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Lake Of Tears "Trip To The Moon!"
Neues Label, neues Glück? Neues Album, neues Glück?! Wie auch immer, Lake of Tears melden sich mit „Moons and Mushrooms“ (VÖ: 23.04.07) zurück. Sie rocken wie eh und je, wo „Black brick road“ aufhört, fängt „Moons and Mushrooms“ an. Was liegt also näher, als einen der Jungs mit Fragen vor dem Release auszuquetschen Mikael Larsson war so freundlich und widmete sich dem Mailinterview.
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Hi, Daniel & Co.! How are you? What´s going on? Tell us the reasons about the long break between “Black Brick..:” and “Moons…”?
Hi there. I´m fine thank you. At the moment we are busy finishing our promotion material and the booklet of our next album, which will be out in the stores around 25th of April. After the release of “Black Brick Road” we concentrated on playing live, because it was something we had not done for many years. We really missed being on the road. This does not mean that we have done an awful lot of shows, but we did as many as we could, concidering that we all have families and daytime jobs.

Please describe the new record in your opinion, what can the fans expect from “Moons and Mushrooms” /great title J /!? What are the differences between "Black Brick Road" and " Moons and Mushrooms” in your opinion?
It has some similarities with “Black Brick Road”, but I think it is much more guitaroriented. Since we used the same studio as last time, the soundscape is quite similar. But, I think we have a better soundquality this time. I must also add that we recorded bass and almost all the guitars in our own newly built studio, which goes under the name “Greenfields Studios”. With a good result I think. “Moons and Mushrooms” is a harder but softer album.(Sounds weird, eh?) The songs of “Black Brick Road” are almost exclusively built from keyboards in the beginning, unlike “Moons & Mushrooms” which is built on guitarriffs. That is the big difference for me. The rest is up to the listeners to decide.

What are the reasons for these differences and can you tell me some differences between the record like “Forever autumn”/”A crimson…” and the new “stuff” of Lake of Tears?
The biggest reason for this is that we this time made more songs in the rehearsingroom instead of at home. Hence the louder and more dominant guitars. “Moons & Mushrooms” feels for me more like our old albums than “Black Brick Road”. Not because of the sound, more that the songs are more guitarbased. The big difference is that we have got older and matured in our songwriting and arranging of the songs. Maybe we do not come up with so much crazy stuff anymore but we are still very openminded.

What is the message of " Moons And Mushrooms "?
“Moons & Mushrooms” is about abstract reality. As any Lake of Tears album there are messages and stories. But there is up to the listener to find their own message in it. A message can be interpreted in as many ways as there are people, as every person has it´s own background and preferences.

How and why did you choose the album cover?
We have got a lot of mails from different artists who offered their services. We told them the planned name of the album, and they made some examples for us. Finally we decided which artist who had come closest to what we wanted. The winner was Felipe Machado. Exellent work I think. After a couple of changes we were totally satisfied. It is more colourful than “Black Brick Road”. It had to be with that title.

Are there some lyrics that are special to you? Tell us something about them.
All lyrics are special for us. I see something from my life in every song. As I told you before the lyrics are in many ways abstract stories of our reality. Things that everyone can recognize if they turn within. But as the lyrics are very abstract, I think every text can be seen in many different ways.

Do you care for the opinion of your fans, the press and people in general or is it just you and your music?
The most important thing is to like the music you play. If you do not do that, you should quit playing music and do something else instead. Of course it feels very good when people appriciate the work you have done, but that is just a bonus. I try not to listen to much to the press. I sometimes think musicjournalists sometimes listen to too much music. They start to compare bands instead of listening to the band itself.

What about the recording process of your new album? Any stories or curiosities to report? Which people work with Lake of Tears? Maybe some other friends in progress?
We recorded the album in two different studios. Bass and rythmguitars we recorded in our own newly built studio, “Greenfields Studios”. The rest in “Studiomega”. The album is also mixed and mastered i Studiomega. One curiosity can be that I recorded the bass standing on one leg, since I broke my ankle when we were ouy partying a couple of weeks before. It was quite a challenge. Most of the crew is back from “Black Brick Road”. Christian Silver is still behind the desk. Now with a little help from Johan Örnborg. Dan Helgesson helped us with organ and keyboard. Finally some additional guitars from Andreas Olavi.

Any plans for some further stuff of "Moons…." - like singles, video, DVD etc.?
Nothing special yet actually. We have been working hard to finish the album this winter and had no tim to think on this.
But we really want to make a DVD soon. We will soon start to check this option out. We have to decide exactly what we want to do first, as we already have some material we can use. We´ll see.

How important is it for you to play live on stage? You play few last months in UKRAINE! How was the reaction for you and the fans in the East?
After “Black Brick Road” it was really important for us to play live. We had not played live for over seven years, and it was something we really missed. Ukraine, Russia and Romania is some of the countries we have played in in the east. The reaction when we was there was fantastic. We sold out several times. In Russia and Romania we sold out 2000 tickets and there were still hundreds of people outside who wanted to get in. A really funny experience. The fans in the east are great. Fucking crazy. They are really in to it. Not everybody speaks english, but you can communicate easy anyway. Vodka make good friends!

Please tell us something about further Live activities. (I hope you would come to Germany!)
At the moment we have two gigs booked. The first one is in Germany. It´s the Rock Harz Festival. It takes place in Osterode 7th of July (7/7). The second one is a headlineshow in Bucharest, Romania, together with german Rage. It is going to take place on the 8th of September (8/9). I am sure there will be moore. We just have to wait and see.

We are looking forward seeing you in Germany. Best wishes to you all. Any last words?
Just a couple of things. Check out „Moons & Mushrooms“ in the stores at the end of April. And see you all in the summer.
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