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Rose Tattoo "Blood Brothers"
Energiebündel und Frontman Angry Anderson von Rose Tattoo tourt für 10 Tage durch Europa, um das neue Album „Blood Brothers“ zu promoten. Am Dienstag, den 21.11.2006, hatten Privateer und Hellsau vom befreundeten Magazin die Gelegenheit, für eine gute dreiviertel Stunde mit ihm in den Büros von cmm W.Rott in Hannover zu reden. Angry selbst brach das Eis, indem er sie in eine technische Diskussion über MP3 verwickelte, da sie mit Diktiergerät, Handy und MP3-Rekorder doch eine Menge Hardware mitbrachten. Aber sie sprachen auch über wichtige Themen, wie Angry's Kindheit und seinem sozialen Engagement und Glauben und die Freundschaft zu Pete Wells. Aber auch über das neue Album und den Sound vom Rose Tattoo oder Kinofilmen und Angry's schauspielerischen Aktivitäten.
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Rose Tattoo - Blood Brothers
Rose Tattoo vom 16.03.2007

Hello, Mr. Anderson. It's a great pleasure for us to meet you! Do you enjoy this promotion tour or do you think: "After the flight..."

Like everything in life there is the two things: There is the uplevel and then there is the downlevel. But the flight was fucked. As you get older things change. Okay? Your perception of women changes, your perception of your own children, your perception of your own life and then certainly... Years ago I used to be out on travel better and I've figured out why it is. When I was younger I travelled better. Two reasons: I'm not sure it had to do with drinking or whatever, but I was more tolerant. As I get older I'm more tolerant with my kids. I'm more tolerant with women. I don't understand them any better, I just put up with there shit more, you know? Easier. But the one thing I'm less tolerant about now is being on planes. Even six years ago that was just sort of like just a border for me, you know? May be ten years ago was fine. Five or six years ago I was thinking: "Oh yeah, this is fuck...". You know in some years we come here twice. But this time, the last couple of times I thought... fucking last one.. you know? And not even the movies now make a difference. The big thing is, when I was younger, I slepped better on a plane. You know, sleeping on a plane is so uncomfortable.

You slept better because of the drinks?

Well, because maybe on journey I drank more... I don't know.

Which Airline did you book?

This one? AAAAA.

I took BBBBB to Syndey and it was great!

AAAAA is okay. BBBBB is okay. And you know something what I've noticed? May be I just complain more about things, you know? The movies aren't that good. Some movies are straight movies and than the other movies are shit movies. There was seven movie channels comming over and at least three... you look at the movie, you read it and think:"That shit... I don't wanna spend." But at least three of those movies are shit movies and wouldn't watch them.

I watched "Finding Nemo" three times on the flight to Sydney. But it is a good film!

Exactly! This time over I watched - have you seen "Layer Cake"? It's an english gangster. You know the guy who is the new James Bond? He is in it. It's a good movie. A cool movie. Did you watched "Snatch"? "Too Smoking Barrels"? Same sort of thing.
What about "Ghost Rider"?

No! Never happened! N-O N-E-V-E-R happened!

Won't happen or...?

No. Didn't! They finished it. In the beginning they wanted well known or, you know, powerfull people. So a casting agent said, that in the newspaper is written who's gonna be in the movie and they listen to a list of people that we had suggested and I was on the list. But when they came I don't know what happend. Nothing.

When we are talking about movies, perhaps there is a Mad Max 4 Movie?


But I heard that...

Ah? Did you?

Yes, there will be a fourth part.

Yes, yes! Uhhh! Where did you hear this?

I read it on the Internet.

Really? HAHAHA! Must be true then!

No, but I read that George Miller lost all his film locations in the Middle East because of the war and so the film was canceled.

Yeah, I cannot know it for two reasons. The place we're gonna go is "Sardinia". (***Did he mean Namibia?***)

Sardinia? The Island in the Mediterranean?

No, it's not that place. There is place - I thought is was in Africa - where he wanted to make this film. It's like just flat, white desert. That's were he wanted to do a lot of it.

And in the Middle East or in that area?

