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Tystnaden "...silence..."
The more I listen to “Sham of Perfection”, the more I like this remarkable debut with its fine blend of Dark Metal, Gothic and scandinavian Melodeath.Their fantastic frontlady Laura de Luca was ready to answer some questions about Italy’s hottest newcomer 2006...
Weitere Infos zu Tystnaden:
Tystnaden Sham Of Perfection
Tystnaden - ...silence...

Hi Laura. Congratulations for your album. As some of our readers may never have heard about you, please give us a short briefing in the band's biography.
Tystnaden’s project started at the end of 1998 by an idea of Marco Di Castri (bass), Cesare Codispoti (guitar), and Nestor Borgo (first Tystnaden’s drummer, actually our webmaster). The wish of new sounds pooled them: they were influenced by Swedish Death Metal and by bands like Dark Tranquillity, In Flames, Sentenced, Children Of Bodom. The first who joined them was Federico Grassi (guitar), and the fifth member of the band was a male singer (growler and screamer…as black metal style!). The initial project was evolving until the common decision of introducing a female voice into the five pieces band: the idea was to contrast the aggressive growls and screamings… So, in April 1999, the band was finally completed when I came into the band (well…in the beginning I was only a choir singer!). Then we chose the name of the band: Tystnaden. We recorded a two track mini cd in 2000 which amazed the band because of its success got among reviews and people but then the old drummer and the male singer left the band for personal reasons. We found in the great replacements Alberto Iezzi (drum) and Lorenzo Frascaroli (Keyboards and growls) the courage and the wish to continue at the best. We recorded in Rome in 2003 with this up to date line up our second mini cd self produced “Fragments”, and we considered it as a turning point and a maturation of our musical ideas and skills. Fragments drew the attention of LMP…and the history continues with Sham of Perfection out in stores!

Did the music change from your very beginnings to now?
Yes it changes a lot. In the beginnings we have no keyboards (excepting for some gothic keyboards’ lines) and our music was a mix of influences between the Swedish melodic death metal, black metal (cause our old male singer was a fan of extreme growls and screamings) and gothic atmospheres. And then there was me as a choir-singer, and I had a different voice and style of singing. Then the development and the maturation towards a very personal style slowly happened.

Please describe your music with three words!
Powerful, joyful and emotional

Are you satisfied with the reviews to "Sham of perfection" so far?
Well…I am very satisfied with the reviews. There are very good ones. But also a bad Italian review (a guy that hates our kind of music and cannot make an objective review, using acid words for us…), and some new fans wrote to us that they love our album.

Why did you choose a Swedish word (“Silence”) as moniker? Isn't the meaning of the word a huge contrast to your music?
We were purposely searching for a particular moniker for our band, a meaningful and significant name…we preferred to sacrifice the pronunciation of a more simple band name. For us, the words Tystnaden, which, as you said, means silence in Swedish, perfectly represents what we wanted to tell with our music and the contrast between melody and aggressively in our songs .That contrast represented us since the beginning.

Any deeper or personal meaning behind the name?
Well we think that if the silence did not exist the music would be non sense. The silence is the absence that give birth to the music. It could not exist silence without music and music without silence. “Though the wave of words is forever upon us, yet our depth is forever
silent.” (K. Gibran, Sand & Foam)

Do you know Ingmar Bergmann's movie called "Tystnaden"?
Yes, of course: Tystnaden is a Swedish movie by Ingmar Bergman made in 1963. With this moniker we also wanted to make a tribute to the nation that gave birth to the music which inspired our musical project in 1998.

Did any other bands besides the Scandinavian Melodeath-Acts have a huge impact on your music?
Well, yes…and not only in the past. Our influences were different, we are six musicians each with his own personality and we all loved different kind of music. To make this thing more clear I can tell you some of our musical likings:
Alberto, for example, he likes pop music at the same way of Dream Theater,
Cesare loves Nevermore and at the same time he likes The Beatles,
Lorenzo likes the hip-hop of Fort Minor, but at the same time he’s a fan of Dream Theater and he likes the brutality of the Slipknot, but also some kind of music really different, like jazz and trance.
Federico is the black metal guy, but he also likes al lot of guitar heroes,
and I love bands like Slipknot, System Of a Down and Ill Nino, and I am also a fan of Amorphis, In Flames and Dark Tranquillity…
As you can see our influences are truly different, and I think that you can probably find some of the music that has inspired us to become musicians in every Tystnaden song… We think that maybe our compositions could sounds original because of all of these different influences…

What are your lyrics about?
I wrote all the lyrics of the album, with the useful helping hand of Lorenzo, sometimes. It is a real difficult part of composing songs, I think. Because you have to open your heart to your sensations (good or bad), you have to find out the right words that describe a sort of painting that you are seeing in your mind, you have to face a song that do not ever remind you good moods, and you are alone with your pencil and your ghosts. Even if I don’t speak about direct personal experiences (but this happens rarely), my personal experience makes a sort of filter with all the lyrics and with all
the subjects.

Which song on the album is most typical for you and why?
I think that the most typical song could be “First Embrace”. This is the first song we’ve written after the turning point of fragments (our second mini cd!) and it was born in a such natural and genuine way. The first song with a refrain that bears in mind, with aggressive and simple guitars that have at the same time a strong and direct impact. I mean this is the first well organized song we have written.

Which song is your favorite on the album and why?
My favourite song is “Pride Vs Intellect”, because of its music and his lyrics. It speaks about me. This song is me during a difficult period of my life. When we were composing this song, everything reminded me those feelings I‘ve already felt , and I said something like: “now I have to take
this pen and I have to write what I felt, I have to look at me with the mind’s and the heart’s eye”…and the result is Pride Vs Intellect. There’s a sort of magic between me and this song.

How many concerts did you play so far? Any of them outside of Italy?
I don’t know how many concerts we have played since the beginnings, really, not too much but not a few, too… but no one outside Italy, unfortunately. Here in Italy it’s difficult to be an Italian metal band. In the north east of Italy, public places like pubs, disco, bars and so on, prefer to let cover pop rock, and also ska, bands play…and I can imagine that people of north east of Italy prefer to listen to these cover bands, instead of listening to bands that play own music.
Well, other bands, with less problems and more bravery (and also more money, sad but true!!), tried to go outside of Italy or far from the north east of our country…but we preferred to put all our energies, in the last two years, on the realization of a full-length album, improving our skills also for
future live shows. Now we are waiting for an opportunity that will benefit the band, our fans and people who will hear us for the first time. It could be with a bigger known band or a very good unknown band. It's all a matter of timing with a good feeling.

Which band you would like to support on tour?
How can I answer this question? With a dream or something that could be realizable?...well, I’m going to answer with a dream, maybe if I tell you this dream come true! I would like to support System of a Down on tour…or Slipknot…or my first love: Dark Tranquillity…

Is there something that you have never been asked but always have been eager to say?
Yes… a short question that seems to be a stupid one, with a shorter answer:
“With your first full-length album out in the worldwide stores, do you feel like a dream come true?” and my answer is: “YES!”

We are looking forward seeing you in Germany. Best wishes to you all. Any last words?
Thank you very much! We are very proud of this your interview because it’s our opportunity to make us known. We hope that “Sham of Perfection” will be appreciated and that people will support our band Tystnaden, bringing up this underrated kind of music more and more.

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