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Obtest "Tales From The Thousand Hillforts"
Weitere Infos zu Obtest:
Obtest From Generation To Generation
Obtest Gyvybes Medis
Obtest - Tales From The Thousand Hillforts

Who is Obtest?
OBTEST is a pagan metal band from Lithuania, the land of thousand hillforts.

What does Obtest mean and is there a deeper meaning behind the name?
OBTEST means resistance. This is the name which leads us from the beggining, the reason behind the name is to resist yourself and all bullshit around you.

You started as a Death Metal band. What influences made you change the sound to today's "Heathen War Heavy Metal"?
When we started playing, we were young and brutal, it was late 1992. Time after time we just developed in to what we are now, and that's not final, I think our future releases will have mark of our own, but will be different from previous works, I hope so.

So what are the unique trademarks of Obtest so far?
Combination of uncombinemable things and most ideas influenced by non metal matter.

I am brimmed over with enthusiasm for the album. How have been other reactions so far?
We have a lot of reviews for the present day, you can check it down here:
I think it's pretty good, and the conclusion is that most reviews say that Obtest sounds like no other. That's the best appreciation.

Well, I compared you to Korrozia Metalla and theis '88 album Orden Satany. What do you think about this comparison?
Don't know what to say about the comparison you've made, but in young days we listened to Korozija Metala.

How important is it for you to sing in Lithuanian and not English?
We are Lithuanians, we speak our language, we think our language, we write poetry from our hearts, so that's the reason to fit it in to music and be satisfied with the complete result. Our first songs are written and sung in english, and now it seems so weird and exotic.

As most people probably don't understand a word of your lyrics: What is "From Generation To Generation" about?
It is a story about the mind traveling from the past times. Experience between two worlds - the present one and the past one. The heritage of our profathers is brought to these moments and we have an opportunity to read it and try to understand. We can't turn the time back, but we can learn much about the past, and to clear up things: what are we? Looking for ourselves is the path of lifetime, the black path, walking on the edge. World is getting smaller, and the mystery appears to change it's shape. Myth is alive in even modern mind. So, the legend goes on.

Where do you gather the inspirations for your music and lyrics? What are those places? In an other interview you said you'd sound different if you wouldn't come from Lithuania!
Inspirations are like just blinks, it just happens, experience transforms into music and some experiences are music-like. So then you just write it down. Of course if we come from a different land everything would be different then, I just meant that everything matters, more than we could imagine.

How important is Lithuania's cultural heritage for you - as band - as persons?
First of all it is important for me as a person, so it's the source and beggining for everything. The culture, the land you born is always with you, and these connections are hardly broken. You live and gain experience, so you find out what's valuable what's temporary. We are a part of our culture, and we bring a piece of it in us. We are proud of what we are.

Could you give a short outline of Lithuania's history before Christianisation?
Talking about early medieval ages, Lithuania became the only pagan state in Europe in XIII century a.d. It was a hard time for a young state, because of the non stop wars with the rest of christian world, and despite that, people lived here, kept their traditions, and even expanded their lands to the east. It was forbidden to trade metal and weapons with pagan Lithuanians, so it was more or less economical isolation and a cause of cultural disintegration from the Europe. Pagan Lithuania made its best in XIV century, being one of the biggest duchies and still with a free right for confession (pagans, christians, provoslavs).

What means being as Pagan/Heathen for you?
It's just deeper feeling of where you are living in, and some personal worldview, including believes...

I think the Baltic States have a strong company, pretty small Metal scene. Do you agree?
The Baltic States have a small metal scene, and a few bands known worldwide. We have few metal labels (Ledo Takas Records, Nailboard Records), some metal music shops, but we have a silly rock/metal club culture. So there are problems sometimes to hold a good gig.

Most of the Baltic Metal bands tend towards extreme Metal?
There are some bands into pagan metal: SKYFORGER in Latvia, METSATOLL in Estonia, ANDAJA in Lithuania. We have couple of extreme death metal bands around in the region, of which I can mention Lithuanian OSSASTORIUM, BURYING PLACE, GROL de Nocte. I can also mention some good Lithuanian bands, but some of them are spitted up now: ANUBI, MERESSIN, POCCOLUS, DISSIMULATION, SHADOWDANCES, RUINATION, NAHASH.

When will you come back to Germany to play some gigs for us?
The last time we played in Germany, it was two weeks ago in Annaberg and Berlin. I think we make some concerts in the end of April of this year.

Thanks for the answers and please finish the interview with the last words!
Thanx for the interview, and KEEP BURNING!!!

geführt am 14.02.2006   von Nameless
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