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Gorerotted "London Calling?!"
Die britischen Exportschlager GOREROTTED legen uns nicht nur ihre neue Scheibe vor, sondern sie beglückten uns kürzlich auch auf dem FUCK THE COMMERCE. Ich habe mal ein paar Fragen an WILSON, den glatzköpfigen, schottischen Höhlenmenschen gestellt. Wie ihr seht, hat er sich Mühe gegeben und nicht nur Grunzlaute gemacht.
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Gorerotted A New Dawn For The Dead
Gorerotted - London Calling?!

Hi there! Thanks a lot for taking some time for METALGLORY. How are you?

It’s Wilson the bald Scotsman, how are you??? I’ll do my best to speak proper caveman Scottish, and not just grunt and scratch!!

Let’s start with some questions about the past. How did you come to Metal and especially Death Metal and Grindcore? At what age did you start listening to hard stuff? Please name your favourite bands from those days.

For me it all started when I was 8 years old, and I was on holiday with my family in the highlands. We went shopping and I bought Number of the Beast because I thought the cover looked cool! I had been brought up with rock music, so when I listened to it, the music felt really natural to me, and the rest as they say is history! But as time goes on, and as metal becomes and obsession, I discovered heavier stuff like Pantera, and subsequently moved on to things like Cannibal Corpse and Morbid Angel! I love looking through my CD collection, at the different things I listened to at different stages in my life!

How did GOREROTTED start? How did you get in contact with your bandmates? Do/did you all live in the same town? Tell us about the very first beginnings.

Well, it’s a long story, and I wasn’t there from day 1, so check out the bio on the site too, but basically, it started around 1998 in London, and most of the original members came from London. I met the guys through my old band Regorge, as we played some shows together, and I ended up joining the band in January 2002 – I’ll be honest with you, it’s all a bit blurry, and I’m sure the other guys will have trouble remembering last weekend, never mind 8 years ago!

Your first release was “Her gash I did slash”. Do you remember the year when it was released? I don’t have it, so I can’t tell anything about it. Please give us some info about it.

It came out 1998 if I remember correctly, I was playing a show in London with my old band, and the singer was selling the CDs to people who wanted them, and people who didn’t! They really plugged their music well! It’s a 4 song CD, but way more professional than most demos, well the sound anyway, the layout was shit! Ha! We’ve re-recorded some of the songs, like Her Gash was on Only Tools and Corpses, and Limb by Limb and Carrion Smellin’ were re-done for a split CD on Deepsend records, so it’s all still available in some shape or form, even if the original did sell out!

Then came “Mutilated in minutes…” in 2000. It was released via Dead again records. This is my first GOREROTTED CD and I like it very much since I have it. Songs like “Bed ‘em, Behead ‘em” or “Cut, Gut, Beaten, Eaten” are all-time classics. No Party without these grenades! What do you think about this album? Are you satisfied with it?

Well like I said, I joined the band after this album, so I have different perspectives on it, and both good ones at that! I had this CD knowing the band from the outside, so I can appreciate that you enjoy it, because I did too! Now I play these songs live, so I get the thrill from the inside too, and I’m proud to play these songs with the band!

After this GOREROTTED got a new label: Metalblade Records. How did you get in touch? I’m sure that this offered you new possibilities to realize your musical intentions. The first result of this cooperation was the release of “Only tools and corpses” in 2003. How would you describe the album and the process of its creation? It is different, but it is a typical GOREROTTED work. Please tell us about it and its recording etc.

Well there was a brief time on Relapse in between that, but that was just the re-release of Mutilated in minutes with new packaging! Only Tools was my first album with the band, and I’m really proud of that one! Working with Metal Blade was, and still is great! It’s weird because some of those songs were written before I joined, and some of them after I joined, and it’s a great record to play live! I wouldn’t say it’s different though, just a logical step forward from Mutilated!

Now, two years later you released “A new dawn for the dead”. What happened in the meantime? What happened to your second singer Mr. Gore?

