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Sabaton "Melodic Power Metal: 04.03.2006 Live In Fulda"
SABATON from sweden, acting as the first support band, did a good job this evening in Wartenberg. With their melodic power metal they received quite positive reactions from the fans. Ten minutes after their show I met bass-player Pär Sundström for some questions...
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You have been on tour with EDGUY and DRAGONFORCE for some weeks. Are you satisfied with the feedback you got from the german fans?

Oh, we are very satisfied with the reactions of the fans in germany, that's for sure. I mean in the other countries the reactions have been good, but germany has been the best. You can also notice that by selling merchandise, because in germany we sold lots of shirts more than in other places. We are a bit more known here than we are for example in spain. In spain we are an unknown band but in germany a couple of people have heard about us before. From the first show in germany there was a small group of fans, but it has grown and a lot of people every night liked the show more and more. So the reactions have been fantastic and we will try to get back here very soon.

What can you tell us about your actual cd "Primo victoria" because I think most of our readers -including myself- haven't listened to the album so far?

Okay, first of all I should tell you that you should go and get it, haha. On the album you can find nine songs about war, different wars in different countries, areas and years, for example world war II, vietnam, iraq and stuff like that. We have been receiving a quite good feedback on what we are doing. The album has been out since march 2005. The sales have been very good, the reviews are fantastic and we are very satisfied.

Please tell us something about the SABATON-history.

Our history started about 6 years ago. It were the same members as they were now, except the keyboard-players, who have been changing all the time. Early when we started we recorded a demo-album called "Fist for fight", financed by ourselves. An italian recordlabel wanted to release it, that was the time when the first big attention in the band showed up. After that they wanted us to record a second album, which we did. It was called "Metalizer" , but unfortunately until today it has never been released due to a lot of strange things I cannot understand. It was recorded in february 2002, so for two, three years we didn't do anything in particular. We did some shows, we sold out all the cd's we have got from the first demo-album. Then we said "Okay, let's forget about the past. Let's leave that business-shit behind, we go in and record a new album". We recorded three songs, sent them out to recordlabels all around the world. We got many replies, but at first we didn't consider anyone of them as good as we wanted it. Once again we paid all the expenses for an album by ourselves and recorded "Primo victoria". And then we returned with the full album to the first interested labels, we finally decided to sign with a swedish label because it would ease up a lot of problems, the language is the same, they are located just near to us. We can go to them, whenever we want. In the end it was a very good decision, they released the album, it has been selling good, we have been receiving great feedback and now we are here in germany on this fantastic tour with EDGUY. Today is the last show with EDGUY but we will do some more shows with DRAGONFORCE the next days. Then we will go back home to sweden. We have also recorded a new album just before we went on this tour, we haven't released it yet, but everything is finished.

Okay, the new album should gonna be my last question, because this evening you played a new song called "Nuclear attack". Are the other new songs gonna be similar to this one?

The new album is basically a follow-up on the "Primo victoria" cd. Some songs were already written before we recorded "Primo victoria" a couple of years ago. So we put them on the next album, because we didn't have the time to record them. Some of them are the same type of songs we did on "Primo victoria". The rest of them are more bigger and greater, more powerful. So, if anyone likes "Primo victoria" he cannot dislike the new album, that's for sure, because both albums are similar to each other.
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