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Saturnus "Saturnus Is Alive! Back In The Family Of Doom Gothic Metal!"
Saturnus one of the best Doom Gothic bands is back. The great album “Veronika decides to die” was realased via Grau Records in May (review) . Here are some statements about the new beginning, the past and the future from Peter Erecius (guit.) and Anders Ro (keys):
Weitere Infos zu SATURNUS:
SATURNUS Veronika Decides To Die
SATURNUS - Saturnus Is Alive! Back In The Family Of Doom Gothic Metal!

Hi there. Great to see you back. How is the feeling, back in the world of METAL!?
Peter: Greetings. Nice to be back again after so many years in the outskirts of metal. It’s very nice to finally be back and release some metal!

Congratulations to your great new album. Please describe the reactions to the CD so far.
Peter: Well thank you very much for your kind words. The reactions on the album have been overwhelmingly good. Of course there have been some bad reviews, but the majority of the reviews have been good… Really good, indeed. It’s nice to hear that people dig our new album as much as they do… It’s our “baby” you know… Hehehe

Do you care for the opinion of your fans, the press and people in general? It’s a long time ago you created a new record?! Is it for the die-hard fans too?
Peter: Of course we care what people think of our music; but when it comes to composing, there’s little they can do. We make the music we like, and go with that. Of course it’s nice to hear that people like the music, and if we only had negative reactions, we would reconsider, if we were doing the right thing… But this far, people like what we’re doing… So we stick to what we like ourselves…

Some of our readers may never have heard about you. Because of your long “time-out”. Please give us a short briefing in the band's biography.
Anders: In 1993, Thomas J, Jesper S, Brian P, Mikkel A and I started Saturnus. We composed some numbers, had some different rhythm guitarists and ended up with Kim L. In 1996 we send outfirst full length CD “Paradise Belongs To You”. Both the press and people listening to Saturnus received the CD very well. In 1997 we played on the Roskilde Festival, played a full day arrangement in a church and some other, in our eyes, big venues. In 1998 we send out our maxi CD, “For The Loveless Lonely Nights”, witch contained some new numbers and some live recordings from the 1997 Roskilde Festival, shortly after Peter E Poulsen joined the band. In 1998 and 1999 we played a lot of jobs in Scandinavian and Switzerland. In 2000 we send out our second full length album, “Martyre”, and shortly after Jesper, Brian and Kim decided to leave Saturnus due to personal reasons. In early 2000 Thomas and I sat down talking about the future of Saturnus and we where both very clear minded that we had to continue Saturnus, so we contacted Peter and began to look for three new members. Tais P was the first to join Saturnus and after 4 different drummers and 2 bassplayers, Nikolaj B and Lennart J joined Saturnus to fulfil the line-up. We spend more than 6 years looking for the right members for Saturnus, making the new CD and playing some livejobs. In may 2006 our third full length CD, “Veronika Decides to Die”, came out. Now is the plan to play some gigs and not spend 6 years making the next one.

What are the differences between "Martyre" and "Veronika…” in your opinion?
Peter: Differences between the two mentioned are pretty much it all. Veronika is more the predecessor to Martyre instead of the other way around… In my opinion, Veronika are more comparable to Paradise, and we feel that it’s a natural progression, although we fall back the music we made 10 years ago. I like the “evolution” in Saturnus as it is right now. Veronika are more gloomy and doomy that Martyre, that was more gothic.

What is the message of "Veronika...”? It looks like a very personal record?
Peter: It’s a personal record for all of us, since we’ve been working on it for some time now. On another level, as the lyric composer of this particular record, it’s personal in that extend that I do not think that suicide is the solution. I’ve been down that road to many times, and the conclusion every time, were that I needed to stay just a bit longer, to see if it would turn out better. The lyrics are much about giving up, about the heartsick feeling you get in your soul when you’re left behind, when you’re on your own in a world you simply can’t fit in to. By using the title of the novel by Paulo Coelho, I hope that some might read the book and reconsider if the choice of committing suicide is the right solution. You might say that Veronika, from the book, have been listening to Saturnus (just a theory), and then commits suicide… But when she wakes up, she’s left with only days to live, and then figures out, that life can hold so many more things…. Good or bad… But you have to stay to experience the whole damned thing a life will bring!

