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Fish "Return To Childhood"
26th April 2006. Fish visits Hanover in order to play a gig of his "Return To Childhood" tour. A few hours before the beginning of the show, I met him for a brief interview, in a backstacke room of the Capitol. Obviously Fish wasn't too happy with my questions, but take a look for yourselves.
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Fish - Return To Childhood

Hi Mister Fish, or how else should I call you?

Just Fish.

Not Derek?

No, Derek is reserved for friends and private stuff. Fish is the name that does interviews.

How many gigs did you play on this tour so far?

Iíve got no idea. There where quite a few. The tour has been rolling since last year. And probably middle 2005, where we started it. I think my circumstances almost changed. I'm a single parent. I look after a 15 year old daughter, and I can't go away for long periods of time. So I go away maybe two weeks, and then back for two/three weeks, away for a week, back for two weeks. So that Iím there as a father for my daughter, which is more important than touring. And it is good, because it made the tour interesting, because I look forward to getting away, and I look forward to going back home. Youíre never away for too long, where the gigs become boring, or it starts to get too stressful, or you get cynical about it. And Iíll keep on going for quite a while, I think.

Were the gigs great? What were the reactions of the fans?

The people really reacted to the new "Return To Childhood" CD that we recorded at Tilburg. It's a double-CD that comes out next month. I havenít had any complaints about it so far. People have been very positve.

I read one of your interviews from the Empire Magazine, in 2002. There you said that you would never go on tour with a complete "Misplaced Childhood" show. How come you finally changed your mind?

In 2002 we just done the "Fool's Company" DVD which was for the fanclub. And I really enjoyed playing the "Misplaced Childhood" stuff. But I couldnít really see myself taking it out for a full show. But it got to 2004, we did "Field Of Crows", and we did the tour "Field Of Crows", and it was great. We had a lot of fun. I had to take the decision, in 2005, to start writing a album or do something else. And I wasn't ready to write an album. I didn't feel that I had the desire to put a new album together. Then it was the 20th anniversary of the "Misplaced Childhood" album, so bang, you know, let's do it. And it's been great. And I had a lot of fun singing it.

The new Livealbum "Return To Childhood" is very close to the original recording.

No, it's not.

OK, but nevertheless there are new ideas, new details and new arrangements.

Yeah that is fucking obvious, because it's not the same band, is it? You talk about an album that was recorded 20 years ago. The last time I played it with Marillion was back in 1986. Thatís 20 years ago. It's a complete bunch of different musicians, so there's gonna be little nuances and little things come in. Because, you know, I didn't want one guitar. I wanted two guitars for a kick off. And I didn't want somebody to copy what Steve Rothery did. Mark Kelly was at the show in Southhampton. And he loved it. It was great, but also strange, hearing it from him. Strange to perform it in front of him.

How was the feedback of your other former Marillion band members?

Itís been prety good. Only Mark has seen the show, and he liked it. And the rest of the guys are coming to the English shows. We get on pretty well. I saw them in London, two months ago. We went out to see a show together: "Misplaced Childhood", by Will Smith, an English comedian. It was a comedy thing, based upon the album. So we all went to see it and had a good laugh.

Will there be a Misplaced Childhood Part II anytime?


Definitely no?


I don't know.

How would you do a Misplaced Childhood Part II?

Don't ask me! (Oh oh. Jockel, this was one of your questions. I donít know your intentions.)

Then itís a very silly question. ... I'm not Mike Oldfield.

You have spent many years in the music business. How do you see your future as an musician? Will you go on producing new albums and go touring for the rest of your life?

I don't know.

For the next ten years, five years, any idea?

Yeah, I'll gonna make another album, and probably tour the album. There are a lot of things happening in my life. Doing some acting that comes along. Iíve been writing quite a lot. Some screenplay stuff, a comedy series with Will Smith. Iím developping different ideas. So let us see where they go, where they take us. But that doesnít mean ruling out music.

After the great succes with Marillion you experienced highs and lows in your career, ...


... and it has not always been easy for you to earn money. ...


... Did you have any moments of remorse because of your Marillion split, did you ever regret it?


Did you leave Marillion, because you wanted more freedom as an artist?

There's a lot of reasons. Freedom is one of them. Iíve enjoyed my solo-career. Yes, itís been full of highs and lows, but that's kind of life. If itís all highs, it would be boring. (laughs)

Nowadays the number of bands is countless. Do you listen to music a lot?

Not really, no.

So you have no favorites from today?

Not really, no.

But as a Scotsman you have to be a football fan.


What do you think. Who will win the world championchip?

I've got no idea. Scotland's out, so I couldn't give a shit. I'm just hoping it's not England. (laughs) Iíd like to see some good football played. I donít care who wins.

Thank you for the interview. I am looking forward to enjoying your show.

Thanks. Should be good!



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