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Obituary "Back From The Dead!!"
Über diese alten Hasen muss man nun wirklich nichts mehr schreiben. Schließlich kennt jeder mindestes ein Musikstück der Amis und Alben wie „Cause of death“ oder „The End complete“ gehören einfach in jede vernünftige Sammlung eines Death Metalmaniacs. Aber nun, Obituary ( sind nach jahrelanger Pause „Back from the Dead“ und daher blieb mir nichts anderes übrig, als den John Tardy per Mail auszuquetschen. Was dabei rausgekommen ist, folgt nun in englisch.......
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Hi, Obituary! How are you, “back from the dead” - on the road again between the new and old metal scene and fans?
I am doing great and it feels really good to be back jamming again. The fans have been great and it seems like we have a lot of our old fans coming back to see us along with a lot of fans that were not old enough to see us last time we were around.

How is the feeling nowadays concerning the metal scene? What is different if one compares the end of the 80s and the early 90s?
To me it feels like the metal scene is growing once again. Like all kinds of music, scenes come and go but it feels like metal is coming back around. It is starting to feel like the 90’s again.

What did you do during last few years?
I was working with a friend with his small computer company. We built computers and set up LAN and WAN for small businesses.

What was the main and final reason to create new stuff by using the name “Obituary” (again!)?
We really have a good time writing music and have a lot more we want to do. As long as I am having fun with what we are doing I will continue to do it. I think it is important for any band to have a good time with what they do and it you get to the point where it is not fun you music will suffer.

Let´s talk about the new record “Frozen in time”?! You chose A very long intro-song on this record. Didn´t you find some words for that track or what was your intention for such a untypical long “intro”-song?
It just doesn’t have lyrics because I felt it didn’t need them. We really like the song as it is and even though some people thought it was strange to start the CD with it that is what we wanted to do.

I think “Frozen in time” is typical OBI-soundliked. Do you agree with me?
It definitely sounds like obituary! No matter what you do you can never make everyone happy all the time…change to much…didn’t change enough…but I think we found a common ground between both. We are really happy with the way the new music turned out and I feel it is some of the heaviest stuff we have done.

But what do you think about the “new” Voice of you? I can hear, that it sounds not like 12 years ago and you doesn´t scream typical Obilike on the early years?! Dou you agree with me?
Everyone’s voice changes over the years. My voice feels really good and I am happy with the way it sounds on the record. To me it seems just as heavy just maybe a little different. I also hear myself all the time and don’t go through times when it don’t hear my voice for several years so it is sometime hard to hear the changes in my voice. I think the scream at the end of Stand Alone is one of the longest I have done.

My favourite is "Slow Death". Can you tell us something about this song, the creating session and the great groovy guitarstyle?
Wow…what a heavy song! That is one that takes you back to our slowly days. The drum part in that song is so heavy and classic Allen West groove to keep it going.

How and why did you choose the album cover? Is there a further meaning behind it (lyrics or maybe the “frozen time” between the years in the life of Obituary)?
We worked closely with Andreas Marschall and with our ideas and his ideas we came up with the frozen creature. While listening to On The Flöör, I say frozen in time, and we just felt it really summed up what we felt like coming back and writing again.

What about the recording process of your new album? Any special stories or curiosities to report, after so long time without the same guys?
We had a blast. It was great first, being back together as a band again and jamming. Second, being together with Mark Prator and Scott Burns was great. We have been working with those 2 guys in the studio longer than any other people so we always feel really comfortable around them. Working back at Morrisound with Tom Morris was also super cool and took me back in time.

How do you feel on the festivals nowadays? How is the feeling on stage together with good old friends from teenage time and now with some “old” friends?
We have made so many good friends over the years and anytime you have a chance to hang out and have a few cool ones you really enjoy that chance. Playing the big festivals with some of the really big bands that you looked up too when you were a kid is also very cool.

How was the reaction of the fans around the world to know that Obituary is back?
I think it took our shows is October to really make everyone believe that we really are back. The fan reaction has been tremendous and it seems like not only have we seen all of our old fans but also a lot of fans that say…last time you came around I was only 13 and couldn’t go to the show. So it is nice to see the variety in the crowd.

Do you think that a lot of people would think that you only want to earn some more money or something like that? Because a lot of bands from the good old times made reunions nowadays?
If it was money I wanted, death metal would not be the music of choice. We do what we do for the fun of it. Now we do have to make a certain amount money to keep things going but you can be certain that if I am not having a good time I would not do this for long.

How do you think about the albums “Slowly we rot” and for example “The end complete” now? What would you like to improve/change – or maybe do nothing?
After you sit back and listening to an album you are never 100% happy with everything about it. But through the years I feel that we have learned more and more and are getting better and better producing our music. It is one of the most challenging things we do and I always look forward to trying new things.

Still three questions to go. What do you think of Metal web magazins?
Today there are a lot of fast information about everything in the web….. the internet is crazy and there is so much information out there about all kinds of stuff. As you might know I designed our website – – so I spend a lot of time on the computer. I do like the web mags and always support them if asked.

Is there something that you have never been asked but always have been eager to say?
I think you all do a pretty good job of covering things…but I don’t think anyone ever asked me if I wanted a million dollars!!! Ha Ha

OK, thanks a lot of your time and the answers, hope to see you on tour/festival and the last words are up for you.
We are really excited about our new record and really look forward to playing more of the new songs live. We have lots of festivals we will be doing and then after the festival season is over will be setting up shows of our own. Hope to see you all around.
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