Well I think some in the Middle East, but it wasn't just because of the war. There is a place in Africa I'm gonna go. But the other thing was too that Mel said he would never do another one. And then he said he want to do it. And then George said: "Okay, let's do it". And then his management said: "We wanna take over." And George said: "Get fucked! We can do without you."

So that about the rumours...

There is a part in the movie and I look just like the drawing of this person. But that doesn't mean I will do it.

Okay, enough about movies. We listened to the new album just a few minutes ago. The complete Album I think. It was a pre-mix or something like this, but I though it was better than the mix of the last album.

But not all the tracks have lyrics on this one you heard.

All have lyrics.

All have lyrics? How many tracks?

They arrived this morning. Don't know, ten or eleven tracks? They just finished it this morning or yesterday or something like this.

I didn't know this?! HAHAHA!

But you heard it? You wrote the songs? Hehe.

I know now! It' s a great shirt! Where did you get this shirt?

I don't know...

Must know!

From the Internet.

Already your whole live is on the Internet?

I wanted one from St.Pauli from Hamburg, but just found this one. The football team from Hamburg.

Yeah, yeah, yeay.I have the shirts. Where did you get this shirt???

I dont know! But I had never seen it again! Hehe.

I must have this shirt. You can't leave this room without telling me! I Must have this shirt.

Really! Because...

But I won't take it off! the early days with the Tatts we're gonna use the pirate flag with the swords. But because of the snakes and the roses became so popular so quick, that's our logo, we have the tattoos, so they got lost. And then years later, Mick, who is now back in the band, he had the last couple of years his other band "Doomfoxx". They use this.

What I thought when I heard songs was - I love the production, although it's not the final - there were many different songs, many different types of songs. Some slower ones, some groovier ones, faster ones... I was a little bit surprised.

Oh yeah, yeah, yeah! When Mick and I were talking about, even when Pete was still alive, we were talking about the next album. I wanted Mick to come back to play with Pete, because we thought, even if he lives to do this album, this will probably be his last, because we knew probably chances of surviving weren't good. This year Mick came over, but we were talking to him last year about coming back into the band. And if Peter had lived, we would have - may be - used three guitars. But we weren't sure about what Robin would do with Mick coming back in the band. And I wanted to go back and write with Mick, because Mick and I wrote all the early songs and Mick is the perfect rhythm guitar for Peter. So we wanted to recreate that original chemistry, but we wanted to take it to the level were we are now, because Mick is good with riffs and so was Peter. And both of them have the great right hand, you know? The same Rock'n'Roll rhythm. So perfect together in combination. And we wanted to get back really to the roots. You know "Rose Tattoo" is just a blues band, the basis of it. So we wanted to get back to that traditional shuffle, swing, and write riffs that were really just blues riffs, but handle the songs and there are playing modern. But use the blues approach - like "Outlaw". There is two or three riffs on this Album that are like "Outlaw."

Yes, some songs I could imagine on the older albums.

Yes, but the production is different. We wanted to go back and rediscover, if you like, or reestablish the bands best playing grooves. Just really... bam, bam, bam, bam!

But I think the guitar sounds perhaps harder than before?

I think that is the technique. When you listen to "Scarred for life", Robin was a much heavier player than he is now. He was more aggressive with what he wrote. Had more of a... more of a tough stand. Now he plays - when he is not playing with the band - a lot of country music, yeah, he changed direction, too. So when it come to Robin and Mick working together it just didn't work. It was okay, but it just didn't jell. When we realized that there wasn't another work with Robin, I said: "Rob, we wanna go back". Robin is not a blues player.

And what about Dai Pritchard?

We've all known Dai for ten years, fifteen years. Because he's always been around. And he is sort of... like... when other really good players want to get a really good guitar player...

He don't copy Pete Wells but still there are slide guitar parts, but I think the guitar sound a little bit harder perhaps, or perhaps I'm totally wrong?

He is more of a guitar player guitar player. And we wanted sort of knocking around a bit, you know, make him play more simple. He is a very good player.

It's Rock'n'Roll but the guitars sometime sounds a little bit harder like Metal. I like that.

Yeah, me too. In some parts we... it's not forced... we didn't forced him to do, but we have to say to him "Just relax, Dai. Stop thinking about playing perfect. Just attack it." But he and Mick are getting along very well. They play very well together.

