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Adramelch "Magic Metal"
So here it is: The long awaited interview with Vittorio Ballerio of Italy’s mighty Epic-band ADRAMELCH, who released a real musical diamond in last year’s November.
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Maybe we start with in the past with the history of ADRAMELCH. How did it all start?
Initially it was a cover band playing Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath and Queensryche tunes and it was composed by Gianluca on drums, Lorenzo on guitar, Sandro on lead guitar and Franco on bass. Gianluca and me were in the same school and at that time I was singing with a Hard Rock band called Phoenix playing its own stuff and a few covers. So I started singing with them also and we also performed a few gigs. The fact is that I have never been really interested into playing other band's music. I think that each band should try to give its own contribute! Although there are songs that sometimes I'd like to sing in these days I'm thinking bout Frame by Frame. So I asked them if they were going to try to develop a personal project and Gianluca composed "Adramelch": the story had begun.

When you started playing hard music, which bands did you cover?
In addiction to the above ones I'd add LedZep, Deep Purple, AC/DC, Saxon, Judas, Scorpions and Manowar

Which bands did influence Adramelch? Maybe Warlord, Fates Warning and on the other hand tons of Baroque and Classical music from Vivaldi to Wagner?
Yes, sure the bands mentioned for sure and of course many others but I have to quote at least: also Black Sabbath, Merciful Fate and definitively the Baroque music: Gianluca was a captive fan!

Is Irae Melanox still available on CD? Will it be re-released?
Unfortunately no longer and not yet! The Warlord Rec. reissue (that indeed was not the best production possible) is over and the next Underground Symphony's is not out yet It should come by the next few months in a deluxe edition stay tuned cos I have been told that Maurizio (Underground Symphony) is preparing a true jewel.

The album is regarded as a real classic. Were you aware of that by the time you recorded it?
No, not at all! Although we were proudly convinced of the value of what we were realizing but indeed we couldn't guess a so long queue. And today, looking at that album after such a long time, it seems that the strangest connotation of its story is how, during the long years of silence from our part, it rode alone across Europe. We got completely astonished when knew (it was maybe round '996) that our name was a cult in Europe and especially in Germany!

Maybe you still have it in mind. What did you think about Irae then and now?
In those far- times I was really happy with that but for sure I had not the “overlook”. I mean: today I can really say that IM contains good music, good vibrations. It is composed by some good tracks, some weak tracks and some very good tracks but there's much more. Although I know that it may sound awful, if I have to be completely honest, I have to admit that today I'm convinced that IM contains some kind of miles stones not withstanding the large quantities of music I drank during this so long time (from jazz to baroque, from prog to ethnic). I am convinced that songs like Zephirus are
definitively GREAT, and that Gianluca wrote songs that should deserve indeed not just a “cult followers”.

You split up shortly after Irae? Why?
Many different factors; surely the first one were the “so common” different viewpoints among the band members and then also the leaving of Franco and Luca (gone to serve the country for military service) and last but not least the so poor answer to our album! Probably we were too optimistic but we were waiting for an answer that didn't come! Although this is not completely true international reviews were cool indeed and we thought that thanks to that we had to easily find a path to grow, to play live, to and this didn't come at all!

Then there was a long silence? What did you all do during this time?
I don't know much about the other members. I know that Gianluca kept on playing guitar and writing music. I know that Franco, just like me, participated very many different projects. Franco from the rave to the thrash passing thru the Jazz Me from prog to metal through jazz and I met him in two of the most important projects I've lived: Columbus' Egg (a jazz/prog septet with which we recorded an LP) and Enter (a prog guitar-less project that produced a very interesting 6-tracks demo). Gianluca, Franco and me also tried during these years to rebuild the band but, evidently, the right time yet had to come!

When did you decide to revive Adramelch? What was the reason for it? How did it feel after so many years? Are the Adramelch of then and now comparable?
It was during the spring 2003. Gianluca called me and told me that the songs were ready and the second album could be issued, but the lyrics had to be written and he was not in the mood to do it so it was in my hands! Between spring and summer 2003 the concept-project was done and the first lyrics also. This was the beginning!

How did you get the deal for “Broken History?” Was the band name enough for your label Underground Symphony or did you record a demo?
Both of them. Yes, our name was enough to get the deal with the label and yes, we recorded an -almost live- 2 songs demo (including the first 2 songs: “I'll save the world” and “Cluny Calls”).
With Maurizio we had some kind of unsigned pre-agreement and we choose to trust the man who always trusted in us!

