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Amorphis "Grunts Not Allowed"
Das letzte Album der finnischen Amorphis schlug die Brücke zwischen Elegy und Tuonela. In typisch finnischer Manier standen die wiedererstarkten Nordmänner Rede und Antwort
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Amorphis - Grunts Not Allowed

First of all: Congratulations for the great new album….
Niclas: Thank you

After Pasi left the band in 2004, what has happened to find a new vocalist? Did you already have Tomi in mind or did you do something like a “casting”? What were the main factors for choosing Tomi?
We had an audition were we recived over 100 cds, we auditioned a few but didn’t really find what we were looking for. Luckily for us Tomi Koivusaari had a friend who suggested their singer for us. We called him up and after one rehearsal we knew we had found our guy.

I my opinion “Eclipse” is the missing link between Elegy and Tuonela. Would you agree?
I think it’s a link between every album so far and a bit more.

I also wrote in my review Tomi's voice perfectly mixes the styles of his two antecessors…
He has an incredible voice range, he can do all the old stuff superbly and bring some new things to the band too.

How comes the growls finally returned to the Amorphis-sound? Honestly, I did not expect that…
Some of the songs just ended up heavier than on the previous albums and Tomi has such a great voice for growling too so we though we will utilize everything.

Some parts on “Eclipse” strongly remind me of the “Tales”-Album - and not only because of the growls. Are all the songs new ones or did you still have some ideas left from 10 years ago?
Every song is brand new, we started to write new stuff right after Far From The Sun was mixed. For some of them we already did vocals with Pasi but when Tomi joined we wanted him to do his own thing so he wasn’t allowed to hear them.

I think “House Of Sleep” is a good song, but not as an appetizer for the album. Or do you think that track is typical for “Eclipse”?
It’s the single in Finland and the song for the video. It’s not necessarily the most typical Eclipse song but it’s catchy.

So why did you choose this track and not e.g. “Perkele”?
Someone told us that we can’t put out a single with grunts.

In an other interview I read, that you finished 16 songs for the album. 11 of them I know. What is going to happen with the rest? Why did you drop them? I assume there would have been enough space for them on the album ;) ?
We can save them for later. There wasn’t enough time to finish them all properly so we wanted to focus on these.

Talking about the lyrics: Please tell us a bit about the story of Kullervo?
He’s the son of Kalervo. Kalervo and his whole family gets killed by Untamos gang, but he had done his thing with his maid who stays alive and gives birth to Kullervo. Things don’t work out for Kullervo and Untamo so he sells him to Ilmarinen. His bitch wife tries to kill Kullervo, so he gets into black magic and creates quite a mess. Then he escapes and finds a magician woman who tells him that his parents are alive. On his journey he bumps into a girl. After sex they find out that she is his lost sister, so she jumps in the river and she drowns. He is quite a character and a self destructive person, to make a long story short.

Could the story be transferred to modern live?
Sure, it has a lot of elements that can be directly related.

Who wrote the lyrics?
Paavo Haavikko is the father of this version of Kullervos Story. Esa & Tomi Koivusaari also wrote some.

Besides the already said: What are other major differences between “Far From The Sun” and Eclipse”?
I think FFTS has a lot of good things in it but it feels like the end of one era and Eclipse is the beginning of a new one.

”Far From the Sun” was released on Virgin. Why did you drop them after only one album?
It didn’t work as we expected.

Do you think “Dark Metal” is a suitable description for you music?
It could be but it’s not always that dark.

Is Tomi still an active member of SINISTHRA?
Yes, well whenever he has the time to do it anymore.

You've already released two “Best-of”-Albums, but never a live-album. Do you have any plans for a live-DVD?
Yes, we wish to record one on the forthcoming tours.

The final words are for you!
Check out Eclipse and we hope to see you on the Neckbreakers Ball tour.

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