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Suicide Silence "Just A"
Nach dem genialen Debütalbum "The Cleansing" und der Tour mit Behemoth, folgt nun das Interview mit Metalglory. Be prepared....
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Suicide Silence - Just A

Hey Guys. How are you doing?

Great, out on the road with Nile continuing to keep the machine rolling.

You've recently released your new album, "The Cleansing" in Europe. What are the reactions so far and what are you exspectating?

We haven't heard too many details regarding sales in Europe. We're a little upset that the record was released so much earlier in the United States as many Europeans probably downloaded the record and it's old news to them. Our record label felt it best to release surrounding some touring in Europe, so that's why it was just recently released. Hopefully it will do well!

Before Century Media released your first full length "The Cleansing" in Europe, you get a support slot for the european-tour of Behemoth because Kataklysm cancelled this tour. How are your feelings about this? I mean without an full length in Europe you get such a great slot!

Our manager contacted Behemoth upon hearing of Kataklysm's cancellation. Kataklsym put in the good word for us and Nergal from Behemoth is a great dude and really helped us out by agreeing to have us on the tour. We were a bit worried about having to play on a bill with Behemoth due to their elite fan-base, but the reactions were surprisingly positive. We thank everyone for their patience with our style of music not all meshing with what they're used to. Hopefully we'll see some repeat fans when we tour with Parkway Drive in April.

You debuted at number 94 in the Billboard-Charts. What do think about that? Do you think that "The Cleansing" can make it in Europe the same way?

The billboard charting was not expected so the feeling was crazy. I'm not sure how the charting works in Europe, but I'm sure it won't make the same impact since it's being released so much later than our US release. It will take some time to really catch on I imagine, but we'll be touring relentlessly through Europe in support of the record.

You are part of the "deathcore-scene" in the USA. What are your feelings, expectations about this scene. Or aren't you ar part?

Eh, people can say whatever they want to say. The deathcore scene is growing without a doubt. We like to call ourselves a "metal" band, but that term just doesn't seem good enough for critics nowadays. If we can pave the way for a new genre than so-be-it; however we intend to be around long after the trend dies out.

What are your musical influences?

Korn, Slipknot, Nirvana, Jimi Hendrix, the list just goes on......expect the unexpected when it comes to our influences. Most of us don't listen to metal regularly.

MTV banned your new video for the track "The Price of Beauty". What do you think about that?

It happens. Censorship is a bitch, but nothing you can do about it except thank god for the internet. :) Luckily, MTV doesn't seem how to have the power it used to. We only would have gotten a few spins on Headbanger's Ball anyhow and then it'd be off to the archives for that video.

What are your lyrics about? Where do you get such thoughts?

Mitch is a crazy guy. His thoughts run rampant. He writes about what he sees in life & society and tries to point out cowardice wherever possible.

Where did you see SUICIDE SILENCE in the future?

Hopefully continuing to tour our asses off and recording albums that continually connect with people and keep us relevant. We're having a lot of fun with this band at the moment & hoping it will become a sustainable career.>

What are currently your favorite bands?

Korn & Slipknot are up there for me. They're what got me into playing in a metal band.

Thanks for the interview! Hope to see you soon on stage! The last words are yours!!

Everyone eat your apples. Trust me.

Was auch immer er damit sagen will 8)

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