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Submission "Dänemark Auf Dem Vormarsch"
Zur Zeit können immer mehr und mehr Bands aus Dänemark auf sich aufmerksam machen. So auch geschehn mit Submission von denen man bis eigentlich noch nicht viel gehört hatte. Und warum man solange nichts von ihnen gehört hat trotz einen verdammt hohem Qualitäts-Level, werden wir mit dem führenden Axt-Schwinger Christoffer Petersen nun versuchen auf den Grund zu gehn.
Weitere Infos zu Submission:
Submission Failure To Perfection
Submission - Dänemark Auf Dem Vormarsch

I think that only few bangers out there know who or what SUBMISSION is.
So please give us a small background of all members and the band.

Yes...Submission is fairly a new band, but every member has played in other bands before Submission. Well I started playing guitar when I was about 12, and then joined a band, where we played " Cocaine " ( Eric Clapton ) and smoke on the water, until our fingers bled. Then thrue time I joined a few project bands, where I played Metallica - Dream theater - Invocator - ect. ect.
Then I thought...hey..this sucks..and hooked up with Kasper ( Submission ) and Morten ( Submission ) and we started doing our own shit. Kasper and Morten had played together before in Deliuqicence. So we started writing Submission songs...but needed a frontman.
Steven was sugested by Kasper who knew him from the past, so he joined Submission about 6 months after we where formed. Then later on, we hooked up with Autum Leaves ( RIP ) bassist Boris Tandrup, and we finally got our complete lineup.

And what is the reason of the band’s name?

Hmm...I guess we want people to submit to us and our music, cause this is a whole new ballgame, because of the varios music styles we all come from, and have in the band.

SUBMISSION is the first step in music biz, or you guys had played in other bands bevore?
Maybe any other projects at the moment?

Yes it is...but it`s a tough buisness outthere. Yes Morten and Boris is currently in " The Arcane Order " no one else in the band is playing in other bands.

How do you describe your music for all our readers who still don't know SUBMISSION yet?

It will be a little tough...because we keep expanding our limits in Submission, If I should label " Failure to Perfection " It would be Soilwork - In flames - Arch Enemy and our own styles and tecnichs..
Anyway..something up that road.

What are your influences as a songwriter or rather, which Bands/Sounds are all in the band listen to?

Just to name a few...Soilwork - Darkane - Nevermore - In Flames - Invocator - Ect. ect.

Let us talk a bit about the lyrics. Titels like 'Recycled Mind', 'Hollow Is Transparent' or 'Introspective Thoughts' sounds not like typical DeathMetal-Lyrics.

He I think I will let Steven answer that ( Mail him If you want to know ) Tjek out the Homepage for his mail, I have no comments on that question, because I only write the music.

Will there be a vinyl version or a lim.edit.digipack or something - maybe containing some different bonustracks?

Yes ...When the licence for Japan is done, the album will include a bonustrack.

SUBMISSION have 2 other releases, the selftitled demo and the 'Pain or pleasure' MCD. They are still available? If yes, please tell us where they are to order.

No im sorry they arent avalible ( at this point )...but stay tuned at our homepage, for any news on that.

Any plans for the future? Like tours, new album etc?

Yes We are working on a Europeantour....But its hard, because we dont a real management yet...So to people outthere...feel free to contact us, if you would like to be a part of the Submission family.
At the moment we are writing new shit for the next album.

(Hurry up guys, we want see this fantastic Band on European stages! Check: or

If you have the choise to tour with any bands you want, which bands you would prefer to tour with?

Wow...what a question...I think that will be Soilwork, Nevermore , Strapping Young lad....and Helmut Lotti.

What all member of SUBMISSION do outside the band? Is there time to do a 'normal' day-job?

yes all but Kasper have normal day/nightjobs. For instance Im the head of a department at a car dealer, Steven and Morten work at a factory, and Boris works at a home for handicap people.

SUBMISSION have a good designed Homepage. Internet is a important thing for you or more like a curse ;-)
Yes...we can thank our good friend Nikolaj Borg for that...And very very shortly our brand new homepage will be up and running, with all new shit like pictures, videos and what not...So stay tuned.

Thank you that you spent your time with answering these questions for METALGLORY! The last words are yours, so if there's something really important that i forgot, scream loud!

My last words will be : Tjek out Failure to Perfection, you will NOT be diapointed...And if some of you know a good management, please feel free to contact us at our homepage....STAY METAL ! ! !

Everyone can who can help this guys to become Gigs or can help on any other way, drop a line to:
geführt am 25.06.2006   von Meaningless
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Death Metal (bevorzugt SwedenDeath), Thrash Metal, Stoner Rock, Power Metal, Hardcore, Doom Metal
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