Mr. Gore had to go! He wasn’t putting in any effort since the Tools album, and to be honest, he never really wrote any music anyway! We were touring extensively to promote Only Tools, and trying to write the new stuff in between, so it was a really busy time – like now, we are promoting New Dawn, and all the time we are writing and thinking towards the next album!

“A new dawn…” is quite a killer. Tell us about it. What is different from the other GOREROTTED Albums? Please tell us about the recording process?

Again, I would use the word different, it’s a logical development from where we were on Only Tools! We have all been playing together for another year and a half, so the band has come together as a much tighter unit, and the song writing chemistry has really some into it’s own! Also working on the lyrics this time, me and Ben didn’t have to worry about anyone else, so we just got on with it, and I think it’s way better! The recording process was different for us, because we went to Germany for 3 weeks, and lived in the studio, so we did nothing but breathe and bleed this album!

How was the response so far? Did you receive any reactions from your fans?

The response has been phenomenal! Leading up to the release, the media response was really positive, so I was hoping for the same response from the public! Some people who are hardcore fans wanted more of the same stuff, but I think more fans are happy with this album, and we seem to be attracting more people that would maybe not have joined us, had we released another Only Tools – I’m really pleased so far!

As you did for “Only tools…” I assume that you will be touring a lot in the following days to promote the new album. You recently played the “Fuck the commerce”-Festival here in Germany. I couldn’t be there but a friend told me that GOREROTTED and WACO JESUS were the secret headliners. Please tell us about the gig! Do you like festivals, or do you prefer to play club shows?

FTC was cool, maybe too cool, as everyone froze to death! I had a great time, and the crowd seemed to enjoy it! We love the festival environment, and the club shows! Best way to explain this is to watch the DVD which comes with the new album, it’s got a show from Summer Breeze, and from a sweaty little club, and we thrive on live performance, wherever that may be!

We in Germany have a lot of huge festivals each summer. (Too much if you ask me!) The Netherlands also have their annual festivals, which are also great! Do you have similar events in Britain? Do you visit festivals apart from you band activities? Please tell us about some funny or bad experiences you had on a festival or gig.

I don’t think you can have too many festivals, because if you miss some, you can at least make the most of the other ones! Britain has some festivals, but they are terrible compared to Europe in general – I mean I went to With Full Force this year as a fan, and it cost me €40 for the weekend, so I got to see Iron Maiden and the lot! To do the same in the UK was at Download, and that costs over £100 for the same thing, if not quite as good! European festivals, and the metal scene in general rules supreme over the UK!

I assume you like football. (You come from London.) What is your favourite club?

Football is a big thing here, and I think it is in most places! I’m a Glasgow boy originally, so the London derby’s don’t really bother me, although I do like to watch them and get as drunk as possible! I grew up with Glasgow Celtic, which I’m sure your familiar with if your into Euro football!

There were these terrible bomb attacks in London a few days ago. I hope you, your families and loved ones are all right. I don’t want to talk about politics in this interview, so I won’t deepen this subject. I just wanted to hear GOREROTTED is not influenced by these incidents.

Yeah, it’s a big thing here, and it’s horrible, but life has to go on, you know, you can’t live in fear or something! Main thing is, all my friends and loved ones are fine, and all the banger’s in Gorerotted are too!

What are the future plans for GOREROTTED?

Main thing is promoting this album just now, so were finishing the summer festivals, then off on the Decapitated tour in September, and as I said, we’re looking towards a new album already, so keep checking our site, and we’ll be making noise for a few years to come, if we don’t drink ourselves to death that is!

Hey, this boring interview is nearly over. You made it! Thanks a lot and all the best for GOREROTTED! The last words are up to you.

Thanks a lot, I love talking about myself, don’t worry about it! Thanks to all Gorerotted fans, and fans of metal anywhere! If your at a show, come on and say hello, these beers won’t drink themselves you know!

geführt am 22.07.2005   von Karsten
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