tasten gehockt und dem Sänger Sven einen Haufen Fragen um die Ohren gehauen. Leider konnte er nicht SOFORT antworten, weil die Band in LA zum Videodreh antreten musste und sich außerdem noch der Gitarrist verabschiedet hat. So kam es dann zu einer kleinen Verzögerung. Hier gibt es aber jetzt ganz frisch und brühwarm das Interview zu lesen. Ich hoffe, dass ich in den nächsten Tagen noch dazu komme, es zu übersetzen, deshalb müsst Ihr Euch vorerst mit der englischen Fassung begnügen.
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Hi Sven ! How are you? Thanks a lot that you’ve got some time for METALGLORY. You probably have a lot of promotion work to do. Is it already a “necessary evil”, or do you like to get in contact with the fans via this media?

Heya, not a problem to do the interviews, however I’m stuck with a huge delay now (as you know) since things have been extremely hectic over here, we’ve just been doing a lot of shows & touring lately + we’ve had to deal with a little crisis regarding the line-up. Bart decided to leave the band right before the US tour we just did so we had to take care of these kind of things first. But yes, we are a band that like to get in touch with the fans in any sort of way, it’s all cool! hehe

To learn a little more about you I’d ask you to take us back in time. What were your first experiences with Metal? How old were you when you started listening to hard music? What bands were your favourites in those days?

Hmm, that takes some thinking lol. I think anything rock or metal related I started with was Nirvana, guns’n roses, that kinda stuff. Not much later it got to napalm death, pantera, carcass etc. I think I started at the age of 15, being 27 now, that’s quite a while back. My favourites then were napalm death, carcass, obituary, deicide, cannibal corpse, you know the regular kind of bands you first get in touch with when getting into this music, the more known bands.

When and why did you decide to become a musician? Was there a special incident? Maybe a concert of your heroes, or something like that? You are now a singer. Do you play any instruments?

I play drums in a grindcore band called Leng Tch’e, that would be the only instrument I can play besides doing ‘vocals’ hehe. I think I wanted to be in a band not so long after I started listening to this kind of music, seeing the concerts and the energy involved just felt like a natural outlet of frustration & anger. Some healthy anger management maybe. Aborted has been around for 10 years now so, you can do the math! haha

How did it all start with ABORTED? Did you know the other band members e. g. from school, or how did you get in touch? The band was officially founded in 1995. My earliest record of ABORTED is “The purity of perversion” which is dated 1999. Was this your first release, or is my record collection just badly sorted?

We had a demo called ‘the necrotorous chronicles’ a year before the album was released in 1998 I believe, could have been a bit earlier too. There were none of the real original members of aborted already left for the demo. I took quite some years to get a descent line up going and that mainly happened in the finding of guitarist Niek who really did a lot for the band back then, the hardest task was to find a drummer as for any band I guess. I think none of the band members knew each other from school, the real first line up were just friends from around my neighbourhood wanting to play death metal, but they lost motivation in such things rather early on I guess.

What were your intentions in those times? Was it just partying and getting laid, or could you imagine that ABORTED would be able to reach such high level in Death Metal?

Haha! Well I definitely never imagined we’d be doing what we’re doing now for sure! What band that ever starts does know these things or does anticipate them? We just really wanted to play the music we like, and we’re still doing that, just on a completely different level. Having fun & playing shows was the main point of interest, now we just have to write good records too, haha! As said the main reason for me to be in a band is the aggression you can let go on stage & it’s still point one at this point, even if things are a lot more serious now and at a more professional level. We’re doing it for the music, the stage & the fun we’re having at doing it.

Then came the cooperation with mighty CHRIST DENIED in 2000. How is your relationship with Dave Rotten? Whose idea was it?

Dave Rotten wanted to sign Aborted to Repulse (rip) back then, we were good friends and we still are. I think we mainly wanted to have some new songs out to find a descent record company (which we did with that release, Listenable) and they originally had that split planned with mortician I think. Mortician fell through for them so they needed a band, we needed a band, and we were all in love, so there ya go!

I think your “breakthrough” was the 2001 release “Engineering the dead”. Do you share my opinion? This album is so brutal without sounding blunt or dumb, that it was some kind of “state of the art”. Even now after years of listening, it still puts a smile on my face because I love it. Are you and the other guys in the band satisfied with it?

