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Edge Of Sanity Dan Swanö "The Interview: When All Is Said!"
After the Nigtingale interview (from 01.08.07) with Dan & Dag I use the chance to talk via e-mail with Dan again. Now about the creation and reaction of the last(?) record of Edge of Sanity “When all is said”.
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Edge Of Sanity Dan Swanö - The Interview: When All Is Said!

Hi Dan. My first question: Is Edge of Sanity = R.I.P.? What do you think, is it really the last record “When all is said” !
Well… What is Edge Of Sanity really?? Is a constellation of people that call themselves that and whatever music comes out is “the music of E.O.S:” or… Is it when it sounds like Edge Of Sanity and might as well be called whatever….?? This is most likely the last release from Edge of Sanity (maybe more Best Of´s will follow, not my think to choose) but I am quite certain that I will some time pretty soon release an album that could have been an Edge of Sanity album if I could have carried on with the project in the 90’s!!!

What was the main reason to do a “When all is said - Best Of Compilation” ? And why do you ask the FANS to decide the “best tracks of EoS”? Was it a big surprise which songs the fans choose?
I found out that people born around 1986 or later had no clue whatsoever what EOS was all about. It felt a bit weird that we were so forgotten in this “who invented melodic death” debate. I mean, we inspired 99% of the bands that later turned into household names in the metalscene. I still remember the fan-mail from some of the originators of the nu-wave of Swedish Melodic death!! The thing is this. I don’t mean to go off like some megalomaniac (even though I am!!!) but many of the most famous and most loved EOS tracks are written or at least co-written by myself. I know that a best of album would have to include a high percentage of my stuff to really be what was truthful to our legacy, and I just wanted to double check my gut feeling and I was oh so right…

Which songs would you put on this compilation, if you had to decide?
I would have liked to have “Silent” instead of Black Tears and “When all is said” instead of “In the veins” but for the rest… It’s what I wanted to see on this comp.

Do you get any help from the other guys of Edge of Sanity in this “Best of” Project?
I got in touch with Dread to get some liner notes for the 2 songs from the “Cryptic” album. He was late as usual:-) but I like what he wrote and it was cool for me to see what they got up too after I got kicked out. I sent them all a copy each and hopefully they like the stuff. I am sure they will like the publishing payment they will get once Black Mark report it to STIM!!

Please describe the reactions to the Double-CD so far – in the media, the record label, the fans etc.
NO reaction whatsoever. It’s a shame. I am pissed beyond belief that it’s in NO big magazines!!! I might have missed the reviews, but I don’t think so. It’s like Black Mark don’t want to make any promotion for it…it sucks because I made it for free because I wanted them to make some money back!

Do you care for the opinion of your fans, the press and people in general? Or is it just you and your music?
If I had cared more about the folks around (even the band members) do you really think we’d been doing stuff like Cello, Pianoballads, Clean vocals (in 1991) 40 and 43 minute songs, Strange “talking sections” in opening tracks that starts off with clean vocals etc. etc.?:-).
Ok, great answer:-)!

Who did and decide about the Coverartwork of “When all is said”? There are some same pics like on the “Evolution” compilation Double-CD?
I posted a request on my forum and some guys sent in some stuff and this from a German guy was really the best. Since I no longer own a copy of “Evolution”, I could not double check what photos we used again…but who cares? These shots are so classic that they need to been seen over and over again:-).

How do you thing nowadays about the album “Cryptic” which was recorded without you on vocals and so on? Are you still disappointed about the decision of the rest of the band and the record company in the past?
I heard it once and I remembered very little from it. I sounded just like the tracks they wrote for EOS after we stopped writing together. No surprise really. I wish that Dread had sung a bit more, maybe even some clean. He has a great raunchy metal voice!

Are you still in contact with some old friends/members of Edge of Sanity?
I am not in touch with any of them anymore. I guess I will bump into some of them sometime in the future. But for the time being, no relation.

What do you think about the projects of EoS members like Incapacity , where Andreas Axelsson and Robert Ivarsoon plays?
It was OK. I got the CDs from the label boss of theirs and gave it a spin and it didn’t do much for me. I need my metal catchier.

Where do you get your inspirations from? You did a lot of records in very different styles (Death Metal, Heavy Metal, Doom Metal, Power Metal, Prog Rock etc. – very strange Metal & Rock like Unicorn, Pan-Thy-Monium, Karaboudjan, Infestdead and so on). Do you know all the songs and records you ever did?
I remember most of the stuff. Some Pan Thy Monium stuff is a bit blurry because it was more or less written while recorded. The songs from the first demo and the 7” are cool, but the rest kind of mesh up into a mess of weird shit with low tuned guitars and saxophones!!

Some standard questions about you and your life at this time!
Please name some lately released CDs that you like to listen to at home.
Ach du Scheiße!! I am not really a “CD man” I enjoy the shuffle function on the MP3 player! Some stuff that I have been into lately are ALTER BRIDGE, DISTURBED, a bunch of BLACK SABBATH, NICKELBACK, DAUGHTRY.
mp3? I hate it! Vinyl is the only on!:-)

Do you still watch other bands play? Have there been some shows lately that impressed you?
Not much. I saw Disturbed live in Köln a year ago or so, they were really good. I saw Genesis in Düsseldorf a few months too… really ass kicking!! I watched Coldworker sometime ago. Also good and energetik.

What about the Örebro metal scene in general? Do you know some bands, and if so, is there friendship, rivalry or more or less nothing special?
I think the Örebro metal scene is slowly awakening. Lots of kids born in the early 90´s are getting in the right age to make some serious noise. I was never really a part of the scene in this town. Finspång was my kingdom and here I am still a stranger and a newcomer!

How the people like Edge of Sanity if they visit your music-shop Musikbörsen in Örebro? Do you have any fans which visit the shop and take some pictures and get autographs/signs?
Yeah…it happens. Not so much anymore. We have a few customers who always growl some well chosen EOS lyrics every time they enter the shop. But sometimes a customer say “Hey, I saw you in Metal Hammer…I didn’t know that you were a rock star” and that kind of stuff! Cool every time!

Still some questions to go. What do you think of Metal web magazines?
I like the speed of things. I also like that you can alter reality a bit in case stuff suddenly change or that you find out that a typo made you the worst motherfucker ever…Once it’s out there in 25.000 copies, it’s harder on you!!!

What are your next plans – what could we expect? Maybe Edge of Sanity reunion – live in Wacken 2008 :-)!
Not so far off. I still have a dream to get a bunch of talents together and kick some Wacken ass with only E.O.S. material. I have a possible line-up and all that, but it’s just so much work and I am not sure if the budget allows all the stuff I want to happen for this gig(s). Wait and see. Dan

To the gallery Egde of Sanity LIVE in Berlin 1996!!!

Thanks a lot for nice contact and the answers. Hope to see you soon on a festival or any pub to drink a German Beer – and scream some EoS lyrics- together.

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