In the first four songs I've heard, I missed the slide guitar, but now on the album there a lot of cool parts.

Pete picked Dai. There was about four guitar players that we were thinking about. And I said to Peter... this is like three years ago when the first time Dai came and Tour with us just to fill in the first year that Pete got sick and he couldn't come. And I said: "Oh, we got this person, this one, this and this..." and he wanted to take Dai. And I said: "Why?". He said: "Because he is nothing like these other two guys. They try to copy me." He said: "Dai is a good enough player. He will play my stuff but he will be Dai". He won't go on and try to be Peter.

When did you develop the songs? From which period are the songs on the album?

Some of the ideas of the songs go back years and years. They were just ideas but they never got recorded. But we still love the idea like "Creeper". Mick and I first wrote that many years ago. But a different song. The idea of the song. Because "Creeper" it's about serial killers and it's about a kind of, you know, that sort of desperate life. Because serial killers usually, ninety nine percent, are people... you know the hell with "Hannibal Lecter"? They always wanted to get caught. So they try to set trails, you know what I mean?

The want to be caught.

Yeah. And until they get caught they wanna be on display. They want people to know how clever there are, etc. It's a sad and desperate life. So "Creeper" is about that. We wrote that song long time ago.

Was there a concept for the album?

Actually there is no concept. The concept is to make ten successful tracks and hopefully sell some albums. The one track, which is "Once in a lifetime", that's the one which sounds a bit like "Outlaw". That's written as a farewell for Pete.

Yeah, I just wanted to ask if there are some songs written under the influence of death.

Just the one. Because it is a new beginning for us. We can't make it all about what was or about, you know, Pete. Because Pete wouldn't want it that way. This is why I said to him about a year and a half ago: "I wanna bring Mick back in for the songwriting". Peter and I started talking about - last time we were here - songs for another album. After "Pain" we thought... we sort of like half of it. I mean, there are really good songs on it, but there is too many different ideas. The good thing about it was a couple of songs on it like...uhm.. what's that magic thing... time to learn the tracks now...

From Album "Pain"?

Yeah. It is like four songs from Peter on that and I was glad that we do his songs...

"Kisses and hugs" I like.

I can't remember...

"Union Man" maybe?

Oh no, that was one of mine. There is a couple of good songs. "House of pain" is a good song. Anyway when we did that album we thought about "okay, what do we like, where do we wanna go on the next album". And we were talking about how we changed this people. And how we related to life differently, how we related to one another differently, how we related to music, you know? Different like ten years ago. Because when you get to a certain age, it's like midlife crisis, a man does reflect on his life. He does look at himself and says: "Well, do I like what I am now? Have I got, where I wanna be? Or where I wanted to be ten years ago or twenty year ago? Have I achieved things or I do still have to achieve? All this kind of things go through your mind. And one of the things we were talking about was how a lot of men become aware that it's not all about material possession of material wealth. I then start to reflect on the inner self. You get very philosophic. Because you learn more. I mean the one that learns the certain things - like about women, about your children, about the world, music, your friends. The things they do to you, things that are the most important to you. So instead of being bored we both discussed that it had become just a few things that really matter. Peter was never very religious. But even before he got cancer he always used to say to me "How did you get into your spiritual awareness?". You just need these things. These things come into your life, when it's time. When it's ready. This is a couple of years before he actually got sick and he said "I started to feel, that I need a spiritual base". Not just an emotion, not just intellectual, a spiritual thing. So anyway, once he got sick, and we had talked about these concepts, he said to me "I do believe very strongly". He's not gonna disconvert back to the church cause he was to critical of, you know, the religion, etc. But he really did want to and he did find, which is lovely, a piece of thoughts with himself as a spiritual experience. So the song... Mark Opitz, the producer, he said: "How would you describe it?" and I said: "It's kind of like gospel to us". It's not a traditional gospel feel, it's not a traditional gospel arrangement, but it's got a gospel sort of a christian spirituality about it. And that's why it was so easy to write it about him, because we both came to an understanding for one another.

Just another question about the song "December 3rd, 1854". What is it about?

