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Negative "Nwosr = New Wave Of Suomi Rock"
In the negative tour bus since the HIM, The Rasmus, Negative European Tour in Hannover (see the Livereview online), we met a very sleepy Larry Love who already stood up (it was 4:30 pm). After having some cigarettes (Jone) and a beer (for me) we started with some questions, just read it!
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Negative vom 07.11.2006

Hi, Negative! How are you?
I have to say: fantastic, every show has been really good, the audience was really good - like a positive surprise - a really good feeling.

How is the feeling on this big tour with such a big Rockbands like HIM and The Rasmus. Is it more different like your last headlining Tour in Germany in 2005? And is it enough for you to play only some 30 minutes, after the last big Tour in 2005?
It´s bigger, of course, the audience is bigger, I don´t know it was fun last time also, but I can´t say, it is a big opportunity for us, due to the huge audience. It´s also great. What about the 30 minutes, well, it is enough to play, straight fist in the face of rock´n ´roll songs. It's enough for this tour, mabye next time it will be longer then.

How did it come you created a new Glam Rock-Style and the heavy music like a mix of HIM and maybe like Bon Jovi-Guns´n´Roses-Mötley Crüe or something like that? Does there exist a further connection/meaning and “lifestyle” behind the wear-style on stage with the music you create?
Yeah, many other stuff and all the bands from the late 1970s and 80s have influenced our music in some way just as Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, all bands who have created a part of the Heavy Metal scene. Also Guns ´n´ Roses has been a big influence for all of us. We just play our stuff. Its our part to choose our style, nobody ever from the record company said what we shall play or what we have to wear, we are free concerning all that.

What do you think about Guns´n´roses nowadays and maybe the new band of the old G´n´R Memebrs like Slash?
You mean Axl Rose?! I don't take it too seriously. But, yeah I know Velvet Revolver, it would be great to see live, however, the album is not my favourite.

The new album “Sweet & Deceitful” was recorded in 2003! What did you do during between and since the release in Finland (in your hometown) and the other countries? Did it take such a long time to find a record company?
I don't know. Concerning our first album we did lot of touring in Finland and it took a long time to promote it. Then we went to Japan and it was a lot of work and took long time. After that we thought about the rest of Europe. Finally we had the material for the second album.

Why Japan at first and not the hole Europe?
It was some kind of joke. we decided while the rehearsals: lets go to Japan. Indeed we had a gig in northern Finland and there were some Japanese girls who recorded the gig on video. They sent the tape to a record company in Japan and they contacted us then.

Do you have some new songs now? When can we expect new stuff, could you tell us something about the new songs?
Yeah, the new album is already done, but we still need to do strings and cover artwork as well as necessary photos.
They 're different from the former stuff. they rock a little bit more and are heavier. arrangements are different and we have been experimenting a lot, just trying everything out. its more - progressive - back to the roots - less computers, more playing.

In the last 10 years Finland created more and more great bands! What happened 20 or 30 Years ago in the North? Maybe the schools have only 1. theme on time schedule: MUSIC? Or the parents listen to music, when they created the babys? :-)
I don't know, maybe the music business in Finland hasn't been very professional, people didn't concentrate on bringing bands abroad. In the early days most answers of record companies was: sing it in finnish. however, after HIM and Boomfunk M.Cs and The Rasmus it is changing and people are more open minded. Maybe that is the reason.

Do you remember the MeraLuna festival Gig in the near of Hannover (Hildesheim). How did it come you played suddenly on MeraLuna Festival in Hildesheim? It was a very nice gig (see my pictures and the livereview on the website!!!), however how did you deal with the “shocked” audience on the first songs? After three songs they had lot of fun during but in the first minutes they didn´t really know what it was; which musicstyle, it wasn´t dark enough? It wasn´t typical for the MeraLuna?
I also realized that, but I didn't care, I just thought lets play, so what. after some songs it was ok.

Ok, finally your last records you bought?
The last record I bought was “Track and tell” from Alice Cooper. Also I like to listen the music of the doors, Black Sabbath. That what I listened to it very much during the last time.

Thank you very much for the answers and have a lot of fun on the tour. See you next time.
The bio of the band you could read on the band-website

My big thank goes to Yvonne.
geführt am 08.03.2006   von Arturek
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