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Sinamore "Metal Is Metal!"
Im letzten Jahr gab es ein neues Werk der finnischen Goth´Rocker. Nicht nur mich hat „Sevens sins a Second“ (siehe Review) eher positiv überrascht, von daher bot sich mir auch irgendwann die Gelegenheit mit Mikko Heikkilä (voc./guit.) via E-Mail das Ganze etwas näher zu beleuchten.
Weitere Infos zu Sinamore:
Sinamore Seven Sins A Second
Sinamore - Metal Is Metal!

Hi Mikko, how are you?! New CD really sounds like “Finnish Goth Metal” but in my opinion you put more “metal guitars” as on your debut album last year. Your voice is more different too. Great job guys!
Thanks a lot. We really achieved our goal on this album. It is nice to see that someone´s agree with us. The sound that we wanted to hear through, was much heavier and darker sound than on the first album. We are all very satisfied about it.

Some of our readers “may” never have heard about you. Please give us a short briefing in the band's biography. Tell us more about Sinamore. Bandmembers, the name of the band…..
SINAMORE has gathered with childhood friends. I (Mikko Heikkilä, guitars/ vocals), Jarno uski (bass guitar) and Miika Hostikka (drums), at first we started to play together just for a fun and to spend some time together. After few years we recorded our first demo in 1999. Tommi Muhli joined to the band just before our fourth recording session in 2002 as a second guitar player. We have signed with Napalm Records in 2005 and we have released two albums so far. The newest one is called SEVEN SINS A SECOND which was released in November 2006.

Which bands was important for you to make the decision to play music/create a band?! What are your musical influences in your opinion? How do you think about the band/the inspiration nowadays?
I used to listen many heavy bands in early days. Bands like WASP, IRON MAIDEN, TWISTED SISTER and METALLICA for example. After I heard METALLICA´s “black” album, it was like; What the hell!? Let´s make things work, we should have a band. And that is how it started. Many people have said that we sound like a usual finnish band and the finnish style is so easy to find from our sound, but hey, maybe it´s already in our veins. Our goal is still to do music what we like and we´ll do it only in our way, so nowadays I can´t name a certain band for influences.

Back to the new stuff. How was the recording process for “A second sins..”. Who was the producer and why, some stories or curiosities to report?
We produced the album with Aleksanteri Kuosa, who has been also working with Before The Dawn and Profane Omen etc. We heard the stuff he made with these other bands and we thought, maybe he´s the right guy to work with us. The whole process took something like under twenty days and were kind of painless time for us all. We have also some special guests on that album. Co-operation with different people were quite interesting after few bottles of whisky.

Tell us –in your own words- what the fans could expect from your new material? What are the (main) differences between "A new day" and "Seven Sins A Second” in your opinion – and why?
Much more harder sound what you can expect. More darker and depressive melodies with catchy vocal lines. One person told me there´s more dirty in that sound, and it might be better, ´cause it give us a distance from other finnish metal bands. Sounds more SINAMORE, more unic.

Are there some lyrics that are special to you, tell us something about some of your songs?
Every lyrics are special in their own ways. We don´t have any base for the lyrics actually, when we start to write. Only have lines, which we put together. That creates the wholiness and the differences for the each songs. Afterwards you can see how personal stories eather one can be, even you haven´t thought it in that way. But in the end listener can make the own opinions, possibilities to identify for the lyrics.

Who has the idea to start the record with an “outro”. I think it would be better if you start with the first song, that would kick some ass when the CD starts!?!
Tommi´s idea, in a sec he said; That would be the great name to describe where we have been going to and which direction. We have grown as a band very strong, and that track is the escape from our past.

Do you care for the opinion of your fans, the press and people in general, or is it just you and your (personal) music?
I feel that we don´t think that so much. Okey, if somewhere in the magazine or website you see the great review, that feels good to you. If you see something, that´s not so flattering, it doesn´t crush your world. But if some fan or otherwise “outsider” told us how important our music is, see him-herself in the lyrics and also maybe say; Your music has effected in mentally, nothing, I really mean nothing can compare to that!!!. And that´s the truth and the reason why we are doing this.

Is it important for you if the press and fans says that you play the same “sound” like the whole finish Gothic bands? Do you care about any words like that? Is it a problem for you if the press write only words like “Sinamore” plays like whole finish Goth bands?!
We have seen and heard about those. If people in the press want to express it that way, that´s only
their opinions. We have heard so much praising words from our fans and listeners, so I really don´t think we care. But that makes one problem for us; Some people might reject the band without even hearing it, and that´s the sad way to be so.

The finish scene in your home country is huge. Is your success like Negative, HIM or even Lovex big too in your hometown or Japan (Negative for example). How do you think about your “crazy” Metal-country – “Finland/Suomi” create a lot of great bands last time.
Have to admit that finish metal genre has been growing a lot of since we have started. I think it makes more easier for the younger bands to get their voices out. Finnish metal genre wasn´t so huge about 10years old. After HIM, NIGHTWISH and COB it has been growing more, more and more, but as we have used to say;” Everything beauty, never last long” but I don´t know how long this evolution of finnish music will continue..

How do you think in general about the categories of sounds like Gothic, Thrash, Speed etc. Is it very important for you or only for the customer and label?
I don’t know what´s the point of the label in it, ´cause speaking for myself, I really do “hate” it. For me metal is metal, no matter what kind of style metal is it. And my opinion, the label should be advertise band in itself. Not with the shade of the other bands.

Which experiences do you have from the last “Opening the wounds” tour with To/Die/For?
It was kind of fun actually. Totally we drove over 12000 kilometres with six sheets caravan. But every time when we where playing, was nice many people only to see us. Few people told me that they were driving over 300 kilometres to see only SINAMORE, and that felt amazing, as you might imagine!!! We really like to do that again, and better if it would be tomorrow ;- ) In some point we gonna hit a road again and really soon I hope!!

May you remember the show in Hildesheim in November, where To/Die/For leaves the stage…( ..? How do you think about such a big "mistake"; - To/Die/For are not Guns´n´Roses !!! :- )
Yes, I do remember. That were they decision to handle it that way, which was a wrong way in my opinion….but.

We are looking forward seeing you in Germany. Best wishes to you all.
We really do hope for to bee playing there, and I promise you we will. All the best for you and all the readers. SEVEN SINS A SECOND OUT NOW and keep checking the news on our website, so you will be stay tuned .
Regards, Mikko Heikkilä, SINAMORE

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