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Impaled Nazarene "Nichts Mit Politik Am Hut"
Nach einem Katastrophalem Jahr kommt nun die neue Scheibe der durchgeknallten Finnen IMPALED NAZARENE in die Läden...die Chance den Jungs ein paar Fragen zu stellen sollte natürlich nicht ungenutzt verstreichen...........
Weitere Infos zu Impaled Nazarene:
Impaled Nazarene Pro Patria Finlandia
Impaled Nazarene Manifest
Impaled Nazarene - Wir Mögen Menschen Nicht Besonders
Impaled Nazarene - Nichts Mit Politik Am Hut

"Manifest" is a really great Extreme Metal Album! What are your expectations about it? Especially in Germny.

We have no expectations, we take things as they come. We will have to wait and see what will happen in Germany. And that is both sad and pathetic. Basically we cannot plan any European tour before see what is the "outcome" in Germany. Maybe we end up in index list A again.

Bei der vieldisskutierten Behörde ist nichts unmöglich....

One and a half year after "Pro Patria Finlandia" and one year after this unbelievable campaign, you recorded an album which is 50 minutes long. So, how was it to record your longest CD after this year.

We did not plan anything, things just happened. We booked the studio pretty much one year ago and started writing seriously. By the end of February 2007, we had something like 20min of music. I was thinking we will have another Suomi Finland Perkele here. Then suddenly we had 50min of music, everybody was coming up with songs.

The title "Manifest" is no political title. Didn't you choose the title "Manifesto" because of the political statement which could be seen in it?

Because there is NO political statement anywhere on Manifest. We chose Manifest so that nobody can take us to a court over it. It is totally neutral word. This whole "Impaled Nazarene is a political band" thing makes us sick. There isn´t, has never been or never will be political lyrics on our albums.

Klare Ansage, die sich manche mal merken sollten!!!

Since 1992 you are at Osmose! Why Osmose is such a good label for IMPALED NAZARENE?

Because they give us 100% artistic freedom. And we need that. No label schedules,
no complaints about using too expensive studio, no demands of hearing new stuff in advance. They are open for any merch ideas we have, they treat us well and we have a big mutual friendship between each other. They trust us, we trust them.

After the catastrophic tour last year, you stranded in the UK without any money. So how did you mangage to fly back to Finland. Did the guys from Osmose helded you out?

Yes they did. We had to borrow money from here and there and it took us 18 months to pay back everything we owned. Finally debt free.

In January 2008 you will play the "Winternoise Festival" in Germany with other great Bands like Eisregen or Kampfar. Are there more shows to come in germany. Will you choose just several gigs (festivals) or are you planning a tour.

We will have to wait and see how things will develope in Germany for us. Because if we cannot perform in Germany, it means that European tour is pretty fucking hard to plan. We are supposed to play in Devil´s Revenge festival on 29th of December 2007.
But that is uncertain will they let us play as the festival is in Bavaria region. I don´t understand what happened to Germany, we never had trouble there until 2006.

Da wird er nicht der einzige sein. Auch mir ist es unverständlich, dass so etwas passieren konnte!

Back to "Manifest": the Song `You don't Rock Hard´ sounds like a statement with all the people who fucked you up last year, isn't it?

You can say that plus many other songs on Manifest deal with that crap as well.

Whats about the other songs? Are there any critical lyrics? I mean lyrics which people can understand in a wrong way?

I am sure that even if we had a song "I love you", some glue-sniffer retard would get it wrong in Germany. There are songs that deal with Catholic church (Pandemia), living under grey concrete planet (Planet Nazarene), return of the dead (Dead Return) and so on.

IMPALED NAZARENE is existing more than 15 years! What would you say about the changes in the Metal Scene, especially in the extreme scene like Black or Death. I would say that IMPALED NAZARENE is and was a very important part in this scenes.

If we had any signifance to any scene, then there would have been tons of copycats. But there has not so you can safely say that we have no signifance whatsoever. If people had respect for us, then they would have fought with our side last year in Germany. But nobody did so that speaks for volumes. Nobody gave a shit.

Wahre Worte!

Thank you for your time and hopefully we can see you here on stage on tour. The last words are your!

I hope so too but I am not holding my breath.

geführt am 05.11.2007   von Toby
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