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Deinonychus "The Warfare Machine"
Interview with Marco Kehren via E-Mail!
Weitere Infos zu Deinonychus:
Deinonychus Insomnia
Deinonychus Mournument
Deinonychus Warfare Machines
Deinonychus - The Warfare Machine

How are you? What is going on in your project Deinonychus?
Hello, I’m fine thank you. At the moment there’s not much going on with Deinonychus. Over the years Deinonychus has established itself more or less as a studio project which only records and releases cd’s. So, inbetween things are rather calm. Our last album “Warfare Machines” was released last years October, but officially released in Germany in March 2008 by SPV.

What about your last CD “Warfare machines”?! Why only 30 minutes long; “Mournument” for example, was much longer?!

Well, I sort of developed my style into a more direct and heavy approach, which resulted in rather short and faster songs. There was no particular reason for that. Hence I think that the previous album “Insomnia” contained songs with rather over length, and that somehow wasn’t planned either. I know that quite some people think that the album is rather short or even too short. But that only tells me that it is a good album though, because otherwise people wouldn’t mention it so much I reckon!?!? I think “Warfare Machines” is the most solid piece of work today!

Please describe the reactions (fans, press…) to the new record so far?
The album has gained very good response worldwide. Hence in the start we had some problems with German authorities about the concept of the album, but that was cleared too. It is now that I think it’s a shame Deinonychus doesn’t play live, because many people demand it now ;-)

I think your create again a very special art or your “own music-style”, you doesn’t care about any fave music styles or something like that - you play again only the great stuff like the early 90ies…. I mean it is a mix between Doom, Black, Death & Avantgarde Metal! Which fans/people you want to find with your music & how would you describe your own music?
No I actually don’t care so much about what style to play, as long as I like it. One must see that I don’t follow any ambition to make lots of money with my music, as I have a full time job, and make some cash with Deinonychus anyway. So, I’m not depending on any extravagant record sales, or trends to follow;) The people who could be attracted to Deinonychus’ music, are mostly people with some artistic sense, and taste for the extreme art….I reckon!?!? I’d describe my music as extreme apocalyptic music or so;) Oh well, one can give it lots of names to fit perfectly.

Where do you get your inspirations from to create such this kind of music?
I think mainly from my own personal character and feelings. I must say that I’m not really influenced by any metal bands anymore, as nowadays I listen a lot to electronic music and martial folk stuff as such.

What are the differences between "Insomnia” and "Warfare machines” in your opinion? It´s a long time ago… We had to wait more than 3 years for new stuff.
Dynamics, length, power, diversity, strength, naturism…. All sorts of ingredients which needed to grow in between the 3 years I needed to record again after Insomnia.

How and why did you choose the album cover? Is there a further meaning behind it - WAR is coming!!! And are there some lyrics that are special to you to choose the coverartwork etc…
The album cover was made by Eric Masicotte from Canada which also worked for me in the past, and also for bands such as Darkthrone. The cover was a natural progression born out of the conception theme of the album. The album deals with randomly chosen emotions and experiences derived from war situations mainly happened in WWII, but also modern warfare on a political basis etc. Hence we’re not reflecting any political points of view in the album.

How important is it for you to play live on stage? Do you think it would be -any time- possible to hear songs of Deinonychus live and see your project on stage?
Uhm, I just went one time on stage back in 1997 in London for 1200 people. After that, nothing really happened. I don’t know if it’s ever gonna happen again, due to the fact that Deinonychus is not a real band, but more or less still the one man band as ever before, which uses session musicians to record albums.

We are looking forward seeing you in Germany. Best wishes to you. Thanks a lot for the answers.
Well, what can I say……… I think it’ll never happen, just tooooooo bad!

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