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Bad Blood "Croatia Hardest"
Most of the people knew Croatia as a sunny, warm holliday country with a great sea or as the country of the thousands isles but since some years the Metal scene is growing and getting bigger and bigger! One of the bands is BAD BLOOD from Cakovec in the north of Croatia. Music with power and without compromise!
Weitere Infos zu Bad Blood:
Bad Blood - Croatia Hardest

Hi Branko tell me something about BAD BLOOD for the people out there they don´t know you.
Bad Blood was found about 3,5 years ago, playing brutal trashcore metal from day one. Which was hard to do, in a town full of punk bans, like our hometown Cakovec. But, we find that even more challenging, so we stood up to what we believe, didn't take shit from nobody. After few line-up changes, Bad Blood today is: Nagy - vocals, Bero - guitars, Tusek - bass, Ludwig - drums.
Can you describe your music to the other people out there they don´t know you? Do you´ve a deal?
First of all, our music exist for us and our fans, and without them we're nothing!! We never write music with some serious agenda, we just take our instruments, and jam. Yeah, and some seriuos shit happens. Music is in our hearts, it's a big part of our lives, and we always did play the kind of music that we listen to at home. Some shit we like to call trashcore metal. Just listen to it and you'll see what I'm bitching about.
Can you tell us something about your lyrics? Is there a plan?
I write all the lyrics, trying not to change the world, but to express my feelings problems and bullshit I had to live with everyday. Lyrics are pretty personal, although one or two are about bigger issues (like junkies; hope they rott in Hell - "One last fix", war in Croatia - "Haunted in the mist", and dying of my two friends - "Gone forever"...) So, I hope people can understand them in a right way, and I guess many of them can find themselves in our songs.
How many outputs did you made till now? Are there diferences between the CD´s mean music or sound?
We recorded a full-lenght demo "Reality Screms" in March, 2000, in some small studio in Cakovec, fighting the brain batlle with the owner full time. But, the demo was succesfull, and those 10 songs are something we are extremly proud of. Some yearandahalf after we decide it was a time for a new record. We ended up in Monster studio in Zagreb, recording album "To Sin By Silence", which came out just recenlty, due to heavy problems with our publisher. But, the record is heavy as shit, and we like it a lot.
When you´re doing songs who´s responsible for it? One man or the whole Band?
Every Bad Blood song is a Bad Blood product. We all jam together, many time getting angry at each other, but the song are kicking!!! And that's the most important thing. Music!
Your logo has two crossed O´s it looks like a White Power sign. Are you a right wing band or what should this sign mean?
Those sings are called Celtic crosses, and I our minds have nothing to do with right wing, left wing, dick wing... All we care about is heavy metal, and ancient Celtic nation was a nations made of brave warriors, fearless, strong, proud - just like a metal warrior should be. So, fuck politics, and believe in metal!!!
You´re from Croatia well know for hollidays and the beautiful sea but we never heard about a good Metal scene there? Can you say something about the bands, fans and the whole scene there? Is it easy to make shows?
Metal scene in Croatia is in big trouble, but it's starting to rise again. You know, war in Croatia has changed everything, so after, lot of good bands just dissapear. But, new forces are coming, we have our own magazin "United Forces", and thing are slowly getting into their place. Though, it's far from OK!!
What´re your influences favourite bands? Are there music stiles you hate?
The one band we all like and adore, respect and listen like all the time is Pantera. Every day I have to listen to at least one song. I saw them twice, even meet with Phil Anselmo, and that was like a dream come true from me. Other band, obviously, is Pro Pain, from who's song we took the bands name, Bad Blood. Pro Pain's frontman Gary was only one who returned my e-mail, and we became real friends, so he hook us up on their European tour, and we will play with them in Zagreb and Ljubljana, on April 23, and April 24. We also like Down, Crowbar, Slayer, Dimmu Borgir, In Flames... And definetly hate trendy nu-metal assholes!!!
On your shirt there stood Croatia Hardest. What do you want to say with this statement? Are there no more extreme bands in Croatia?
We just put it on the T-shirt cause lots of kinds think of Bad Blood that way. They come to us after the gig, "Hey, man, you rule, you are definetly the hardest bands in Croatia...", so we put it on our shirt. There are some extreme bands in Croatia, but I would'n now much about them. Check out, for more about Croatian metal scene.
On the back of the shirt there is a celtic cross with I think Jesus inside. Are you a religious band? What do you think about religions? Did you ever read the bible? Is this true or just a good and funny story?
Once again, Celtic cross has nothing to do with Jesus, or Christianity, it's a simbol of bravery, and one on the back of our T-shirt is a replica of one I have tattooed on my leg. I don't believe in God, neither I do believe in Satan, and think it's all bullshit. My only faith is in myself!!
Did you ever played out of Croatia and how are the reactions on your music by the fans? How is your band acting full power or static? What was the best gig till now?
We played in Slovenia and Hungary so far, but we are making some arrangment to play in Belgium and Germany. So, we'll see... We have rehersals two days in a week, and play pretty often lately. And the best gig, definetly, was in Pula, on March,16 2002, infront of 500 people. Also, I think all hell's gonna break loose supporting Pro Pain.
What´s is your profession outside the band? Do you have some other hobbys beside the band books, cooking or pornos or something like that?
I am the photograph and journalist, Bero is a vetenarian, Ludwig a baker, and Tusek a carpenter. And all our free time is spend on Bad Blood.
What do you think about tattoos and piercings? Are there some fave pic you would tattoo?
We love tattooes. I have about 13 of them, Bero 7, Tusek one. My favorite tattoos are a Celtic cross and pic of Anubis on my leg.
Some short questions:
Croatia: Fucked up country, with a beutifull sea. War: Bullshit - we lived trough one! Metal: Everything!!!! Woman: Thanx for her patience with me!!! Drugs: No way!!!
Now it´s your turn, do you´ve some last words?
We started this band to pay some kind of respect to bands we like, and to heavy metal. We are not ashamed of anything, and we hope to play music for a very long time. So, stay true to yourself, don't take shit from anything, and believe in yourself. Do not care about neighbours, about boss yelling at you on work, fuck them all. Stay brutal, stay proud - death to the trend, forever stronger that all!!!!! THANX!!!!
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