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For Selena And Sin "The Simple Way!"
For Selena And Sin are an exciting new Metal Band from Finland which impressed me very much with their demo "Draining". Dutch label Mascot Records prooves gusto and signed the band for a forthcoming debut album. Get in touch with guitar player Pasi and Finlands freshest export product!
Weitere Infos zu For Selena And Sin:
For Selena And Sin Draining
For Selena And Sin - The Simple Way!

Hi there. Congratulations to your great first demo. Please describe the reactions to the CD so far.
Hello and greetings from Finland. Reactions have been very good so far, I haven't read negative reviews at all. It is really unexpected, because this is our first demo and I never thought people would like our music so much. I think it is great also another way, because in here in Finland we don't have many bands in this genre.
Do you care for the opinion of the people? Or is it just you and your music?
I want that we make songs in our own way and I don't really care what other people say. I am not a person who wants to attend trend, it would be stupid and I think I would sell myself and also this band if we do that.
Most of our readers may never have heard about you. Please give us a short briefing in the band's biography.
For Selena and Sin was formed in late 2004. The idea was to compose melancholy music and get the female singer. We found Sini(vocals) and other members really soon. We recorded the “Draining” demo in autumn 2005 and after that everything has grown bigger and bigger everyday. We got great reviews from magazines and some radiostations played our songs.
Line-up is:
Sini: vocals
Pasi: guitars
Mika: guitars
Let's talk about your new CD. It is sold out already. How did that happen?
Actually, we pressed only 100 copies of Draining demo. We made a good digipack booklet and send many CDs to record companies and magazines+ other media. The rest of copies we sold and gave away. We decided to put our demo to our website and it seems that this was a good idea. I think nowdays this is the best way to give information from your band to listeners.
I like "Heal" very much, for it reminds me of Anathema which is one of my favourite bands. Please tell us something about this song and its history.
One day I played something shit in my keyboards, Sini (vocals) said "hey, this sounds great" and we started check this song togerther. I think it took only one or two days to write this song, because we had a lot of ideas in our heads. It is very simple song. Accoustic guitars were played by our other guitarist Mika. This was the last song what we wrote for demo.
"Jubileum of sorrow" seems to be inspired by Katatonia. Am I right?
Yeah, one of the biggest inspiration in our music is Katatonia. Some riffs in this song remind without doubt a little bit of Katatonia, but I don’t see this as a bad thing at all, because the song still sounds like For Selena and Sin. This is the fastest song in our demo.
The title track is the most heavy song of "Draining". I love it, but it is quite different from the other two. Why?
This is the first song what I wrote for this band. I guess that is the biggest reason. I think this song is running very well from the beginning to the end. There are almost rock feelings in the end, heh...Anyway, this is my favourite song in this demo.
Which lyrics are special to you?
I dont have a personal favourite lyrics in this demo. Sini and Mika wrote lyrics to Heal, the rest of lyrics is written by Mika. I have always liked the way how Mika writes lyrics. That is an important thing in our music.
Is there a message in "Draining"?
I am not the right person tell anything about this, because I dont write lyrics. But I think everyone who understand english, can find some interesting things there. We will put lyrics to our booklet next time and maybe also to our website.
The sound of your demo is excellent. How did you work it out, and was it difficult to afford it?
We used the same studio (Studio Watercastle) that I have used with my previous bands. I know the owner and he has recorded many good rock and metal albums. So, it was really easy to say him what kind of sound we wanted. We booked 3 days time to record this demo. It was important to get a good sound quality. Nowdays many demo bands record their music in their own so-called homestudios. I think this is not a bad idea at all, but too many bands spoil their great songs only because they have a shit sound quality. We recorded some versions also in our home, but the best choise is put some money for a studio and get a high quality.
You mentioned that you have signed a record deal. Exciting news. Please tell us everything about it.
Yeah, this is great thing! We have sent many demos all around Europe. It took only some weeks and we received e-mail from Holland. We waited a little bit more and we got more e-mails from other record companies who were also interested to make a deal with us. Anyway, the best choise for us was dutch Mascot Records. They have a name in music business and they were ready to give us a possibility to show what we can do. I must say that first I didn't believe that they wanted to offer a deal for us, because they have so different artist from different genres on their label.
Can you tell us something about your first offical label CD already?
We have booked Studio Watercastle for our debut album recordings. We will record drums in April and other instruments and vocal in June. I wrote almost all music in our demo, but this time also other members will write songs. I think we record maybe 10-12 songs. We have talked that we will record a cover song, but I don't want to tell more about this, until everything is 100% sure and we have recorded it.
Where do you get your inspirations from?
Last years have been really hard for some of our members. You don't have to find inspiration for your music far away if you don't feel well, it is one of the biggest inspiration that you can put your bad/shit feelings to music. Sometimes in your life you have to be face to face with annoying and shit things. But don't get me wrong, this is no therapy band for anyone, we just want to play good music in our own way.
Your band name is quite unique. What does it mean to you?
Selene is a goddess of moon, but we changed her name to Selana because it sounds better. I like this name a lot, because it is long and not very typical.
How would you describe your own music?
Melancholic, slow tempo metal with female vocals.
What are your musical influences in your opinion?
Theatre of Tragedy, Tiamat and maybe Tristania are the biggest musical influences for me. But I listen to a lot of black and death metal also, but I guess there are too many steps before you hear influences from Burzum or Morbid Angel in our music...well, who knows? Maybe someday, heh...
Please name some lately released CDs that you like to listen to at home.
Hmm...last night I checked the Rammstein DVD. I have never been a fan of this band, but I liked a lot of their stage feeling in the DVD. I bought also The Gatherings Mandylion, that album is ok.
What makes the difference between For Selena and Sin and other Gothic Metal bands?
I dont see ourself a part of Gothic metal scene. But, maybe that is the genre where For Selena and Sin are easy placed for compartment. Anyway the answer for your queston would be like this. We want to make our songs in very simple way and we trust the feeling what we have in our songs.
How is life in your hometown? Where do you hang out? Are there some yet unknown bands that you like?
I live in a middle of Finland, a place called Jyväskylä. We have one of the biggest metal scenes in Finland. Still I don't really feel that we are a part of my hometown music scene, because our members live all around Finland and I don't check local bands often. When I have a free time, too many times I find myself sitting in a bar. Sometimes I visit a local concert place if there are good bands.
How important is it for you to play live on stage?
We haven't play live yet. I think that we start rehearsals for this after we have recorded our album. It will take some time, because we never rehearsal together, only just before the studio. The reason is that we all live all around Finland.
Are there some bands that you would die to play with?
I don't really know, the only thing I know is that I would like to die if we have to play live with Michael Jackson, Idols stars or some rap artist.
Please tell us something about further live activities.
I hope we can play some gigs late in this years. It is too early to say anything about this, but I believe this will be happen at the latest in early 2007.
We are looking forward seeing you in Germany. Best whishes to you all. Any last words?
Everyone, check For Selena and Sin songs from our website and have a great time in Germany! It would be great to play someday there. Thanks for the interview, I hope we will see us again after our debut album!

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