"Eureka Stockage"


HAHAHA!!! "Eureka Stockage". You know the shirt? Hmm.... HAHAHA! Look it up on the Internet! You know the shirt I'm wearing with the Southern Cross? You know the constellation of the Southern Cross? Well, the Southern Cross is only a flag. The proper one. The "Eureka stockage" was when the miners... look it up in the internet: "E-U-R-E-K-A Stockage". The miners rebelled against government rule in Australia. And they were gonna try to stand for republic. This was back in the goldrush days. And they formed this little army and they build up a damn little place called "Ballarat". They build on this hill stockage, but they had guns, they had men, and the army came in and just killed them all. And who they didn't kill, they hanged... a lot of them. And put others into jail. The "Eureka Stockage" was first time, in early time, Australians - immigrants but Australians - had stood against a colony authority. And for all the rebels, anybody in Australia who considers himself to be a republican, the flag symbolized that. It's like our flag of freedom. Because there a lot of Australians who don't like the Union Jack on our flag. And you can get "Eureka" flags an they are pale blue and got a white cross on with stars. The "Rock'n'Roll Outlaw" t-shirt - that's the Southern Cross.

We will look in "Wikipedia". Do you know Wikipedia? The online Encyclopedia?

Yeah, yeah, yeah. "Eureka Stockage'"! That's the date, the 8. of December I think? Is it?

The third.

The third, yeah. 3. of December.

You don't know it? Hehe. You wrote another song: "House of Pain"? About...

"House of Pain" is what Stevens Tattoo shop is called. Steve King, the base player. And he and Peter... because Peter used to tattoo, Steven tattooes, too... they used to work there. Steven, that's his shop. It's called the "House of Pain". But the "House of Pain" is about a childhood. I grew up with... and a lot of kids do... you grow up in a house of pain and that helps form who you turned out to be. It malts you as a personality when you are young, when you are a kid. So in my case, you know, my father was physically violent towards my mum and me and he was emotionally a violent man but he was emotionally neglectful. There was no father-son relationship in our house where I grow up. With my mum and I and my brother was a hug but with him it was just something with the house... it was a house of pain.

Because we heard about you supporting a lot of projects for underprivileged kids. Against child prostitution and so on...

Yeah, I got involved, because years ago there was a guy, who is a real good friend of the band and he was in jail for a long time. He was a... you know, a bit of a gangster. And he said to me: "All young guys in jail, they all look up to you and they love the band, because it stands up for people." And he said, when he got out of jail, he wanted to start a Halfway House for kids, young offenders, to try talk to them about: if you keep doing this you end up in jail, you always be a criminal. It is point where you get in life where you think: "Well, okay I can change this, I don't have to be a criminal forever". So that's how I got ivolved. That was in like 83, 84.

And you made a speech in TV?

Well, they got me on TV on the show to talk about these things. And they said, you know, like: "Why are you like this in the press?". In the press I used to say... you know, I got always very angry about how people exploited kids with drugs and prostitution and how the police were involved and how politician didn't care. And the more I talked about the people said... many people used to say: "Just a fucking lunatic". You know? Because the paper, the press, used to say sort of like: "Have a look at him. He couldn't be sane. Bad about anybody, cause he is the worst." You know? "He is just as bad as all the rest of them". And then they gave me a chance and got me on television. So I took - this is in 84 - a TV crew into the streets to a really bad place called "Kings Cross". It's in a hole area, but it's two main streets where all that night clubs and the strip clubs are, all the prostitutes and the drug addicts and everything. You know, like "Reeperbahn". It's like scummy nightlife, strip clubs, sex shops...

In which town was this? Where is "Kings Cross"?

"Kings Cross" is in Sydney. So I took a TV crew there and showed them. And you know there was street programs like "Sydney Mission" and those things - people who look after people. And I was able to get the TV people to talk to this people and go and see these kids. See how young they were and how, you know, people sell them drugs, make them be prostitutes. Boys and girls, you know, like ten, twelve years old. So that was real... People just couldn't believe what they saw. I said: "Then believe me, I'll show you. So put on television". And what happened was the TV said: "Well, you come and be part of the show every week". Different story every week. So that's what I did. I started with them 85 to 91 and then I did a show from 1991 to... hmm... 85...86 to 91... yeah, I finish on TV about 1999.

