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Kivimetsän Druidi "Northern Might"
Hailing from the Land Of The Thousands Lakes, the septet with the strange sounding moniker Kivimetsän Druidi offers high-class Metal with a fine blend of fantasy motives, epic moments and folkloristic elements. With the help of the two main songsmiths, Joni and Antti Koskinen, I tried to find out more about this promising newcomer…
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Kivimetsän Druidi - Northern Might

Please, introduce the band!
We are Kivimetsän Druidi from Kouvola, Finland. We play symphonic metal, which dwells from folk, celtic and medieval music, but there’s also influences from dark metal and humppa. Our band was founded in the spring of 2003 and we played for two and a half years with that line-up, but recently we’ve been through some changes in our line-up. There are seven musicians in our band and the recent line-up is the following: Jenni Onishko, vocals; Joni Koskinen, guitar and growling vocals; Antti Rinkinen, lead guitar; Antti Koskinen, keyboard; Lukas Pearsall, keyboard; Simo Lehtonen, bass and Ville Ryöti, drums.

Why is it important for you to have two keyboardists in the line-up?
Well our music is very strongly based on mighty and catchy keyboard melodies. The live situation demands that we’ve two keyboardists, because otherwise the music won’t sound like Kivimetsän Druidi at all and we want to play everything live. Two keyboardists give us the possibility to create more complicated things with keyboards.

Which three words would you use to describe your music?
Melodic, catchy and ass kicking! Haha!

Would you agree that Battlelore and Ensiferum had a huge impact on your sound?
Well yes. Bands like Battlelore, Ensiferum and for example Turisas have really influenced greatly to our music, but these Finnish warriors Moonsorrow still have the strongest impact on us, as we ended up making music like this after we had listened Moonsorrow’s CD ‘Voimasta ja Kunniasta’ (Of Strength and Honor).

And so you decided to sing in Finnish?
When we composed our first few songs they just felt like they should be sang in Finnish. After that we didn’t want to change our singing language and it became something like a trademark to us. But now under these new circumstances we’ve decided to sing also in English. Actually we have now two new songs with English lyrics. I think our new promo CD will be nearly totally sang in English.

Which song is your favorite on the album and why?
At first my favorite was “Mustan Valtikan Aika”, but after listening those four songs a while I began to like “Pedon Loitsu” the most. It’s somehow catchy and it’s also nice to play live.

For all the non-finnish-speakers: What are your lyrics about? Would you please give few words for every song?

Our lyrics are based on fantasy stories and tales. At first all our lyrics were related to my (Joni) own fantasy world called The Land of The Crystal Mountain, but we’ve widen our lyrical themes a bit recently. Then few words for every song:
Pohjoinen Mahti (Northern Might) tells a short story about the people of the land and how they finally end up into a battle against the other race over their lands. This battle between the people of the land and gnolls is then settled by elves.
Koston Miekka (The Sword of Revenge) continues where the second song from our first demo ended. It tells a story about betrayed brother, how he gets to know about his past, how he takes his revenge by killing his brother and thus making himself to be a new king.
Pedon Loitsu (The Spell of the Beast) is a tale about great evil being who’s able to get control of people’s mind. Then it basically tells about this miserable feeling one feels and then how the people finally get free from this prison of mind.
Mustan Valtikan Aika (The Era of the Black Scepter) tells about the black scepter. Haha! It’s forged by the dwarven smith who’s imprisoned by trolls. His anger combined with his forging skills create something more than just a normal iron scepter. The great evil emerges and finally nearly every race is under the rule, slaves for this evil. The final part of the song then tells about the forging of golden scepter and how it overcomes the evil forces. I think that’s it and only with a few words. Haha!

Why do you think that all those fantasy and history motives perfectly fit for Heavy Metal?
I believe that music is one way of telling stories and tales from the fantasy world. And when it’s heavy metal, it’s even better. In my opinion in metal music you’ve great possibilities to describe your story, not just with words, but with music itself. You can describe battle, sorrow, joy, evilness and nearly everything you want with music. Then you just write lyrics to back up that music you’ve created.

How many concerts you’ve performed so far?
We’ve played something like 15 concerts and we’re going to play at least five or six more during this autumn. We’ll have a mini tour (three gigs) with Korpiklaani on November.

Which question you would like to be asked?
Hmm… Maybe that would be: “Would you like to come and play concerts in Germany?” And then the answer would be: “Hell yeah!” Haha! Actually what I’ve heard I would think that playing gigs there would be damn cool thing.

Thanks for your time and answers. The last words are for you.
Well. Thank you for this interview and then it’s time for advertising. If you’re interested, please visit our homesite www.kivimetsandruidi.comThere you can ask for our newest cd-ep and t-shirts. Our music can also be heard at

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