As far as I know some of the songs are very old, some are new. How did you manage to compose new songs with the same atmosphere? Was it more an obstacle or a motivation to have a legend like “Irae Melanox”?
It was a motivation indeed moreover probably without I.M. it was not going to be so easy to get a contract, interest from the specialized press but indeed again- we did not planned anything at all. What you find on our CD is what came out spontaneously notwithstanding so different ages (from
the eighties to today), the time passed on our shoulders, through our ears and brains, the different band line-up And I'd say that it's because of Gianluca's handwriting. It's because of his so personal style (you may hate or love him but you will easily recognize him!), unusual chords progressions, strange and catchy melodies

By the time you recorded it: Did you have any idea that the reactions to Broken History would be that great?
Frankly speaking we were ready to face hordes of fans complaining because ”it is not like IM, You have changed” and all that kind of lamentations. But it did not happen! Sure, a few of the old fans came complaining but it was such a small minority. Rather we received devoted compliments from the old fans and great appreciation from the new ones! The real flaw now is: how should we get promoted the CD and the band of course, without an agency, without money, without time?

It is a concept album. Maybe tell us a little bit about the lyrics? Is there a connection to the meaning of the name ADRAMELCH?
Well, I'm the author of the lyrics an I'll tell u that... It was a hard work indeed but I am really satisfied with the upshot...
Time of Crusades was the time when the faith was definitively changed into a power instrument to lead the people... It had lost its transcendence to become terrifying material and political! Its history is always told in a very particular way... the glass used to tell it is often deformed! The truth is far from what we are used to listen or to read on our books... And last but not least the Holy and pure knight is such a cliché in Metal...that I couldn't resist to tell about him... upset!

Connection with our name? Well, somehow it is, because AdramelcH has it's original root in the ancient Hebraic and it means Ad (Adonai: lord, master), Ra (evil, cruel) and Melch (King). A first translation could be "The king is a cruel master". But there's also an interesting variation, "God is a cruel king" and then Adramelch was an ancient Phoenician divinity. In the middle-age demonology, he became one of the dignitaries to the court of Satan quoted by the heretics during the holy inquisition.

Why do you think all those fantasy or history motives perfectly fit for Heavy Metal?
I think it's tied to the strong LIRISMO that often permeates Metal and that calls, invites, suggests certain themes

How did it feel to be back on stage at the HOA and KIT?
Just one word: MAGIC.
I remember the first time on a German stage @ the HOA, pumped up by the crowd in front of me singing and banging and jumping during our show it was magic, indeed! We couldn't believe that so many people were there for us singing our songs and later on, after the show talking with guys I remember a girl came until there from so far Munich I think. And then the other shows @ KIT, in Wurzburg, in Aschaffenburg puah! Terrific, indeed terrific! During the latest shows people were singing also our new songs (from BH)
Just one word: MAGIC!

What do you do besides music?
If u mean what gives us food well: the only one of the band that lives with Art is Gianluca who is a famous painter. The other ones live with some kind of more or less normal job!

What do you think about your local scene? It is more than Rhapsody, isn't it? Do you have contact to other bands from Milan?
Indeed Italy offers much more than Rhapsody, but don't misunderstand me: I mean that I know many very good bands playign genres music really far from the “Hollywood metal” but be cautious, in their genre Rhapsody are probably the best act. In Milano area we know good bands like Pandaemonium and Mesmerize.
And then about the Italian scene, the names I'd tell you about, belonging to quite different music areas are surely: Dynamic Light, Ephel Duath, Soul Takers, Doomsword, Battleram and last but not least Heart of Sun -a project that involves also Sig, our drummer- leaded by an incredible guitarist:
Gianluca Ferro and composed by other great musicians producing a very good Prog metal.

Which questions have you never been asked?
The concerts u missed for which, sometimes, u still cry:
And this the answer:
- Last Frank Zappa Concert in Italy, some 20 yrs ago
- Last Police Concert in Italy, some 20 yrs ago
- Last Rush Concert in Italy, ' yr ago
- Last Judas Priest Concert in Italy, 2 yrs ago

Your last words?
THANKS! Hope to meet u soon, hope to meet all the German fans very soon! Stay heavy guys.

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