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Kinetic "Es Lebe Die Stilvielfalt"
In Griechenland ist die Metalszene nicht umbedingt so ausgeprägt wie anderswo. Trotzdem überraschen sie einem immer wieder mit neuen und frischen Bands. In diesem Fall sind es KINETIC, deren Mitglieder weiß Gott keine unbeschriebenen Blätter mehr sind, die mit ihrem melodischen Death Metal versuchen die Headbanger dieser Welt zu erobern. Aber lest selbst...
Weitere Infos zu Kinetic:
Kinetic The Chains That Bind Us
Kinetic - Es Lebe Die Stilvielfalt

Hi Savvas! At first congratulations to the damn fine album “The Chains That Bind Us”. I think that only few metal heads know who or what KINETIC is. So give us a small background of yourself and your band.

Hello and thanks for this presentation! Also thank you for your good words on our CD. Yes, I know that KINETIC is a new name for most of the fans. We started back in 2002. having enough experience in the Underground scene with other bands we, as four friends, tried to unite our forces for a new band’s creation. I was in ACID DEATH, for 12 years, the only Progressive Death Metal band that Greece had, with some releases in various labels, Manolis Mamas and Stavros Bonikos, our guitarists, had BRAIN FADE, a Power Metal band, and Costas Alexakis played drums in WISDOM, a Heavy Metal band. Manolis and Satvros had enough material, rather different from anything they had made in BRAIN FADE, I had many ideas too, so in a very short time we had a respectable number of songs as a new band. So, in 2003 we recorded a demo just to have a 1st touch with the Scene and to find any label. Things worked well, the comments we took were more than encouraging and the same time, a small independent label from Greece called SLEASZY RIDER ( gave us the chance of making this 1st full-length, which is out since November-2004.

You released your album in November-2004. How do you describe your music for all the metal heads who don’t know KINETIC yet?

Our music is a mix of Swedish and American Death Metal, including many elements from Thrash, Power and Heavy Metal. I believe it is an interesting mix as anyone can find something interesting in our songs.

How did you choose the name “KINETIC”?

Well…the biggest problem that a new band faces when its members are looking for a band name!!! To find a free and good name. As you understand we faced it too. In the very early days there was the thought of ZERO, having in mind that we are four persons who make a new beginning from “0” point… Nothing special… some of our friends were smiling when we told them this band name. And others and others…. Some day in a rehearsal, Costas had the thought of KINETIC, having a better philosophy in his mind…”Something unstagnant, something that is unfold…” “That’s more-like” we said and when we discovered that there is no other band with this name, or almost one, we kept it. I think there is another band with the same name but has nothing to do with Metal.

Which song describes best what KINETIC is all about?

That’s a difficult question… I dare say “Never Ending Winter”, the song that we made our 1st video-clip. It includes all our influences in good balance…

Please tell us a few words about the lyrics in “The Chains…”, since the promo does not include any lyrics…

Our lyrics have to do with the horrible and tragic side of life, describing human emotions through phantastic or true stories. We can be described as Hate Metal band because of the lyrics. Feelings as fear, annihilation, irony or even the typical “hate” that anyone feels in life are simple human emotions. In the album these human emotions are described as “Chains” that either “bring together” or just “tie” the Humans. The lyric “view” is shown through the CD cover, with all these chains that are entangled so strangely…

What are your influences as songwriter or better which bands/sounds are the whole KINETIC-crew listen to?

As I told you, we came from different music-paths, as separate personalities. I came from Death Metal, Manolis and Stavros from Power Metal and Costas from Heavy Metal. We just tried to bring our personal influences into the band. As “metal-fans” we like many bands from past and present, lets say DEATH, POSSESSED, CARCASS, BLIND GUARDIAN, SODOM, ACCEPT and from today ARCH ENEMY, IN FLAMES, RAMMSTEIN…But as “musicians” we tried to leave back all these preferences and give our own mark. I hope we are on the right way.

What other musical projects are you involved in? Or is KINETIC the most important thing in your personal priority list yet?

No, no,no, no other musical projects except KINETIC!!! There is a basic thought between us. If you want to make something good with the band you have to focus on what you are doing with this band. We don’t like this idea of making music projects here and there, we just want to give our 100% to KINETIC. Of course we have our self-occupations, since we can`t survive from the band but all our music-time goes to KINETIC and we like it!

Let us take a look at the future. What are your plans? Any plans for touring?

Having a good CD out means nothing today, so we have a lot of work to do. First of all on new songs creation for next release. On touring-subject, we just finish a small tour over Greece. We lost a good opportunity to make a European tour with a known band this winter, just because of bad tour-timing for us. We hope to re-erect in the future. Things are not easy since KINETIC is a new name and many persons out there want to see if we deserve a bigger step. Fortunately we love the band, it is our “child” that grows day by day and we will feel proud if we see it getting big steps to progress!!

What’s your opinion on sharing music in the Internet? A curse or a blessing?

This is a very big subject… Personally I don’t like this situation of today that anyone can find in the Internet any recording. I believe that the free downloading has flatten everyone, bands, labels… The downloading is big, the CD sales are low, the budgets that the labels spend for their bands are lower… On the other hand there is the view that “you have to share some free music, it is a good promotion for you” which its wrong at all!! Generally I think the decision belongs to the fans. If they thing that something deserve to be bought they will spend their hard-earned money to obtain it. If there is a thought that something isn’t important they will try to find it for free and they will make it, that’s for sure…

Which albums or songs are rotate in/on your record player?

Mmmm…many ones!!! Since I’m always into memories, I can’t stop rotate these old vinyls of DEATH or CARCASS, but at the same time I’d like to make some good noise with RAMMSTEIN`s “Mutter” or to “fly away” with IN FLAMES`s “Soundtrack to your Escape” or to drive my room into Black with MAYHEM`s “Chimera”…

OK, let`s bring it to an end. The last words are yours, so if there is something important you want to scream out, this is the right place to do it.

A big THANK YOU for this interview and interest in KINETIC. Check us, guys, we won’t disappoint you, that`s for sure!!!

geführt am 24.06.2005   von Meaningless
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