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Temple Of Brutality "Metal All The Way"
The debut album "Lethal Agenda" will be released on May, 26th. Yesterday I had the chance to ask guitar player Peter Scheithauer some questions...
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Temple Of Brutality Lethal Agenda
Temple Of Brutality - Metal All The Way

Your new album is gonna be released in 10 days. Did you already get some reactions or feedback from the media or other musicians?

So far the reactions have been pretty good, of course you can't satisfy everybody and you will always have people that don't like it, that's fine that's what makes the world go round, haha. But overall we are very happy. We did also a run with Chimaira and Arch Enemy as well as some shows with Disturbed and it was great, people loved it.

The band was founded by you two years ago, time you spent for searching other musicians and writing songs. Is it right if I say, that you have put lots of energy in the album and therefore your expectations on "Lethal Agenda" are very high?

Well, this line up is only a year old and most of the songs as well. Todd and myself wrote a lot of new songs for the cd and we are already writing new stuff. I wouldn't say our expectations are high. We had a great time making the record and now playing live and we hope people feel that. But like I said before so far so good, haha.

On the new album there are also some hardcore influences to mention. Which guys in your band are the hardcore fans?

That would be Todd and me. We are into the very heavy stuff, but I think also hardcore became a bit more metal. Of course you have the metalcore thing but overall I think the crossover is made anyway.

Which is your favourite song on "Lethal Agenda" and why?

Well it's hard to choose but I think to me "Lethal Agenda" is the song. I love to play it and I love the lyrics, but I have to say it's a tie with "Hate Machine", for mainly the same reason.

Are there any plans for a germany tour?

Yes, I heard that we will be there and tour. I can't wait really, 'cause this band is a live band with lots of fun ,kicking ass and parties.

What's your favourite band to go on tour with?

Well, lots of bands, but Slayer of course. Chimaira and Arch Enemy were great so that's another package. And Machine Head, Children Of Bodom, Soulfly.

My promo cd contains no lyric sheet. Can you please tell us something about your lyrics in general?

Well, the concept behind TOB is more a view of governments, secret societies,media manipulations, etc. We would like people to think about what's really going on. Our leaders are only little puppets from the real power, for example corporations and secret societies. Isn't it funny that you can change president,political party, etc, but nothing really changes. Everything keeps going like nothing happened. Change the package, but the product is the same. So lyrics are talking about that and also the struggles of everyday.

Just only in case you've already made up your mind about this: are the songs for the second album gonna be more like hardcore- or metal-stuff?

Well, I am already writing the new cd ready to send some music to Todd. It's gonna be heavy, a bit crazier. It's metal, man. Maybe the harcore influence will be there, but it's metal, no doubt.

Please name three albums you enjoy listening to in the moment?

Pantera - Far Beyond Driven, Slipknot - Live, Machine Head - Live.

Okay Peter, thanks so far. Any last words?

Thanks for the interview opportunity. We really can't wait for you to see us live and meet us, it's gonna be fun. Also support the metal community. Thanks again for your support, see you soon.

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Ralph Graupner (Indevent Promotion)
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