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Dekadent "Extreme Metal Scene Deserved The Deliverance Of The Fall"
…“if Pink Floyd played Black Metal, it would sound like "The Deliverance of the Fall”… A masterpiece in Melodic Black Metal!!!
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Hi Artur! Congratulations to your great new album. The music and the visual concept on DVD is one of the best records I’ve heard & see last time. I’m very surprised about the result of your working process - professional stuff. How do you feel now…, after the big process of working and waiting for reactions of the fans/and press?!
It is quite exciting actually. The first responses from the media has been great so far, I just hope that people will dig it as much as well.

What are the reasons for creating the movie with the instrumental concept? Who has the idea…
I started to flirt with this idea sometime in late autumn of 2006, in December of that same year I already started with the recording. The main point of doing this was to achieve something more and different than what I have seen or heard before. I think that the extreme metal scene deserved something like that. It sounds so stupid, but actually I am responsible for this whole thing by myself. As for the movie part, my colleague Andraz Sedmak helped me out big time. We did the whole direction, shooting, editing, post-production and special effects by ourselves. It was quite an experience. And everything went out of our own pockets.

How was the reaction and support for the idea about a movie from the record label? Did there existing any expectations on the part of your record label “how the album had to be like”?!
No not at all. Dekadent is yet a small band on a small label. We worked together on most of the stuff. However, the recording, filming and production was proposed and financed from our side, so the label didn't mind at all, obviously.

What about the recording process of your new album? Any stories or curiosities to report - do you think at first about the music or the movie – or both of them at the same time?
The music was all made and recorded with Logic Pro, so it was very easy to work, since I have all the equipment at home. Drums, vocals and a few overdubs were recorded elsewhere, since we needed a nice dense, wooden environment. I started with recording music a month before the first takes were done with the camera. After that, it was all done simultaneously. The movie part was a very fun part, although doing shoots in stormy alpine weather on a freezing January morning wasn't that pleasing, haha. Otherwise, the major deal was the editing and post-production. My friend Sedmak and I were killing ourselves with endless hours of editing, cutting and making the special effects and animation stuff. In the last month, we were getting near a nervous breakdown! It is quite a deal doing such a project without any external help, without any extra crew and even worse than for free, we had to work on our own expenses.

What is your personal MAIN-MESSAGE of "The Deliverance of the Fall"?
Simply put; it is a representation of how we all, as individuals, handle the dying of the our loved ones. How we handle the emotions that engulf us by someone's sudden death. All that grief, sorrow and pain which later transforms into utter hatred and anger. It all takes us onto emotional journey, from which when it is over, we all learn something. We learn how valuable life is.

Where do you get your inspirations from – for this whole new record and your visions-?
For one part, it is the story of my life, but on the other part it is also the story of many others' lives. I wanted to create something people could relate to. I tried to represent this familiar story in a more extreme package, from a so-called "black metal" point of view.

Do you agree if I say about your record something like: “if Pink Floyd played Black Metal, it would sound like "The Deliverance of the Fall”…? How would you describe your own music?
I took that as a compliment, considering the fact that Pink Floyd represents one of the most original bands that ever existed. My Black Metal philosophy isn't black metal philosophy at all, actually. It is a philosophy of an artist. Create! Fulfill yourself and your dream!

Is it ok in general for you if people (only) say your record sounds like “this or that same stuff of… for example: Emperor, Pink Floyd, Samael etc.”?
I don't mind that at all. Why would I? I don't deny some bands made an influence on me. I got influenced by the bands I loved to listen, but for the better part it is all a subconscious thing. I don't copy things, it would be stupid. Then I would do hip-hop or similar crap. Luckily, people tend to say we sound really original, though.

The movie included German and English subtitles. Why do you choose the German one (maybe it was a wish of the record label)? Where are the subtitles in French, Spain and your own language?
We decided to include subs because of the black metal vocals, which to majority of people sound unclear. Because viewers can read the subtitles, the act and lyrics get a whole load of new power. The German subs were done because we had a simple option of doing it from the label's side. We were considering doing Slovenian subs as well, but changed our minds because the time was really short already.

We'd like to know something about the underground in your hometown. Are there some yet known/unknown (interesting) bands that you like? How is the metal scene there?! And how is the reaction for the record so far in your hometown...
The metal scene is getting quite strong. There are a lot of different bands covering differing genres of metal. Thrash is on the rise, but there are also a lot of black metal bands, all of them mostly old-school, garage sounding stuff. But still, a vast majority of these bands don't make a break abroad with an exception of few, among which are Dekadent. Reaction of the new record so far: Well not yet, because the album is getting out in the next couple of weeks. We only got a couple of local reviews and they were both great. We didn't expect anything less than great, because we know the reviewers and would kick their asses if they would write something bad, hahaha. Kidding.
How important is it for you to play live on stage with the new stuff? Any plans for a new tour - Germany?
Usually, we have the background screening going on, and I guess we'll have something like that for our new shows as well. We haven't played since summer 2007, but we're getting back on stage in February. We sure hope we can do a cool mix of the material from "The Deliverance of the Fall" as well as from our debut album. I think a tour is still one of those future projects we have to realize, but until then we'll jump to Germany for a show or two. This year for sure!!!

Last but not least: Some of our readers may never have heard about you before. Please give us a short briefing in the band's biography. Members, records….
The whole thing really began in late 2004, when I decided to do a song called Dekadent. After that song was finally recorded, I decided to do a whole album in that similar vein. When the album was done I entitled the project as Vigred. Until the mid 2006 I promoted the demo album "Manifestation of Seasonal Bleeding" under the name Vigred, but when the other permanent members joined me, I thought of changing the name to Dekadent, which kinda screwed up my philosophy about the band name (Vigred meant Springtime). Anyway, in late 2006 SMP inked us for a debut "Manifestation of Seasonal Bleeding" and a few months later we stepped onto the stage for the first time. We proved ourselves to be a really energetic and qualifying live band, so we continued doing headline gigs across the country and abroad (not in Germany, though, haha). In the meantime I began working on the new album "The Deliverance of the Fall". After the summer gigs, we decided to take a bit of a break until the new album comes out. All of us just got a new large rehearsal place in our hometown Ljubljana, in which we can practice now 24/7. We all have our jobs and study-time to do, but handle Dekadent as an off-duty priority. Very lame brief, I know, haha.

I hope to see you soon in Germany LIVE. Best wishes to you all and a good luck with the new record.
Thanks for everything, for your support and spreading the word! Hope to meet you and other fans from Hannover someday.

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