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Heidevolk "Walhalla Wacht"
After releasing their current Album "Walhalla wacht" Reamon took some time to answer a few questions about touring, their homeland Gelderland and dutch history...
Weitere Infos zu Heidevolk:
Heidevolk De Strijdlust Is Geboren
Heidevolk Wodan Heerst
Heidevolk Walhalla Wacht
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Heidevolk - Walhalla Wacht

Before we start: Congratulations for your great new album „Walhalla Wacht“ and your new deal with Napalm Records!
Thank you. We are very glad to cooperate with Napalm Records

So please tell us what is „Walhalla Wacht“ all about? What do the lyrics tell us?
- The theme of the title song and the front cover is death and the afterlife. But ‘Walhalla wacht’ is not really a concept album. Songs like: Opstand der Bataven (The Batavian revolt) and Koning Radboud (King Radboud) are songs about historic battles of the Saxons and Batavians against the Franks and Romans. Zwaarden geheven (swords raised) and Het wilde heer (The raging host) have a more mythological point of view.

Will you start a little promotion Tour for „Walhalla Wacht“? Maybe with two or three other bands? Or do you play some festivals instead?
We are trying to arrange a tour, but its very hard because most of the band members have jobs where its very difficult to get a few weeks off. We will certainly play some festivals, like Hörnerfest - Brande-Hörnerkirchen (G), Summerbreeze 2008 – Dinkelsbühl, (G) Vlamrock - As (BE) and many more.

And what’s new on „Walhalla Wacht“ in comparison with, for example, “De Strijdlust Is Geboren”?
I think the new album sounds a bit more aggressive. We have some new band members including myself; maybe we had some influence on the more aggressive style of the album. Furthermore I think the vocals are better. The sound is clearer and has more power. Our new singer Mark splintervuyscht has proven to be a great succesor to Jesse, our previous singer. He has a higher reach than Joris and I think they sound very good together.

Why didn’t you play the PAGANFEST with Korpiklaani and Týr?
We weren’t asked.

And what is so special about your homeland and especially about your home region Gelderland?
Gelderland is the largest region of the Netherlands. It has the largest connected nature reserves of the Netherlands, which is called the Veluwe. It was also the place where the Germanic tribes like the Batavians, Saxons and the Franks lived. The east is mostly agricultural and is known for their very down to earth lifestyle. The combination of history and nature makes it a place that has a source of never ending inspiration.

Are there any ancient places that are very important to you or to Dutch history?
The Netherlands is a very flat country, so it doesn’t have a lot of mountains. The old Germanic tribes had to build everything from wood. The buildings from Germanic tribes were destroyed by Christians in the Dark ages. In this period the Netherlands had an upcoming Christianity. Most monuments are from the dark ages and the periods after. A lot of churches were built on Temples of Germanic tribes. They just found the remains of an old Batavian temple in basements of a church in Elst (a place near Arnhem, the place were I live). Because there are so little Germanic remains left, we search for inspiration in nature.

Have you ever thought about singing in another language than your native language? Which one would it be and why?
We sing about our home region, our culture, our history and nature. It only seemed logical to sing in our native tongue. I don’t think we will ever sing in a other language. It would not feel right. But then again, never say never.

Some of you play in other side projects. I think about THRONAR. We saw you lately at the Ragnarök- Festival. What is the difference between these other projects and HEIDEVOLK?
I play in Thronar, which is a battle metal band. It’s more aggressive and symphonic. Joost plays in Autumnal Reaper, which is a Death metal band. Rowan and Joost play in Bolthorn which is a Black metal band and Sebas plays in Chariovalda, a folk band. All the bands sound completely different than Heidevolk. I think it’s important that every band member is free to pursuit their own musical ambitions.

So you have two singers. Why that. And isn’t that a little difficult?
We wanted to create a real low choir-like feeling. That’s why we use two singers. Mark does the high vocals and Joris the low vocals. I think they sound pretty awesome together and it gives us an authentical sound. It’s not difficult, you can do a lot more with two voices.

Very quick, after releasing your own production “De Strijdlust Is Geboren” you entered German Stages and as luckily, this brought you much success. Where does this energy come from? Did you planned touring a lot for promoting your CD, or had you just good connections?
One thing led to another. We didn’t plan it at all. After the first gig two more festivals approached us. And so on and so on. Plus it helped that we made some good friends in the German folk metal scene like: Gernotshagen, Odroerir, Fourteen Dark centuries and many more.

What are the reasons for releasing the three-songs “Wodan Heerst” MCD?
And why did you choose to cover “Vulgaris Magistralis”? (Greeeaaaat Cover!)
Thanks for the compliment.
Everything was taking so much time. We wanted to do something to satisfy our fans. So we recorded Wodan heerst from Walhalla wacht. A new version of: Het bier zal weer vloeien and Vulgaris magistralis a cover of Normaal.
Normaal is a rock band with some folk influences from the east of Gelderland. They invited us to play on their anniversary, which they celebrated in a big festival with 7000 fans. We wanted to do something back and that’s why we covered the song Vulgaris magistralis.

Thanks for the interview,
Reamon Bomenbreker

geführt am 01.06.2008   von Steffi
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