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Reverend Bizarre "We All Have Our Demons"
Listening to Doom Metal you cannot avoid Reverend Bizarre. This band has their own style in making music, writing lyrics and living their life. Read the interview and get to know some strange facts and consistant opinions of one of the strangest and most consistant bands in Heavy Metal circus. Preach, Peter Vicar!
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Hi there, Reverend Bizarre. First of all, looking back to the "Harbinger of Metal" EP: Most of us like it very much. But what about the band? Are you still satisfied with this release?
Yes we are even if it was emotionally very hard to do that one.
Please compare "Crush the insects" with "In the rectory...”.
Crush is more uptempo, but it’s a logical step. Next we will do something else again, within the limits and borders of this music we love.
Meanwhile we have quite a few articles about you on our page. Nevertheless some of our readers may never have heard about you. Please give us a short briefing in the band's biography.
We started in 1995, changed a drummer in 1998 and did our first album in 2001. We are a trio playing very slow and very heavy metal music. We are now getting more attention which is nice because we never did anything to achieve that, but followed our own vision. We will also continue to do so until we are done with everything we have planned to do. Then we will end it.
Was there a moment when you realized that Reverend Bizarre would become something special?
After I saw some of the review for the Crush The Insects demo in 1999/2000. Afterwards I have seen that this band is more than its members. It’s becoming a monster that in a way wants to consume us all. Saying that I must say that this band has brought us very many good things in life, especially good friends out there and great opportunities to see the world for free so to say.
Back to your new songs. "By this axe I rule" is marvellous. Please tell us something about it.
It’s done by Albert. A very gentle and yet violent song, very disturbed as well. Albert is playing this character of a misogynist psychopath. Or is he perhaps revealing a part of him which otherwise is buried deep within? I don’t know and don’t ever want to find out. I guess that’s how he likes things to be.
"Cromwell" is very exciting as well. Some statements to this song, please.
That’s my song so I guess I can say two things. Lord Protector Oliver Cromwell was a great puritan leader in Early Modern England during their civil war. This is my cartoon tribute to him, his Ironsides and his strong Will. He had the guts to be done with monarchy and establish a regime very much based on his own cruel charisma.
Can you name your favourite album song?
It’s all good quality, no fillers in our albums. But maybe “By This Axe I Rule” or “Council of Ten”.
Point out the most interesting lyrics from your point of view.
“Every day I look it’s the same old story. The Devil has his cunning ways to lure you. Always choose the right hand turn and honour. Nail the sinners down with your boot on their face. Right!”
This is from “Council of Ten”. I wrote the words a long time ago but they suit the overall atmosphere of the album perfectly. Smite them down!!! Crush and have no mercy whatsoever.
Wait! I have to give this another example: “How strange it is, for a while to feel this well. But what tomorrow brings, it’s hard to tell.”
That’s from “Eternal Forest”, the only love song Albert will ever compose to Reverend Bizarre. Those lyrics are very honest and beautiful.
Where do you get your inspirations from?
History, occult, personal experiences. I rarely write from personal experience, though, and hope it stays that way. But I guess we all have our demons anyway.
Are there some Doom bands that you think of something like "brothers in crime"?
Our brothers are in Revelation, The Gates of Slumber, Warning, Cold Mourning, While Heaven Wept, Orodruin, Mirror of Deception… there are some others as well, but I want to keep it short to be able to go to sleep soon.
What are you doing in the fiew hours that you are not into Reverend Bizarre?
I teach and do research in the department of Cultural History at University of Turku. I am mainly interested in the history of western popular music, especially the staging of the large-scale stadium events. I have also a wife and daughter, and they get a big share of my time. We do not hang around, so it’s hard to say about the others… Activism for Void, mental travelling for Albert… or something similar.
Is a Doom musician interested in sports?
I can only speak for myself. I follow Formula 1 because it’s evil and sick, thinking about that pollution and always possible deaths, and ice hockey because it’s fast and generally entertaining.
Which is your favourite Reverend Bizarre song?
“The Demons Annoying Me” from Reverend Bizarre/Orodruin 12” split, sold out from Hellride Music Records.
What do you think about trends like Metal Core?
If there was a collective head I could point a pistol to I’d pull the trigger.
How important is it for you to play live on stage?
I enjoy it probably the most in the band. It’s almost as good as making love in a way, especially the feeling after a good gig when you strike the last chords and scream in natural ecstasy and hear others screaming with you.
Are there still some bands that you would die to play with?
Saint Vitus with Reages is the top wish. There are many others and we have had the honour to share the stage with very good bands…
What will happen next in the world of Reverend Bizarre?
Besides the normal shit with interviews and such & being around in our bizarre virtual living room at Hellride (anything you ever wanted to know about masturbation, nazi occultism, and similar relevant issues)… The festival gigs in Holland and Belgium in September.
You once told me that there a plans for a True Metal cover album with Reverend Bizarre. What about that?
We shall see… It’s still in our dreams, but let’s see how our health takes it all.
There was a "In the rectory..." release by Nibelung Records. I think you did not like that very much. Time for a comment?
Buy the definitive Spikefarm Records double CD instead. Nibelung edition was licensed without our knowledge and the shithead running the label also prevented us from releasing our debut as a vinyl. I will not comment further so that there will be no police investigation on me or us as a band. Let’s just say that I am extremely unhappy about the existence of this Nibelung label and thus also its owner. If he happens to read this: fuck off until you give us a break and let us to deal with Metal Supremacy as we wish!
What do you think of Metal web magazins?
They spread the good word if edited well. There is also so much crap in the WWW these days, just tons of badly written nonsense and very low journalistic standards. Keep your goals, quality and spirits high!
As always, we are looking forward seeing you in Germany, How long do we have to wait?
Perhaps a year or so. But do come to Belgium and Holland in September, that should ease the pain. Be there or tie an anvil to your legs and jump from a bridge over troubled waters.
Best whishes to you all. Any last words?
DOOM WHAT THOU WILT!!! Join our doomed communion at

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