Please explain some of the tracks, in just few words!?
Peter: You want me to explain some tracks… That’s pretty hard for me actually. The songs are much about giving up, or giving in, and that’s what I feel in the music. They tend to be more sad and mysterious the more you listen to them… It’s all about mood when you listen to them. If I’m happy and going to a party, Pretend would be the one (if I would be listening to Saturnus before leaving, which I most likely wouldn’t) to listen to, and in a sad mood Rain wash me would be the choice… My explanation is that if you need to know the answer, I recommend listening to the tracks yourself, and come with your own solution. Your solution is as good as mine.

Which one is YOUR favourite song from the album and why?
Peter: I actually haven’t got any favourites, but Pretend being the newest song in our catalogue (the one we wrote last) I would have to pick that one… My ears aren’t tired of that one yet. It’s as up-tempo as it gets on Veronika, and I love the progression it makes between catchy riffs and storytelling solo and rythmsolo at last…

Are there some lyrics that are special to you? Tell us something about them.
Peter: All the lyrics on the album are special to me. I’ve been writing them in a crappy state of mind, and they made me reflect on what was going on in my life at that moment. They’re all very heartfelt, and the love of life isn’t easy to see, but I like to call them all my hope to be going on and on. All alone would be the one that are most easy to read… No bullshit… I will die all alone… You were brought to this life in the loving hands of your family (not every family are as good as mine), without asking permission, and you’re been giving a whole life to find the truth why you have to die… I got only one and that’s I’m going to die all alone, hand in hand with myself. Does that make any sense to you?

What are your musical influences in your opinion?
Peter: I really haven’t got any… I listen to a lot of crap in the radio. But of course I’m into Anathema and Metallica… James Hetfield taught me how to play rhythm, sitting before the stereo in my teens jamming along with the main man Hetfield… And band… hehe…
Supertramp would be my other choice. My sister gave me my fist LP with them, and I pretty much stayed with that feeling… But going into the writing, I can’t say that we got any for real…

What do you think: How will Saturnus sound like in let's say five years? Is there a master plan? Or do you want to make a long “time-out” again? (Please not!!!)
Peter: There’s not going to be a time-out again. That I can guarantee! We got the complete line-up, and there’s not going to be anyone to stop us now. But I can’t come with a description on how we’re going to sound like in five years… We’ll be doom, for sure; but in which direction I can’t say.

How important is it for you to play live on stage?
Peter: Plying live is the most energetic adrenaline filled moment for a musician. That’s when you’re going to a huge party, and everybody’s with you. Getting back on stage is what I love the most… I might be the most boring person to watch during a live gig, but I enjoy it more than you think… I’m just much focused on projecting the right feeling through the strings, so there’s not much jumping around for me… Would be a bit strange. Don’t you think?

Are there still some bands that you would die to play with?
Peter: There’s a huge amount of bands I would die to support. Most of them are an impossible match, but here goes: Metallica, Life of Agony, Anathema, Draconian, November’s Doom, Keen of the crow, Johnny Cash, Tool… etc. There’s so many I could go on for pages… But let’s just leave it at that, shall we?

Please tell us something about further live activities.
Peter: We got some plans for the fall, winter and spring. The confirmed one is at Dutch Doom Day V in The Netherlands, and we should be able to find a date or two more evolving DDD… We’ve got more plans, but there’s not confirmation in that department right now, so I’ll have to wait babbling about that. But we’ll keep you posted at our website for dates and so forth… But we’ll be making a tour across Europe, and hopefully the States as well!

We are looking forward seeing you in Germany. Best wishes to you all. Any last words?
Peter: Yeah, Thanx for having the interrest in contacting us, and we’re happy if we made any sense to you. Buy our album, buy a beer, and have a blast of a day!

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