And the shows were all about these problem.

Yeah, minorly. But different things. I mean, you know, things that people needed other people to know. Like how bad things were in some schools...

So not only about kids, but several things.

Yeah, yeah. Where will I find this?

We are just small magazine!


Maybe a short sentence to the "Aria Hall of Fame"? What's it? Is it something to be proud off?

Yeah, I remember Peter said to me... because they wouldn't publicly announce us, but they told us, they are gonna put us in the Hall of Fame... and he said: "You know why they've got put us in the Hall of Fame? Because after thirty years they realized we are not gonna go away. So they really have to do it, you know? Cause after thirty years... HAHAHA! And I said: "Yeah, fair enough". The reason we felt good about it was because they acknowledged how much of an influence or contribution we had been. So we never had been accepted on the large scale of art. It's always being the band. You know, we still can't get played. Even after all this time. The first album is really thirty years old. And any other album which was made in that time always gets played on the radio, you know, hits from the past. They still don't play us. Even today they still think: "No, too rough" - or whatever....

But it's good, too?

It was good! It was nice to be acknowledged, because it means, the thing that we always believed in is more important: that the music makes history. In the early days we insisted too much about fighting, took drugs and did terrible things. But it was always fit the music, you know, that's what it's about. Always years later it's nice to be recognized or acknowledged. But, well, actually it was about the music.

So when we are talking about terrible things. Why are you called "Angry"? I think I've never read about this.

You should read the book! HAHAHA. In the book it comes out. The thing about it is if you damage a kid, like grow up in a violent household - that's damaging. I was sexually abused when I was four, five years old by someone outside the family. So what happens is, later in the years you hopefully get around to wonder why your life is like this, okay? Your dysfunctional behaviour in other words, you know what I mean? So how the therapist explain is, when you damage a kid they become very, very sad than they either become suicidal or they totally get withdrawn. Or they do what I did: explode up. So what usually happen is you either get very depressed or you get angry.

But you are a good father! How many children do you have?


And how old are they?

My daughter is 23, my sons are 18, 16 and 14. They all live with me.

Ah, cool ...or not cool?

Hmm. No, they're better of with me.

I became father 12 days ago!

HAHAHA! Get on, you!!! (***shake hands***) My new girlfriend, I had a divorce six years ago, , I be with this woman for one year, she's got two boys, 10 and 12, so we get 10, 12, 14, 16, 18. Between us we got five boys and then my daughter.

I just want to know, not only the death of Pete, just a few days ago Ian Rilen died of cancer, too...

That's already three we've lost out of the original band, 'cause Ian was the original base player, "Digger" died in 1989. Cancer. He was the original drummer. Ian was the original base player, but he only recorded six songs. Only two got released. It was "Bad Boy..." and "Snow Queen" and Rilen wrotes "Bad Boy...". And then he left after we did the six songs. Four of them never got released. Good songs! But some have disappeared. But he went on to form other bands. But he died three weeks ago. And Lobby Lloyde, who played in the band, maybe ten month ago, maybe a bit more, he died. Cancer. So out of the original band Pete died, Ian died, "Digger" died. So of the original band is only me and Mick. The second lineup was Pete, Mick, Geordie, "Digger" an me. So there is me and Mick an Geordie.

What are these cdeaths mean to you? Do you think for you and the rest of the band, that it is now the end of the road or is it an incentive to go on and on?

Yeah, if anything it just makes you appreciate, well, you should take care of every day. Because I said to Pete a couple of years ago... we were out on somebody else funeral, one of our friends... I said "This is the second funeral in the year that we are going to." And he said: "At our age that's what we're gonna do. From now on. We are gonna go to one of another funerals."

So before we get kicked out of the house, can we take some photos?

Where do you get the shirt? You MUST tell me where you get it!

You can have his shirt!

No! HAHAHA! Do yo remember from where you got it? The shirt!

I will send it to you immediately! Hehe.

Just tell me the address and then I'll get one. Mick could love one, too.

Thanks a lot! It was very nice! We are great fans of "Rose Tattoo"!

You will leave me the address!!!

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