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Obituary "Xecutioner`s Return Or No Record Without Allen !?!"
Im Vorfeld zur Veröffentlichung der neuen Obituary-Platte Xecutioner`s Return (VÖ: 24.08.2007) hatte ich die Möglichkeit Bassist Frank Watkins via e-mail einige Fragen zu stellen. Natürllich ging es um die neue Platte, den Besetzungswechsel an der Leadgitarre, das neue Label, Festivalgigs, Hardcore, legendäre Bands, Festivals und die anstehende Europa-Tour mit Holy Moses.
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1.To go like a bull at the gate, I have listened to “Xecutioner`s Return” now a several times and I’m sorry to say that I’m all in all a little bit disappointed. It surely is a good album but I think it isn`t one of your best. Particularly in regard to the awesome “Frozen in time”-Album both sound and songs are not as crushing and dynamic as on your 2005-release. In addition there are a little too much guitar-solos i think at the expense of groove and dynamics. Where do you see the main differences between FIT and XR?

The main difference is this record Fucking Crushes!!! I feel this is the next step after Frozen in Time. A very true progression in Obituary’s career. The leads fit perfect which there were hardly any on Frozen in Time. At this time this is the perfect record for Obituary.

2. As everyone knows lead guitarist Allen West rests in prison expected till February 2008. How did the songwriting work without Allen? Did Donald and Trevor wrote the whole songs for XR? How important is the role of Ralph Santolla (ICED EARTH, DEICIDE) on XR? Did he just added the solo-parts or did he do his parts on songwriting, too ?

Yes Donald & Trevor wrote all the music and Ralph did some of the leads. Trevor also did some sick leads as well. With out Allen the song writing was fast and smooth. He was in bad shape and none of us wanted to write a record with him at that time.

3. Ralph also is helping out currently on stage. Is he just a temorarily alternative and will he leave the band when Allen returns?

Only time will tell. As of now Ralph is our guitarist.

4.Once again famous german cover-artist Andreas Marschall made the artwork for “Xecutioner`s Return” and I think he did a good job again. Is there a deeper meaning of the title XR? I mean, of course there is an ambiguity because XECUTIONER was the name of the band before it switched to OBITUARY. But is there a text-concept or something like that, too? Can you tell us a few words about the lyrics?

Andreas came up with the cover idea and when he sent it to us we were like “WOW Killer Xecutioner” and that was it that the name of the record! We really have no meaning besides Horror and Death!

5.Why did the long-time collaboration with Roadrunner (Roadracer) Records end after so many years and mainly after such a strong album like “Frozen in time”?

Our contract was fulfilled and we needed a new partner.

6.. Your new label the UK-based Candlelight Records is your new home and you seem to be very content with their work, aren`t you?

Yes they have great enthusiasm and are really behind us 100%

7.On your homepage you can see nice pictures from the Listening Party in Morrisound studios with famous guests from bands like DEICIDE, SIX FEET UNDER and even mighty JON OLIVA. It seemed you had a lot of fun?! I just wondered if it is common practise for Obituary now to drink Cristal champagne instead of Budweiser Beer. ;P

No we drank the Cristal because it was a gift from Jon and Paul. They are truly great people and it was a true honour to share our new record with such legends.

8. Last year you toured in Australia, Chile and Brazil for the first time. What can you tell us about these countries and their inhabitants/fans?

AMAZING!!!! Both countries the fans are absolutely sick. Every show was sold out and the people were so friendly…. I wish the whole world was as accommodating.

9. Sadly you played just one festival this summer in Europe, the Waldrock in Holland. Sadly no gigs in Germany. So when do you come back to Germany? Tour/Festivals 2008?

We did all the festivals in 2006. So it was our time for a break. Also Waldrock is a classic festival that we played many times and always have a great time. We will do an extensive European Tour in Jan-Feb 2008 with Holy Moses and we will try to play as many festivals as we can in 2008.

10.Mighty CELTIC FROST also played the Waldrock Festival. Did you enjoy them/perhaps met them?

Frost was killer! A bit slower than I remember but super heavy. Yeah we hung out with Martin all day. It was truly amazing we also were partying with Destruction and Testament… we were in thrash metal heaven! One of the best days of our life!

11. On your MySpace-Page I noticed “Friends-Links” from bands like Madball, Agnostic Front and Full Blown Chaos. So i guess someone in the band likes Hardcore as well. What is your opinion about the tons of young Metalcore/Deathcore and Mathcore-Bands who conquer the scene at the time? Do you perhaps like some of them? Which bands do you listen to when you relax at home?

Yeah I run the page and these are my friends! I listen to everything from Hank Williams to Blood for Blood. Anything mean and aggressive…. I like it! I don’t listen to many new bands but I like Death before Dishonour, Throwdown, Suffocate Faster, Terror.

12. You guys play Death Metal now since over 20 years and you still have an original sound which no other band could copy till today. Did you ever consider about to integrate other elements in your music? I mean, even XR is very old school indeed, simply raw and classic OBITUARY.

There is no need integrate to change or experiment we just want to write the heaviest shit around and hold the flame of Old School! We never think about what we should sound like or how we should play something we just do it from the heart.

13. Please choose:















14. Ok. Thank you very much for taking time for metalglory. Hope to see you soon on stage in Germany. Good luck with the new record. The last words are yours...if you like to say something to our readers and fans. Bye for now.

Thank you! I said before we will be all over Europe in Jan-Feb 2008 come out and support true Old School Death Metal!!! We will play a lot of new songs and a few we haven’t done in years! We will also do a lot of festivals and go to countries we have never been to before See you all on the road!

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