We’re satisfied with it for what it is, off course we’re a bit more happy with the direction we took after it, mainly because we really got sick of the overload of suffocation clones & that whole US deathmetal sound that has been overdone a bit too much, so we mixed our sound with a bit more European influences & tried to look for our own sound & direction a bit more than what we were doing before. Engineering the dead is still good for what it is, but after this we just tried to write more ‘songs’ than collections of riffs pasted together. It definitely did a lot of good for the band and it took us to a higher level for sure.

After that one you didn’t lay back and played some gigs with genre heroes. You didn’t keep the fans waiting for too long and released “Goremageddon” in 2003. The pressure was certainly high not to disappoint the scene, but ABORTED were able to compete. Again you showed that the musical development was still increasing. How do you judge “Goremageddon” and how was the reaction from the scene?

The reactions on Goremageddon were way above expectations. I remember we were all very nervous because it showed a totally different band from ‘engineering’, we took a little different musical direction and incorporated a more European based sound as stated before. Not knowing what people would think, but this is what we wanted to do. People however seemed to really dig the record & it took the band to the next stage, we did a shitload of shows & promotion for this one. Goremageddon still ranks high in my opinion, It’s very extreme and in your face, some things could have been a bit different but you can say that about every of your own records, and that’s only a point to keep you aware that there is still room for improvement & to keep yourself sharp for the future.

In 2004 “Haematobic” was released. I don’t have that one in my collection. Not yet! This seems to be a collection of old and rare stuff. I’ll have to buy it soon, to complete the discography. Please tell us about this one.

This release was used as a bridge in between goremageddon and the archaic abattoir. It contained 4 studiorecordings: 2 new songs which are also on TAA, an entombed cover and an old song from TPOP reworked, besides that it contained live tracks & some live video tracks. It was just an EP to show the evolution of the band & to keep people’s eyes open for the upcoming fullength record.

Now you present us the latest bastard called “The Archaic Abattoir”. What a masterpiece it is! I was speechless, when I heard it. You must be satisfied with it, cause no one could have done it better. I really believe that you love it, because the listener exactly feels how much ambition and passion you and of course your bandmates put into it. Some of our readers may not have heard it. How would you describe it to them? What is the main difference to the prior albums?

Thank you! Glad you dig it! Well the main difference I’d say with the previous records is maturity. We found our sound more or less with goremageddon & on TAA we worked it out, added a lot more variation to the songs, added some more heavy parts, groove and some melody. The whole is still extremely brutal, but you can just hear much more the difference inbetween all the songs and it just stands out more on its own than goremageddon did I think. We’re happy with it, we had very little time to compose it (2 months) but we’re the kind of band that works well under deadlines. There definitely was a lot of ambition and passion writing this record, we spent days rehearsing non stop & working out every detail, even changing stuff in studio, and it turned out pretty good I think.

I assume that you guys have nothing else to do than practising and rehearsing 24 hours a day 7 days a week. How else can you explain this huge increase in the whole bands skills? It is nearly frightening how far you pushed the limits.

Hahahaha! Actually no, we don’t have that much time to rehearse since we play a lot of shows and we all have dayjobs. But when we write the records we all try to rehearse as much as possible & we all work on our instruments & songs at home as well. It’s mainly the chemistry of when the band gets together & works out all the ideas. On this record Tace wrote most of the songs & we pieced all the pieces together as a band. As for jobs, Frederic works in a warehouse, I’m a graphic designer & Tace is an animation film director. Gilles is unemployed and studies drums the whole time. I think the skills of the band mainly involved around songwriting & being more comfortable with each other & knowing what direction we want to take.

It was produced by Tue Madsen. He has done a good job. How did you get in contact? What do you think about his prior work? Is your relationship just professional, or is he a friend? Did you have some beers together after “work”?

Well we didn’t know Tue personally before going there, we mainly went there because we love his sound. I got in touch with him after having him mix the previous In-Quest record & immediately wanted to do the next aborted record with him. He’s a very cool guy that knows what he is doing & we had a lot of fun there. He’s very relaxed to work with & gets the best out of you. We had a couple of cosy nights together for sure hehe, nothing but good to say about the man.

