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Insision "The New Swedish Crop"
"Ikon" ist ihr drittes Werk und zwar ein verdammt geiles! Warum also nicht die Chance nutzen und sich ein paar Fragen beantworten lassen....
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Insision - The New Swedish Crop

Before we talk about your new album, please give us a short overview of INSISION'S history. Why and when was the band founded and what happend since then?

Carl- Insision started back in -97 as a classic underground band made up by a couple of dedicated youngsters from different band-constellations. Like it usually is hehe. The goal was to create and play death metal in absurdum. A few demos, 4 years and some lineup changes later we hooked up w/ legendary death/Grind Label Earache records in late 2001. Did two albums on that label (beneath the folds of Flesh -02 and Revealed and Worshipped -04) and tours with bands such as , Suffocation, The haunted, Vital remains, Decapitated, the Bezerker just to mention a few. Running parallel with these releases we burt our mark into the overall scene and here we are today.

So, three years after your second full-lenght you presents us „Ikon“. A very brutal and old school Death Metal record! Why you need three years to record such a great Album?

... Members of insision, including myself, were out of control, and had
all sorts of problems that held up the creativity. I guess we just had to take time to sort things out. We had to get rid of some waste luggage both mentally as physically.

„Ikon“ combines melodic parts with very brutal stuff. It is just as swedish as ist can be. What are your influences? Which bands did you like most?

Influenses? Except for just breathing and living the scene and the music? Well, Everything around gives inspiration and different angels for musical approach. Most of the inspiration I think comes from the fact that we play this for ourselves and our own pleasure, not really to satisfy anyone else.
Cd’s that spin in our players are at this point: Morbid Angel, Immolation, Deicide, Nile, Behemoth, Old CC, Cryptopsy and so on… As personal individuals we listens to very different kinds of music, except the majority of death metal, ranging from Jazz, thrash, and old classic Heavy Metal to whatever makes the heart beat 2 times harder.

Your new record sounds like a concept-record. When I read the lyrics in the booklet and the parts between the lyrics this concept-thing comes back to my mind. So, is „Ikon“ an concept-record?

Definitly is, in a way. Though i try to write concept or theme-based lyrics its hard to sum up some sort of ongoing "concept" it is a question of how you comprehend and "see" each lyric.
I try to make it personal but still “death metal”. Most of my lyrics are feelings/dreams and world interpretations mixed up with my personal belief in Satan and the opposition of today’s religious stupidity. See the record as an excerpt of my life and mind cloaked in vivid words.

Anno 2007 you signed a deal with Dental Records? Why? Did your old deal ends or was the old label not as good as Dental?

Dan At Earache really wanted to work with Insision but I guess fate had other plans for us.. moving to a smaller label just suited our purposes much better then before. Now where are a big fish in a small pond instead of the other way around.
In the end they dont differ so much. Exept for releasing I.K.O.N , dental rec do not impressed me over my expectations when it comes down to it, but we have to wait and see what lies ahead...

Last year there was a big tour of four swedish Death Metal bands. I think you heard of the „Masters of Death-Tour“! Do you think that this four bands can say that they are the Masters of Death?

haha what a question! Well i spoke to matti (Dismember) about this when it was about to get started and the first plans was to have Insision on the bill aswell, but we had things to do at that time, i guess and it just dident fall through. Masters of death? They all are good bands man and have been around for aeons and still kick some major ass!!. It depends on how you see it. Age before skill or skill before innovativity? Its an relative qestion my man...

The swedish Death Metal scene was and is a very big thing in the metal world. Many newcomers are saying that swedish bands are their influences. Where do you see INSISION in this scene?

We are the new crop of swedish deathmetal-sound as far as I see it. Exept for a couple of equal-‚brother-bands’ here in sweden, playing similar style like Visceral Bleeding and Aeon etc (and not including the „old-league“ ) we have no competition what so ever! Insision is truly one of the frontline forces of Swedish deathmetal

On your homepage I saw that you are booked for the Party San Open Air 2008. What is about gigs this year? Are you planning a little tour, maybe as a support act?

As for now we are working on new material again.. trying to speed things with the actuall composing-part up a bit this time around. Got some smaller gigs and festival planned but nothing big. Maybe a tour of somekind as well. But right now we are putting the gears intio writing new songs for the next album

At the end, please tell us something about INSISION'S future.

At this point we are heading forward to new tunes and experiances. The band is doing well, new blood and new inner strenght.!

Thank you for your time and I hope to see you on tour! The last words are yours!

Good interview. An eternal praise to all
Deathmetal-mongers out there – you are the true icons in life!

Feel free to visit us on the net:
Official Website Link
Myspace Link
Free Videos at Youtube Link

//Carl Birath
Insision 2007, Sthlm, SWEDEN

geführt am 13.11.2007   von Toby
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