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Bloodbath "The New Era With Mikael (again) Has Begun….."
Releases of “The Wacken Carnage” CD/DVD and new Mini EP “Unblessing the Purity” are reasons enough to talk via E-Mail with Blakkheim --- again!
Weitere Infos zu BLOODBATH:
BLOODBATH - All-star-band!
BLOODBATH - Nightmare On Sweden Street
BLOODBATH - The New Era With Mikael (again) Has Begun…..

Hi Anders "Blakkheim", how are you? What is going on in the crew of Bloodbath, how is the feeling with new stuff linke the mini CD “Unblessing the Purity”
Hey there! All is cool on our end, keeping busy and making sure everything’s on track. We’re currently recording our third full-length which is due for release in October. Right now, we’re waiting on Mike to return from tour, so we can cut the vocals and head into mix mode. Otherwise, we’re currently representing the new mini CD which is getting a strong feedback. We also got our first DVD coming out in a couple of days. So it’s a lot of blood to bathe in.

Tell us some more about the new songs?! What are the differences between the last record & the first Mini CD “Breeding death” (which was re-released in 2007)?
We're not having progress as our main concern in Bloodbath. We've been more busy paying tribute to the old school for the past couple of albums, but we see ourselves now go for a slightly more serious approach where we look to challenge ourselves and keep up with the times of modern brutality. However, we’ll maintain the balance because we're never gonna let go of the traditional old school values which formed this band. We just wanna blend it all up in a melting pot and pour it all out the most lethal way we can. There can be variety even though it stays within strict borders (of death metal itself) and in the end it all gets glued together with the production values.

What happened the last time in the crew of Bloodbath?! We knew now: Mikael is back and some new members are in the family! Why you kick out Dan Swanö & Peter Tägtgren - what’s happen?
Peter was never really in the band. He was more like a hired gun than a contributing permanent member. The only time he really spent with Bloodbath was a couple of days down the studio. We never rehearsed or played live together you know. We wanted him to perform live but it would be too tough for him, so we officially declared his departure and started looking at getting a new guy. The situation with Dan was that he rejected any kind of touring and we ended up with some more or less radical musical differencies. Dan is very strict with what he likes in death metal and his and our future style didn’t go hand in hand. As for Mike’s return... We had this other guy with whom we entered the studio, but it didn’t work out, so we asked how Mike would feel about coming down and from there on it brings us right up to here. Per ‘Sodomizer’ Eriksson has been our guitar tech for years now with both Katatonia and Bloodbath and he used to play in a couple of death metal bands himself. We knew he missed it and was still hungry and his competence was high, so the decision to bring him in was logical. We gave him the chance to be on the stage and not behind it.

What are the reasons for Mikael to come back and growl, may the live experience with Bloodbath?
He said it was the best death metal he’d heard since Morbid Angel’s ‘Domination’! Guess that’s a reason to come back right there....

Was it true Peter (Vader) was one of the favourite persons to growl in Bloodbath?
We had him in mind. We talked to his management a couple of times, but never took it farther than that, but Peter is a great original vocalist and he does what he does best in Vader.
that´s fuckin true!

Peaceville will release the CD/DVD “The Wacken Carnage”. Why you need so much time, three years, to release that great stuff? How does it feel to see this bloody show again on TV?

It’s our first and ever gig done and also featured Mike on vocals. The show was filmed and the demand for it to be released was so big, so once Peaceville aquired the rights and sorted out all the bullshit between the different labels we’re on, this was a go. It’s already 3 years old, but that doesn’t matter. It only makes it more oldschool!

You change the record label, what happened & why Peaceville….?
Peaceville has been Katatonia’s home for about 10 years now and recently they acquired all the rights to our entire back catalogue (including the albums released by all our side projects), so moving Bloodbath over to Peaceville was the last missing piece to unite the family under the same roof. Advantages are many and makes our lives much easier.

OK, let me ask something about the new bands in the Metalworld. What do you think about the new wave like the big business with METAL CORE, NU METAL and FEMALE GOTHIC WORLD?

I could spill a lot of beans on this, but let me be short and concise, this is nothing I’d like to be associated with. In my world this is a very poor representation of metal. However, those waves of „whatever metal“ are just bound to dissapear with time and take new forms like the cancer it is - trends!

What can people except from the next live shows like Party.San Open Air in Germany –surprises like in Wacken or maybe with special guests like Peter T., Dan?
We’ll probably play some songs that weren’t played at Wacken as well as the entire ‘Unblessing the Purity’ mini CD. There’ll be no Peter, no Dan, but there’ll Bloodbath with or without bloody shirts.

Well, I wish you good luck and fun with the project of Bloodbath and hope to see you live again, very soon…..
Thanks and prost!

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