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Aborted "Im Ständigen Wandel..."
Zum aktuellen Album Strychnine.213 stand Sven für ein paar Fragen zur Verfügung, aber lest selbst...
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Aborted - Im Ständigen Wandel...

After the "Abattoir" in 2006 and the "Slaughter & Apparatus" in 2007 you have a new album every year in the past 3 years. How did that happen? Did you have so many ideas which you couldn't use on the last 2 albums?
Actually abattoir got released in 2005 and not 2006, that was a mistake on the century media promo, so we haven't exactly been releasing records that fast. We usually take 2 years between records and this time it wasn't the case for several reasons, one being that we had the US tour coming up and it was the perfect time, second reason was that we were eager to show what the new line up could do. All the material for strychnine is newly written by the new line up and none of the ideas were things that were unused in the past, this is not how this band works, obviously hehehe

What is the whole idea behind the "Strychnine.213"-album and what does it stand for?
Strychnine is a lethal poison, which is also used in the medicine world in smaller dosages, the 213 stands for the appt number of Jeffrey Dahmer, and this room more or less represents the omega for us, the end of all life as you know it hehe, we thought it sounded catchy and fit perfectly to the mood and concept of the album.

How do you see the development of Aborted? How do you reflect the past 13 years of the band?
The past 13 years have been filled with peaks and lows as with everything in life I think, the one thing that is constant is that aborted has always worked very hard for everything the band has achieved and that the band has always strived to do the best it can in terms of music, production, artwork and everything concerning concerts or records. We have been through a lot and survived a lot of things that would have killed most bands, the band now stands stronger than ever and I am very proud of what we have achieved thus far.

There were many different Line-Ups, how did that happen, and will the band continue like that?
I certainly hope the line up changes are done with, and it looks that way. Its been very depressing and hard to deal with all that to be honest, but we did come out of it stronger, line up changes happen for different reasons, be it personal or musical differences. Its hard in a country like Belgium to find motivated musicians that are willing to make the necessary sacrifices, and that are in a band to play music and have a good time, as opposed to people who play in a death metal band thinking it will be fame, bitches and money for personal glorification.

My favorites are the "Purity Of Perversion" and "Goremageddon" albums. Which are your faves?
I think every album has its place in time, and has a place in the logical evolution of this band. Every album has its points which we like and don't like and every album has songs that we like more than others. My personal favourites would be Goremageddon and Strychnine.213 to be honest.

What is the main difference between the last album "Slaughter&Apparatus" and "Strychnine.213" ?
Slaughter and apparatus was written as a studio album with 2 contributing members and a lot of session musicians more or less. Strychnine is written by a band with the purpose to be a live record and to be way more compact and catchy. I obviously prefer the latter.

In my opinion the new album has more melodic and groovy parts than any of the others. How do you see that?
This is true, though there is not that much more melody, its just more apparent by the way it is used, there were melodies in aborted since goremageddon but that was masked there by a rather messy production, which fitted the record, but now everything stands out way more, and that's what gives this emphasized feeling on groove and melody. The writing has been way more focussed and effective.

How are your plans for the near future?
We are currently on tour in the US for the Summer Slaughter tour, after that we will be in germany for Summer breeze, and then again hit the US for a tour with CARCASS. We are very excited about the things to come and should be in Europe on tour this October if things go well.

Where will Aborted be in 5 years?
On the road or writing albums I guess hahaha

Are there any special plans for your anniversary? Special re-releases or special tourplans?
We are thinking of releasing an extensive DVD with a long live show and A LOT of bonus shit unlike the previous one which didn't have a really solid line up and was rushed a bit too much.

Last but not least: What are the first associations with the following words / what comes first into your mind?
- Grindcore: brutal

- Festivals: hot

- Clubconcerts: hotter

- MySpace: whore

- Manowar: death to false metal

Thanks for your time. We're all looking forward to see you on the road with the new album. You kick ass, since the first day of Aborted. Thanks for your music and stay brutal!
Thanks for your support and indeed see you on the road, the hammer will hit hard this year!

geführt am 23.07.2008   von Creepybastard
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