You didn’t have to growl alone all the time. There was some little but effective help: Bo Summer (ILLDISPOSED), Michael Bogballe (Mnemnic) and Jacob Brendahl (HATESPHERE) had some guest appearances on “The Archaic Abattoir”. How did you manage to get these guys to sing on an ABORTED Album? I assume this was not a usual situation for you. Was it difficult to combine yours and the other’s vocals? Whose idea was it?

They are indeed on there & we all know them & are fans of their respective bands & voices. The fortunate thing was that they all lived in aarhus or nearby aarhus so it was fairly easy to set up a meeting & have them do the guestvocals. I think it was really cool to combine their skills with mine & add a lot of variation to the record, I’m very happy with the result for sure.

You come from Belgium. I know the scene in the Netherlands, but I know nothing about the Death Metal scene in Belgium. Please tell us about it, if there is one. Are there other bands that you would recommend to us?

There are a shitload of bands here in Belgium, I guess they’re just having a hard time getting exported. Bands you should check out are definitely Axamenta, in-quest, leng tch’e, welkin, suhrim, headmeat, fleshmould, thee plague of gentlemen, emeth, prejudice, orb of torture, etc etc lots of good band here just waiting to get out I guess.

Was it hard or harder for you to establish the name ABORTED in the European Death scene, due to the fact that you come from Belgium? What do you think is the reason for that: Labels, Contacts, too few concerts…?

It was definitely a lot of work & much harder to be from Belgium than say to be from Sweden haha. But at least all we’ve accomplished Is because we worked very hard & were very persistent in what we were doing, and not because out of luck or our origin, and I think that’s much more important & something to be proud of than to have accomplished something through other means.

Do you know the scene in Germany? Are there some bands from Germany, which you like? What about the underground? Have you heard of Bands like TEARS OF DECAY, HARMONY DIES, DESPONDENCY or SPAWN? (There are many, many more!)

I know all of the bands you have mentioned above, Germany has a cool scene and a lot of good bands, we really hope to play there more with TAA, cause with Goremageddon we didn’t get to play out there that much since we focussed more on other countries, but we intend to make up for that with this record, for sure!

So the new record is in stores now. What comes next? I saw that you are playing some gigs in the coming days. That can’t be all, I hope. What is planned for this summer? Will you play festivals, or maybe outside Europe? What bands will you support or be supported by?

We just got confirmed on the summer breeze, furyfest, kaltenbach open air and some more festivals, we’re also going on tour in the US again with Suffocation & Cryptopsy in oktober/November, and there are some more big touring plans for early 2006 which all will be announced when we have more concrete information, so yeah, we’ll be touring & playing out a lot for this record for sure!!

You will produce a video clip for the song “Dead Wreckoning”. Tell us about it. What is planned? Hope we see it on TV! Some “small” European Bands could place their clips even in the heavy rotation besides all the stuff from the big labels (e.g. AMON AMARTH, BEHEMOTH). What do you think about Metal on TV?

Yeah, we actually shot the video last week in Los Angeles with director Darren Doane (deftones, nile, norma jean, etc) which was fucking awesome! We’re waiting to see an edit
So we’re very curious about it at this point, haha! I think metal on tv can only be a good thing, I enjoy watching other band’s clips so its cool to have your own played (hopefully), but I’m pretty confident we’ll get it out there. The clip should be pretty cool, we shot it in a pretty insane location (basement of an old decayed meat factory, teehee!) keep your eyes open for it!

I’m running out of questions. But I don’t want to ask you all that pussy-shit like: What records have you bought during the last month, or what do you think about George Bush? So let’s go on talking about Death Metal: What do you think about Death Metal’s future? Some people say that it is dead; some say that it is just rising; some say that it is not Death Metal as it should be. What do you say/think?

I think about music beyond genres & boxes, there are a lot of good bands in any style of music, people should just listen to the bands they enjoy & stop whining about ‘its too much of this or that’, who gives a shit? As long as it’s good and you enjoy listening to it, who cares what category it falls under? There has been an overload of deathmetal I’ll agree but I’m sure people can separate the good from the bad & the persistant bands will go on to make good music, so death metal is not dead, you just have to find the good bands! haha

Sven, you made it! This boring interview is over now. Congratulations. Thank you very much. The last words are up to you:

Thank you very much for the interview & the cool words, it’s been cool! Now come to see us on tour or I’ll have your sister thrown in a bukkake with 40 obese tards! www.goremageddon.be, cheers!!!!
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