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Infernal Vengeance "This Is What Amon Amarth Really Wish To Sound Like..."
And so it was done. By the middle of march Trinity Records released to long awaited debut crusher of Infernal Vengeance. An absolute must-have album and a good chance to bother their mastermind Bastard with some questions...
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Infernal Vengeance - This Is What Amon Amarth Really Wish To Sound Like...

Cheers Karl! It has been a pretty long time since we did our last interview. It was shortly after the release of Promo'04. Meanwhile you released a second demo and - congratulation - signed a contract. What else has happened in the last 2 years?
Well, it has been quite a dizzy time for us. We had just recorded our 2:nd demo "Tremendous Malice" when me Lindèn and Danne got the message that our fellow bassplayer Johan "Bullet" Kullander had died. It came as a shock for us. In the fall '05 we did find a successor for Bullet, a guy called Kim "Suwito" Johansson. We have drilled him the best we can, so we can go live onstage a.s.a.p. Then Lindèn became a father and I will go next with my 2:nd one in just two weeks from now, so I think that we'll be ready to enter the stage after the summer.

After your friend Bullet passed away, did you have any doubts to continue with Infernal Vengeance?
No, there was never any doubts about continue to play. But since Bullet was the one I showed all my ideas to, there was and still is a big empty space in the band. The last couple of years he became one of my best friends, and all of you who have lost a friend know what I'm talking about. Our next album will be called "Bullet" and that's our way to salute him.

What kind of feedback did you receive for your three CDs? Any harsh words?
I have only read one review so far that was condescending. Otherwise there have only been great responses. Even the Swedish critics has been generous in their reviews, and that's quite unusual.

By the way: How comes an European band signs a contract with a label from Hong Kong?
I did get a tip from a German writer that there was a small label from Hong Kong that was looking for new metal bands to sign. So I simply sent Mr. Soni at Trinity Records HK our material and he wanted to sign us right away. And that's about what's happened.

So, where can your album be purchased?
You can buy the album directly from us or from Trinity Records. Other distributors that I know are Century Media, TPL Records and Sound Pollution.

Interestingly Amon Amarth also started on an Asian record company. Do you see any other parallels to your Swedish fellows?
Not that much really. One thing is quite funny though. A Swedish reviewer said about our CD that (quote) "This is what Amon Amarth really wish to sound like" (end quote). Another funny thing is that I heard them for the first time about 3 month ago.

Famous Kris Verwimp is responsible for the cover artwork. Did you contact him or was it Soni?
It was Soni who proposed Kris to make the cover. I had some ideas that I did show to him, but it was not quite what he had in mind. And I'm glad about that, because Kris captured the perfect theme for the album. If I remember correctly you once said that you have only to look at the cover and then you know what the record sounds like. So true. I'm very satisfied with
it. Kris told me that he always wanted to make a cover to a Mithotyn album, and now he had the chance to do the next best thing. Kris listened to the songs, read the lyrics and made a few sketches of the cover. He had free hands. I only told him about a few details that I wanted to have on it.

You didn't change the running order of the tracks? Why that?
Simple reason. The two demos have different sounds, so it would sound wired if we started with "Infernal Vengeance" and followed that one up with "Glorious North". There are too much unlikeness in the sound between the two.

Indeed. They sound slightly different with the second a bit more rockier…
Yes, that's true. The first one has more simple songs than "Tremendous". I guess that the "rock" influence comes from my INDUNGEON era. I like the groovy rock style.

I still wonder why you did not records any new songs for "Dual Mayhem"?
Lack of time and money. We recorded the 2:nd demo by ourselves and it was Bullet who handled that whole thing. We talked about record some extra / new songs, but that idea ran out in the sand. We'd save the new songs for our upcoming hellraising album.

So you want to talk about new infernal stuff….
Oh shit!!! A whole bunch of ideas is pounding my poor brain. Right now we have five brand new songs done, and I have material for at least six more. Most of the material are already finished songs, only the lyrics are left to be done. And I can assure you that the next IV album will cruch.

I know you still have a good contact with Stefan Weinerhall. Imagine: There is festival with IV and Falconer. Would there be a slight chance for a Mithotyn-sepcial gig?
I doubt that, but you'll never know.

Hmmmm…. ;)
By the way: Is it annoying for you so many people still talk about Mithotyn?
No it's not. Being a part of MITHOTYN is one of the things that I'm most proud of. I've heard several people say that we inspired them, and what more can I say?! I like the thought of that I have contributed to other bands to make great music.

In Germany there is a real boom for Pagan and Viking Metal. How is it in Sweden? Is this style there as popular as here?
Not quite, no. When we started MITHOTYN, the Swedes more or less laughed at
us. "Playing folklore metal when you can play mangling black metal..." But you know, you can't be a prophet in your home town. But the Viking metal style seems to grow here, but I can't say that it's a Viking boom. One funny review we'd got with IV follows: "They sound good, but than they start to sing about swords, metal and other shit."

Nice quote though…
Karl, thanks again for taking the time for answering the interview. I really hope to see some Infernal Party on German stages! Any last words!
Well, thanx to you Lex, and I really hope to see you and your fellow natives at future IV gigs. CRUCH ON!

geführt am 22.05.2006   von Nameless
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