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Sathanas "Es Lebe Das Okkulte"
t Ihis interview was made with Paul (lead guitar & vocals) from SATHANAS from Pensilvania. An old scholl Death/Black Metal Band
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SATHANAS - Es Lebe Das Okkulte

Hi Paul tell me something about the band to the people out there that didn´t knew to much about your band.
SATHANAS is a Blackdeath band from Pennsylvania usa. we been around for years. going through many labels that had money problems ect. we are inspired from the oldschool Blackdeath bands such as Venom,Possessed, Sodom,Bathory,Destruction and so on. we still try to hold originality with Brutality.

Why did you choose a band name like SATHANAS?
Our original vocalist Mike Smith came up with the idea using SATHANAS for band title. i think he got it from the movie Evil Speak. they chant SATHANAS in the movie. but it is another name for Satan in greek, hebrew text. just without the H in it. Satanas.

Are you into okkultism or satanism? What do you think about this and other religions?
Yes we are intersted in the occult and always have been. we get our ideas from it and the Dark side of religions and ancient text. but we do not preach it. it is an individual choice. even if we did not play the music we would like it. but it helps the music also!!!

What are the lyrics about?
Do you try to send a message to the masses out there?
Is there a concept behind them?
Lyrics are the same. we get ideas from occult and Blackarts to write our songs. it would nt be Sathanas Without the Blasphemous lyrics! no we are not tying to say things with our lyrics. only that it is Blackdeath metal and what lyrics should go with the material.

What was the reason to make this kind of music?
Are there some influences in your music?
We all grew up listening to Metal then came Blackdeath metal,thrash ect. so we enjoyed it so much we wanted to play it and write music in this style. the band we liked were Celtic Frost, Exodus, old Slayer, Old Metallica, and many like this.

Are there maybe plans to take a second guitar?
We tried another guitarst for the mcd that AGONIA is releasing sometime here soon. but it did'nt work out. so we are back to 3 piece. we like it better that way. yeahi miss the dueling guitar work a little. but things seem to be moving faster as 3 piece

You´ll get a new website designed by Lord Ahriman of Dark Funeral.
How did you came to this guy and why did you choose him?
He was going to design it. and said he still would. but our friend from town said he can get it up quik. and we were waiting a while already. so we told him to do it. he did a good job with it. its just a basic site. but it has all you need. nothing major.. we like it. maybe later i'll ask Lord Ahriman to do a ew version if he is not too busy.

The band excist quit a long time did you play a lot shows?
Yes we played alot of shows. with some great bands such as Immolation,Nile,Deceased,nunslaughter,lethal prayer, anal cunt,macabre,incantation,migauss,leporosy, grave,massace, and more. we plan on more shows since our lineup is the best its been for years.

With which band did you like touring most? Did you ever play gigs with bands you couldn't stand?
When we went to europe in 2001 we went on our own. no tour. we planned shows that were already there. just jumped on them. we plan on actual tours in 2006. and no cant really think of any bands we couldnt stand. there were some with attitudes, you know. ROCK STAR attitudes. not mentionaing any names. but that was mostly it.

What about the live situation? Will we see you guys in germany some time?
Yes we are looking forward to playing germany again. that was great. also we were treated great in germany.. we will be back in 2006!!

Where was the best/worsest show, country?
I can think a a show we did here in Pa. about a 3 hour drive to get there in the snow. the other bands canceled. and the Pa system wasnt there. so we had to play for like 10 people ith a sound system. then drive homw in snow storm. without getting paid. that sucked!!! oh well. you will have that in this business.

Do you´ve a reocord deal?
If yes are you satisfied with the label and why did you choose this label?
We just got deal with Pulverised records. we are glad we got in touch with roy again. he is a great guy and supports Sathanas. we have deal with Agonia rec. also for 2 cd release. we are still waiting on our mcd for 6 months now. not sure whats going on. so we are concetrating on Pulverised records right now..

You´re playing extreme Metal how is the scene in the USA for this kind of music?
It seems very good. we have the Milwaukee metal fest here. that gets thousands of people. we plan on playing it maybe in 2006. but it seems the bigger metal crowd is europe

What bands, music do you prefer is there maybe a top 5?
hmm?? Immolation,suffocation, Hate eternal. i know there are some good Blacketal bands also. we also like Nunslaughter, Acheron..

Could you imagine a life completely without SATHANAS?
No. i would have to do something maybe start label for Blackdeath bands!!!

Can you tell something about this hurricans? Are you involved in this shit?
They seem to be hitting alot. i dont know why. greenhouse effect i presume. when they hit here in Pa. i start getting worried..

Are there some future plans?
Yes, we plan on setting up shows, tours and hitting some fests in usa and europe for 2006. check site for updates

The last words are yours!!
Thanx chris for the cool interview. watch for the new cd Entering the Daibolic trinity. and spread the word of SATHANAS!!!!
geführt am 11.11.2005   von Chrisinfect
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