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Paths Of Possession "Death Metal Mal Anders"
Da Paths of Possession mittlerweile - nich zuletzt auch durch den Gesang von George "Corpsegrinder" Fisher" - auch in Europa groß im Kommen sind, war es an der Zeit mal einen Plausch mit den Jungs zu halten
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Paths Of Possession - Death Metal Mal Anders

Now it is time again, your new cd is coming soon. How is your songwriting like? How do you develop your songs?
Randy: We all pretty much write guy will come to practice with some ideas and we will all take part in forming the ideas into a basic song structure. We don't really have an idea of how the song will go before we write it.

What inspires you? Is it out of moods or do you sometimes have a good idea while you're driving a car?
Randy: A little of both i guess. I get in different moods just watching the news and shit like that...but I am constantly thinking about songs in my's hard to remember something 4 or 5 hours after you think of it though. I more get inspired by what is around me.

To Corpsegrinder: Do you create your texts in another way than you do it for CC or are there some which didn't fit into CC albums and which you use for PoP now?
Randy: Sorry, George isn't available for this interview, I write pretty much all the lyrics in Paths, George has been so busy with Corpse that he doesn't have much writing time with us.

Will there be a europe tour with the new album? if it is so, when will it be?
Randy: We definately want to come to Europe in 08. Cannibal has most of the year off and we are really going to try to hit the road hard in US and Europe. I know I said that last time, but we will get there.

With the last CD you did it so far that you're a nice thing to talk about here in germany, what did not work that good after the first 2 things you did. Are you honored to serve for a death-metal-underground audience in germany?
Randy: I have to say that I am honored to even be asked that question. Our first 2 releases we did ourselves...before we teamed up with Metal Blade. There was not much money to get time in the studio. I think the material was good...but again, not enough time to execute the songs well. If we are talked about in Germany like you say...then I have to say that I am truely grateful, because Europe has some of the best metal bands in the world.

Rumor has it that now with the new album you could be an inherent part in the metal scene. What do you think about that? Is this band more for personal fun with nice side effects or is the main purpose to earn good money?
Randy: That is a huge statment for us, we work really hard and we take pride in what we do. Metal, for me, is more than just for is a calling. it is something that I belong to and I am proud to be a part of. I will also tell you that in the USA there is no money in metal...unless you are Cannibal or Morbid it means more to us than that.

Thanks for your time, it was an honor!
Randy: Thank you for the interview, also check out my new band "From Blood and Burning" I just worked out a 3 disc deal with Blind Prophecy records and we will do a full length in January, and will most definately tour in Europe. The honor was all mine.


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